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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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White Roller Coaster - Lagoon


Opened in 1921, part of it burned in a fire and that part was rebuilt along with a new station in 1953. Official name is just Roller Coaster but everyone calls it White Roller Coaster, even though most of it is no longer white.

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Flip-Flap Railway at Sea Lion Park. What a neck-snapper!



In all seriousness, though, the oldest I've been on was Wildcat at Lake Compounce. It's actually pretty fun, with one or two pops of good airtime. It also seems as if putting your hands up negates some of the jerkiness on its Magnum-like bunny hops.

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As far as I know the oldest is the kiddie credit (1992) at my home park (SFFT), but if Space Mountain or BTMR at WDW Magic Kingdom are older let me know. I wish I had ridden Roller Coaster at Lagoon when I was there, but I was afraid of how rickety it was (in my defense I wasn't a coaster enthusiast yet; in fact I hadn't ridden a roller coaster until that day). However I'm going to ride some older coasters at SFOT this weekend.

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