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  1. The reason for the lines is due to low staffing due to the fact that all San Antonio schools (AKA theme park workers) had their spring break last week while the rest of Texas and everywhere else has their spring break this week. It's really messed up.
  2. If they do come, I call keeping an Alien as a pet. --David
  3. I now live in the DFW area (well...Arlington) and am attending the University of Texas at Arlington and am having a lot of fun! --David "who might go to SFOT next weekend"
  4. They are also using it at Sea World San Antonio. At San Antonio you also get VIP seating at the Shamu stadium, Dolphin/Beluga stadium, and Sea Lion Stadium. It is 25 dollars plus tax at SWSA. I personally think it is a great deal compared to the Six Flags version where it is about 50 dollars if I am not mistaken correct? --David
  5. I finally hit my goal of running 8 miles without stopping just because I wanted to prove to myself I could. Tonight I did it and I didn't feel tired at all so next time I run I might try to go for 9. I took a picture of the treadmill but don't know how to resize it for posting. (I used to run cross country.) --David
  6. The video was very good. My one gripe would just to have slightly more park footage but I loved the rant at the end. That was very funny and made my day. Some of the coaster shots were really cool. And to the comment about Boomerang's line being out the door, I don;t think some people realize this but the Boomerang at SFFT has a freaking LONG que line. I think it can actually hold up to a 2-3 hour wait and if the line was out the door, who the hell would wait 3 hours for a boomerang? Now you all can all see why I constantly say to go to Sea World. I completely agree that Krypton Coaster is over-rated. Where is the Sea World video? And btw, I live in San Antonio so to all who say the ops were great at Six Flags, you seriously hit it on a lucky day becaues every day I go, they are running one or 2 trains on Rattler which is a freakin long a$$ ride and they still manage to stack them out the butt...oh and each train seats 20 people. Krypton Coaster they run 2 trains but have one person checking 32 restraints making operations suck even more. And Poltergeist rarely runs more than one train. I went on a Saturday and Scream had one tower open making for a rediculous long wait. David-Sfft fanboys, feel free to bash me
  7. I went to bed at 9 but didn't fall asleep till midnight. Didn't help that I have to wake up at 5 every morning to go to swim practice. Then I had to pull an 8 hour shift at work.
  8. The questions are getting kind of rediculous. I always find that going kind of unprepared makes it more fun since you get all sorts of unexpected surprises lol. But obviously, some of us here have had amazing experiences and others, have had less than par experiences. Just go and decide for yourself. --David
  9. IMO, they put Goliath in an extremely awkward place. Everything else is really easy to find and is right off the main path. Goliath is just separated and there is only one path to get to the ride (read: "you have to walk down a separate path with nothing on it that dead-ends at Goliath") so to get back you have to walk back along the path to the main path. Also, Goliath is slightly stretched out if I remember correctly so it is less intense than other Batman clones, plus it is one car shorter so less momentum etc. etc. As I said again, operations are hit or miss. Rattler again, meh, I'm sorry but the straight track at the bottom of the first drop is boring as well as the helix on top of the cliff. The rides there are fun just, not amazing in any sense. Road Runner Express is fun, but keep in mind, it's a family coaster so when we say 50 mph, we don't mean an intense crazy out of control ride. Granted it is pretty darn fun. Poltergeist is fun however, most days they run one train. I have been on crowded Saturdays and seen only one train. I don't know why but more often than not, it is one train ops. I HAVE seen 2 though before, just not recently. THBS is also fun, however there is not a lot of themeing that went into the ride. The station is cool though but if the line is out the door of the building, it could be about a 30--45 min wait. (correct me if I am wrong) Inside the station there are more switchbacks etc and places to hold a line. Does anyone know why on Scream they only run one tower? This makes for rediculously long waits even on crowded days. Superman for me is fun and has a great location, but is not really anything special. It is extremely smooth though. The zero-g-roll and other elements really are not that intense. Keep in mind though while it is fun, it is not a Batman clone or anything like that. The park is very nice though and cates to familys which gives it a lot of points. However, it would be an amazing park if they had just one or 2 rides that were "insane and intense" if you catch my meaning. --David
  10. It is a fun park yet the park is located in a hole in the ground. It gets pretty hot in there. Also operations are pretty much a hit or miss there. You can go one day and have it be great and literally the next day be crap. you should also try to make it to Sea World as it is a fun park. Beware of what you hear about Superman though, it is a good coaster but definately not a top 10 ride. I think it is highly overrated. Poltergeist is a lot of fun though and do not ride Rattler in the very back seat unless you want to be carried off by a stretcher. Any other tips you need just message me as I live about 5 min from SFFT. --David
  11. I feel that Superman: Krypton Coaster at Fiesta Texas is over-rated. Yeah it is cool in that it has a good location etc. But as far as the ride goes, it is just stretched out and kind of meanders its way around the entire course. The only good part is the drop off the MCBR if they don't trim your train there. Sometimes they do, other times they don't and when they don't, there is a nice pop of airtime there. Other than that, the ride is just meh, at best.
  12. I work at Sea World San Antonio. This is my second season working there. Let me know if any of you all will be coming by the park so you all can stop by and say "hey!" I am a gift shop supervisor so I get to wear the ultra comfy red, blue, or white polo's. Name is David if you all come down.
  13. Deleted because problem is resolved. But supervisor canceled interview on wednesday day of without warning...sums it up. --David
  14. Steel Eel's first drop in the very back seat. Ahh, your butt is nowhere near being in that seat. I think it is so much fun personally. The first drop has that crazy part where you go down slightly for about 10 feet and then drop off into the main drop. In the back, you get flung over that 10 feet and just pulled down the drop even faster. So much fun. Anyone who has ridden it knows what I am talking about. --David
  15. I am officially done with high school! (Graduation was yesterday night)
  16. I think Titan would have to be my favorite. That or Maverick. Both are very unique names.
  17. ^oops, my mistake. Ah well, I'd rather go to UCF then swim competitively anyways. I am more of good academics come first, then sports second person. As long as I stay in shape then I am perfectly content. All I need is to be able to at least swim on my own in a pool for a while.
  18. ^Wow, so how many people here want to go to UCF and are swimmers including myself? lol What year are you all in college? I will not make it to UCF for 5 years due to the current track I am on for graduating. IT is a program where in 5 years you graduate with a Bachelor's in biology and a Master's in Biomedical Engineering. The problem though is that years 3 and 4 are year-round schooling. I would really love to make it out to UCF one day. I am hoping that if I can maintain my GPA freshman year then maybe I can transfer out since I was already accepted once there. I believe they have a swim team there which is good for me. My current (University of Texas at Arlington) does not have a swim team so I am joing a Master's team up there to *hopefully* stay in shape to swim competitively again. --David
  19. I still haven't been scheduled for my management interview yet...it was going to be earlier but they lost my paperwork so now I am at the bottom of the waiting list...stupid HR.
  20. I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick. I kissed a girl just to try it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it. lol good song "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perty --David
  21. Wow...that totally sucks!^ What Sea World does is just tell you that you got ride op, merch host or whatever and you find out where you will be once you start to work. As for me, back at my good ole store at Sea World. Lovin it! --David
  22. ^I think all kids feel that if they are being challenged by a teacher, then that teacher is too hard which really is a joke because the kids are just being lazy. But really, there is a thing as too hard. My economics teacher, one of my classes tests average for just 4th period(I'm in honors, not regulars), was a 43, the highest grade was in the 60's and he did not drop the test. On the good note, I just found out UCF has an excellent med school so I talked to my parents and that is where I might be going. I'm either getting a ph'd in Biomed or I want to be an ER doctor, haven't decided. --David
  23. Woot, I am going to the University of Texas at Arlington (Dallas area) to do a 4 + 1 program where in 5 years I graduate with a B.S. in biology and an M.S. in biomedical engineering. After that, I plan to come back to the UT Health Science Center to get my MD. I really want to become an ER doctor as I have always been into anatomy and that type of stuff. However, next year, I am going to try to transfer to the University of Central Florida in Orlando. That was my top choice school, however, my dad said I needed a scholarship that would bring the cost of attendance down to in-state tuition. I got accepted but did not get the necessary 10,000 dollar scholarship, so hopefully next year will be the year! But if I love UTA, then I will end up staying there. --David
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