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  1. 1. How many parks did you visit in 2019? 8, Valleyfair, SFGAm, SFOG, Cedar Point, Carowinds, Family Kingdom, Mt. Olympus, Nick Universe 2. Best new-for-2019 (or new-to-you-in-2019) ride? Maxx Force, 2019 Steel Vengeance, New to me 3. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Thunderhead, American Eagle, Skyrush 4. What was the best flat ride you rode in 2019? Skyhawk - Cedar Point 5. What is your favorite RMC under 130 feet? (cheat sheet) Railblazer 6. What was the last Premier coaster that you rode? Mr. Freeze - SF St. Louis 7. Name a park you've been to that you're already planning to revisit. Dollywood 8. What is your home park and how many times did you visit in 2019? SFGAm, 12 times this year 9. What park are you most looking forward to visiting in 2020? Dollywood 10. Kennywood or Dollywood? Pick one Dollywood 11. What ride/coaster disappointed you the most in 2019? Twisted Cyclone 12. You're at Great Adventure. You play that racist-ish gong game and win a one hour ERT session for you and your friends on ONE coaster of your choice. But damn! El Toro, Kingda Ka and Nitro are all down! So you ride... Bizarro 13. What is the last coaster that changed your top 10? Steel Vengeance 14. Most recent park food you ate. Wild Rice Soup at SFGAm 15. What park do you wish was your home park? Dollywood 16. What 2020 attraction do you have the biggest boner for? Jersey Devil 17. What park will you visit next? Valleyfair 18. Favorite breakfast before a day at a park? Bowl of cereal as I am out the door 19. Cedar Fair park you visited most recently? Valleyfair 20. Was it awesome? Renegade is... 21. Skyrush or Candymonium? Skyrush 22. What 2 overseas parks do you want to visit the most? Toverland, Phantasialand 23. The best B&M coaster you rode in 2019 was? Fury 325 24. What is the saddest/dirtiest credit whore thing you've ever done? Grand Exposition Coaster - SDC 25. Last time you bought fast pass? Never 26. What was the longest you waited for a ride/coaster in 2019? Like an hour and a half for Steel Vengeance 27. What season passes/membership do you currently have? Six Flags, Valleyfair, Dollywood 28. If you could go to a park with anyone on this forum for a day who would it be and to what park? I'm good 29. Battle of the Busch 2020: Iron Gwazi or Pantheon - which would you rather ride? IronGwazi 30. Most times you've ridden one coaster (rough estimate or exact if you're a super nerd) 278 on American Eagle 31. Congrats! You just won passes to spend A WEEK at the park of your choice! Dorney Park or Valley Fair? Pick one and why. Dorney, at least I get to travel 32. Talk about a park food that knocked your socks off Dollywood skillet and cinnamon bread 33. Pick one: Kumba or Montu Kumba 34. What are your three least favorite woodies? Wild One, Pegasus, Grizzly 35. Best sweet snack at a park (degree of difficulty: not Dollywoods cinnamon bread) SDC Cinnamon bread? 36. Kings Island is on the phone and they want you to decide what is going in the old Vortex spot. What do you add? RMC Raptor 37. What roller coaster currently sits at the top of your bucketlist? (degree of difficulty: NOT a new-for-2020 ride) T-Express 38. Name 3 parks you want to visit in the next 3 years. Kings Dominion, Elitch Gardens, Busch Tampa 39. Name 3 other forum members you hope fill this out. Meh 40. Show us how cool you are by posting a picture of yourself on a coaster or in front of coaster. Bonus points if you're holding a sign with a number on it like the nerd you are. Yeah, I don't do that
  2. Is there a timetable on any of this? It's good to hear that the closest park to me has some big plans for the future. I don't know how much you would know about this, but what kind of shape is the toboggan in? Last time I as at the park a few years ago, I remember it being pretty sad looking. Loving your wealth of information though!
