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  1. ^Yes most of us have the cajones to ask somebody else to take a picture for us. Human interaction. It's a great thing Colossus looks GREAT!!!! The Top Gun stall look like it will be a highlight of the ride.
  2. It's weird...I know in the animation that the Top Gun Stall was basically a 360 degree roll with an upside down stall, but for some reason I've been anticipating it to roll out of the element the same way that it rolled into it with. It just seemed more RMCish in my head. I'm glad to see that that is actually the case!
  3. The newest addition to my coaster count is The Bullet at Selva Magica, in Guadalajara Mexico. I haven't looked at my list lately (I just barely even care) but I'm finally closing in on 100....I think.
  4. ^Maybe, just maybe, instead of removing it they can do one last ditch effort to hype the fact that its such a unique attraction for an amusement park. Of course, I can't imagine Alicia being very popular on day to day operations. If visitors want to learn, there's a huge-a$$ zoo right next door.
  5. I don't think we are expecing that...they haven't been opening a new coaster every year (somebody mentioned that they are, and I suppose that's true if you count Lex Luthor as a roller coaster). Angelinos go wherever something new is...I would actually think SFMM might be laying low next year because they aren't going to be able to match the hype of PotterLand. It would be a great year to work on keeping annual passholders renewing and fixing up things around the park.
  6. I'm just curous, does anybody know if Titan also basically stops at the mid-course? Or did that ride get designed with a less intense ending helix?
  7. The big balls excuse is about as convincing as a loud motorcycle. Learn how to position, gentlemen.
  8. ^I still don't think its the fact that SFMM is 'too cheap' to buy a giga coaster. I just don't think they want one. They have already been done, they take up a ton of space (which comes at a premium here in SoCal), and SFMM likes gimmicky rides. They always have. I agree with the other posters that we have an excellent selection of coasters, and what would benefit our collection right now would be a Dive Coaster or a Maverick style coaster.
  9. It's hard to comprehend how huge that ride is...except by how tiny the trains look in all the pictures!
  10. ^HAH! Good one! But for example, many people I know don't like Goliath, Xcelerator, and drop towers, all because of 'that feeling they get going down the drops.' ^^Does SFMM really have a reputation for cutting costs on rides? I mean, Full Throttle DOES seem like half a ride but... Riddler is still the longest/tallest/fastest standup. Tatsu is the longest flyer. X2 is certainly one of a kind and definitely was when it was built. It wasn't/isn't cheap either. They are going through great pains to keep Ninja alive and well. TC is the longest RMC to date. I'm sure theres more, and I know its easy to make fun of SFMM, but...I don't get the whole 'cutting costs' argument on rides. We have rides of all different legnth...many of which are unique in their own right.
  11. I'm pretty sure many are going to think its dangerous. I don't know if its a So Cal thing, but many many people I talk to don't like the feeling of airtime. Maybe it's why SFMM has more inversions than any other park in the world? If anything it will keep lines shorter for the ride! (dreaming, I know).
  12. Sounds good, Michael. Thanks again for reading about my weirdly timed solo trip! I love you all!
  13. ^A couple weeks ago everything seemed to be working EXCEPT the best part...the wiggling baby!!!
  14. Yeah, your pictures kick all kinds of ass so far!!! Can't wait to see your POV! The airtime on Titan is surprising for the small stature of the ride. It's stronger than the bunny hops at the end of California Screamin! (Sorry, I'm from California and airtime is still kind of a foreign concept to me).
  15. ^Disagree with the substantial argument...Gold Rusher is equally as long and they don't have an issue with people escapting the FIXED restraints. This is one of the many revolving conversations that make this thread the beautiful thing that it is, but we were told at some point that a ride can not have existing restraints removed unless the train is completely replaced. Allegedly a California thing basically stating that once a restraint is installed it cannot be removed. It could be complete BS and just SFMM being lazy but it sounds pretty California to me. I'm sure Jew can shed some more light on that if he feels like it. At one point we were told that california required OTSRs on any ride that goes upside down, but any local knows 'but Montezoomas Revenge.' We've been told lots of things. I think ultimately they don't want to put money into it because from a GP stance, it's not really a marketable way to spend money. It would be fairly difficult to advertise 'Hey come ride Revolution with only lap bars!' The GP thinks that sounds sketchy and they already have their opinions of Revolution.
  16. OMG Bill I totally would have paid for that one too! I try not to feel bad for the animals but a little part of me always does. In Guadalajara, there are lots of horse drawn carriages...none of the horses looked particularly thrilled to be there. It seemed to be common knowlege among the locals as well that none of them were too happy as well. On the bright side, Mexico has recently banned animals in Circuses so at least they are working in the right direction!
  17. Bill, that's exactly correct...you gave him any amount of money and you picked a fortune. It was in very complex Spanish and I couldn't understand it. Furthermore, the local we were hanging out with that day was unable to even translate it to us! He got it, but couldn't describe it in English. I'll look for it when I get home and post what it said at some point!
  18. Exactly--the "big thrill" crowd is not Disney's audience. Well, y'all have fun with that, then. California Adventure has one of the longest Intamin coasters built...just thought I'd throw that out there
  19. I think Full Throttle already does the job of making Revolutions OTSR's all the more WTF, but TC will certainly continue to help beg the question. I just realized that I went upside down on two different coasters in Mexico...one built last year and one in 1982, and neither had OTSRs. Yay!
  20. TPR, I almost forgot about this guy!!!! Vendors like this and all the completely random stuff you see in Mexico is why I love going down there so much! And yes, I know it's the dreadful vertical video, but everything was happening quickly and I didn't have time to think so here it is anyway! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] I might as well throw this in as well...here is a 6 second clip of Medusa...mind you this is at the very end of the ride...look how fast it's still going!!! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  21. Hey Bryan I'm glad I could help! Let me know how it worked out, I'd love some feedback!
  22. So when you send food back is there a return roller coaster for that purpose?
  23. I did not notice the leg beam on Medusa at all. Neither did my friend, he's 6'0. It is a little snug, but it did not affect the ride...at all. I also found them to be more padded than the ones on Full Throttle at SFMM, which I DO notice when I ride. See...they are padded and snug, but not uncomfortable. Just remember, it's either that or an obnoxious OTSR!
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