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  1. OMG.... PETER PAN IS AT WALMART! http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/?page_id=9798&paged=2
  2. The idea, in theory, is a good one. However, I think they should broaden it to more then just Disney and let people post their pics because hoo-boy do I have some good ones.
  3. I hope they do clarify that it is indeed a soft opening. People may be upset if they travel far to get there and there isn't much to do. My husband and I are planning to make the drive from Illinois to go visit but it might now be worth our while if there isn't a major attraction involved.
  4. Those are some really great photos! I someday (soon hopefully!) would like to make it to Thorpe to ride Saw because it combines my two favorite things... roller coasters and horror films! Thanks for sharing!
  5. My back hurts! I must have just ate a hot pocket...
  6. Here lies poor Laura Damnit... Nothing rhymes with Laura. She died... the end.
  7. See, this is where you're wrong. Demon's are pretty fudging cool!!!! --Robb HAIL SATAN!!!
  8. Meh, it definiatly deserved a courtesy ride whenever I went to the park. But it wasn't exactly the ride I ran for when the park gates opened.
  9. X Multiplied Quadratically To The Second Power I second, or square that motion. Oh whatever... I'm just gonna call it that. Because it's just fun to say. And it's fun to confuse people.
  10. Wow, I'm glad I rode this when I was down there 2 weeks ago... we almost didn't but, since they weren't doing their usual 24,643,495 preshows for it we decided what the heck.
  11. I don't shop QVC but after I watch it for awhile they kind of start convincing me that I want to. DAMN THOSE VILE PEOPLE.
  12. OMG! My friends and I sooooo had a discussion in line about how we should go as a team from "Legends of the Hidden Temple" for next year! You guys rock!
  13. Yay for dressing up and getting free candy at Disney World! The whole gang is here: a cowboy riding an ostrich, Link, Elizabeth Swann, and Chief Illiniwek (RIP)!!!
  14. This is funny to me for some reason... It's kind of like their saying "Sorry all of the 'bells and whistles' we put into the the ride the first time weren't enough... LET'S ADD SOME MORE CRAP TO IT, give it a new paint job, and add a "2" to the name and market it as a completely new ride!" Someone out there is clearly a genius! Laura "anxiously awaiting "X-squared" Huls
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