  3. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. American Eagle, Jack Rabbit, Montezooma's Revenge 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? 7 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? Knott's Berry Farm 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? Railblazer 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? Full Throttle 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? Anything I ate at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? Hangtime 8. Name one park you will definitely visit in 2019. Carowinds 9. Best ride themed to a bird? Thunderbird 10. Lamest ride/coaster you rode in 2018? Grizzly - CGA 11. What roller coaster currently sits at the top of your bucketlist? (degree of difficulty: NOT a new-for-2019 ride) T-Express 12. What new-for-2019 ride or coaster are you most looking forward to? Maxx Force 13. Name the first totally middle-of-the-road (not bad/not great) park that comes to mind. Beech Bend 14. You're in Orlando and magically have a 1-hour ERT session on 1 coaster of your choice at any park in the city. You choose... Mako 15. Holiday In The Park vs. Winterfest. Who reigns supreme? Holiday in the Park. Six Flags does this so much better than Cedar Fair. 16. Mystic Timbers mystery shed or Wicker Man fire infusion? Fire Infusion 17. Which Six Flags have you been to most recently? Great America 18. Intamin or Schwarzkopf? You may only choose one. Intamin 19. Battle of Kings Coasters: Island or Dominion? Pick one. Dominion w/ Volcano, Island w/o it. 20. What was the longest you waited for a ride/coaster in 2018? 90 minutes for Superman at Great America 21. What roller coaster have you ridden more than any other? American Eagle - sitting at 269 22. Best drop tower under 150 feet? Reese's Tower at Hershey 23. Maverick or Millennium Force? (If you haven't been to CP, pick what you want to ride more) Maverick all the way. 24. Log flumes or sky rides? You can only choose one. Log flumes 25. What are 3 things you enjoying doing at your home park other than riding rides? Eating on my dining pass, people watching, and seeing shows I guess. 26. What is your second favorite Cedar Fair park and why? Knott's Berry Farm 27. What is your home park and give us two good reasons why we should pay it a visit. Six Flags Great America - They are getting Maxx Force next year and have had solid addition after solid addition for he last 8 years or so. 28. Launch or Lift? Lift 29. Did you buy fast pass at all in 2018? Nope, not at all. 30. What is your least favorite wooden coaster? Wild One - Six Flags America 31. Disney fanboys: cool or cult? Weirdos 32. Best Batman themed ride? Does Mr. Freeze work? 33. Name something that tend to take home from parks that you didn't bring with you. Maps 34. Best wooden coaster over 110 feet tall? (rcdb will help you) El Toro 35. Have you ever been hit with something (loose change/a tree/vomit/etc) while riding something? Tree on Whizzer at Great America but I reached for it 36. Skywarps: credits or no? State your case. Yeah - rcdb says so 37. Turkey legs: nah or yaaaaassssss? nah 38. What is the most recent B&M that you rode? Raging Bull 39. You can eat nothing but corn dogs, churros or funnel cake for the next 48 hours, which do you choose? Corn Dogs 40. Post a great on-ride shot of you from 2018. (DO IT!) I don't do on ride photos
  4. I have quite a few of them and can definitely confirm that they are very high quality. They have some really cool stuff to offer.
  5. 1. What is the best park visit you had in 2017? SFGAm on the Saturday of closing weekend when I got to ride American Eagle in the snow. 2. Have you ever traveled to a park with a specific ride in mind only for it to be closed all day? Lightning Rod last year. 3. GCI or Gravity Group? Pick one. GCI all the way. 4. How many different parks did you visit in 2017? 9 parks. Not a good year, but not a bad year either. 5. How many times did you visit your home park in 2017? 20 6. What was the first RMC you rode? Goliath at Great America 7. Best view from the top of a lift? I love the view from Wild Eagle at Dollywood. 8. What new-for-2018 roller coaster are you most anticipating? Pick one. Steel Vengeance, but of the ones I will be riding, Railblazer. 9. RMC or Intamin? You can only choose one. Intamin 10. What was your favorite new-to-you ride of 2017? El Toro - Great Adventure 11. Money is no object. You can travel to any park in the world right now by snapping your fingers. Where are you going? Everland - Need myself some more Intamin Prefab 12. