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  1. Now we need pictures of Robb when he was three. I wonder how insane he was and he'll be. Coasters where not part of his brain But Vekomas sure added to the pain Vekomas- Robb-3=
  2. Here in the vast abyss of the bloodsucking server lies the World Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored. What a wonderful thing, just wonderful. I mean, we love Coaster Boreds. Anyway, the World's Greatest Coaster Bored has given me some ideas for a Great Thread. You say I am been evasive, even spamming, but the World's Greatest Adminstrator allows this,the World's Greatest Thread. For where else does the World's Greatest Thread lie? Certainly not on Coasterbuzz, where Jeff Puttz lies in the shadow of the mountain of doom. And of course not on CoasterForce, where Danny Boy doesn't like this stuff. And ARNR will curse me to death. So come and help me build the World's Greatest Thread on a Coaster Bored with the help of the donkey's ass and great tasty Budweiser which came out of the World's Greatest Administrator's house. so YEAH !!!!1111!!!!1111
  3. Wow, Jetline really looks amazing. The entrance reminds me more of IOA then IB. Wow, what's amazing about Schwarzkopf is his wild and crazy turns.
  4. We got some old but good coasters here Leap the Dips(1902) Kennywood's Racer(1921) Thunderhawk(1923) Yankee Cannonball(1936) Hershey Park's Comet(1946) Haven't you guys noticed that most of the older coasters/parks are in the East?
  5. Here's one designed for maximum difficulty. Guess this park(not the coaster), you never will.mwhahahahahaha!
  6. What a surprise . I wonder now that Cedar Fair has a monopoly in Ohio, I wonder if they will go the old Rockefeller way, which is raise prices crazily. I wonder how Cedar Fair will be able to manage their parks. I mean, Geauga Lake, it's not doing all that great? Why would Cedar Fair acquire all these parks without "Cedar Fairizing" Geauga Lake? Dosen't this sound like history repeating? Remember 1998? (When Premier bought out Six Flags?) See where that led? Hmm, I'm not pessimistic(Cedar Point is my favorite park), I am just looking for the part people seem to forget. Mangement will be great, unlike Six Flags, but still isn't it a bit much for Cedar Fair?
  7. Worm, you know how jealous I am of you? South Africa looks awesome and Anaconda looks like one great invert. Too bad there's only two amusement parks in South Africa.
  8. I remember a park, callled Family Funways in Burnsville,Minnesota. It had this unstable-looking water flume, pot paraphenila in the souvenir store, and a "ride op" who follows you around from ride to ride. But Fantazy Land really beats good ol' Family Funways.
  9. /\ Well I did find a very cheap flights from Orlando to Sacremento though that might be a stretch. It's not non-stop because you have to stop in SLC but it's cheaper and I never heard anything about Sacremento. ($212 from Sacremento-Orlando vs 332 from SFO to MCO,without the delays )
  10. Great trip as always,Robb. How I wish I was down in Florida now, especially the belated New Jersey spring,grr. /\ Anyway, San Francisco is the most delayed airport in the country,so don't feel bad. I am surprised that there is no non-stop flight from San Jose/Oakland to Florida. I hear they are cheaper and more on time.
  11. I decided to create a park opening thread to elimanate the long, monotonous park opening threads, eg SFOG opens March 4, SFGAdv March 31, CP May ?. Anyway, for those of you in Atlanta, SFOG opens tommorrow . (Lucky you). Hope Goliath is as awesome as it looks.
  12. Oh, I see. Cobb also designed this crap Rolling Thunder here in SFGAdv(my homepark), and it's awful.
  13. Yes, the distance from Hartsfield-SFOG is short. Just to point out about Hartsfield. From what I hear, it's a very bad airport. The immigration and customs are the worst of any US airport and it's the busiest airport in the world! (combined it makes for very slow lines, long lines and painful moments.)
  14. I think we need a flying monkey coaster. Especially make the theming by jumping from tree to tree.
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