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  1. Goliath at SFFT. If not that Raptor at CP. Ironically I like the other two inverts I've ridden more. Least intense was either SKC at SFFT or Griffon at BGE and I'm leaning towards the latter.
  2. God I wish I could go on this trip but I don't have the money! UGH
  3. B&M is not even close!!! Yeah dude B&Ms have came off to me as "boring." Except inverts and Apollo's Chariot
  4. ^ i thought the same thing! Innovative new scream machine? Did carowinds have any part in designing this ride?
  5. ^WTF SFOT is the oldest and always has been the oldest six flags. SFOG has always been the 2nd oldest
  6. ^ I thought SFA was a total blast when I went I can't understand why it's hated so much. For me....personally...............i know i can expect flaming................Dollywood............YES its a nice beautiful well maintained park. But unless you like country music and dolly parton not much else there appeals to me other than Thunderhead Tenn Tornado and Mystery Mine. I went last october on a pretty busy day and did everything i wanted to in about 4 hours!. Six Flags Fiesta Texas took me all day to get all the rides I wanted in.
  7. What about..........The Tallest Coaster in the Park? or The 116 foot ride that pulls you up backwards lets you go pulls you up fowards and lets you go again The Ride. Oh or "Steel Corkscrew Coaster 1"
  8. I'm gonna say SFMM. Wow now that I think about it there is gonna be ALOT of new GCIs next year...............why not more Intamin pre fabs? oh well...
  9. ^ If that proves to be true than SROS will have some competition......and KD will have added 3 coasters in the past 5 years if they do......
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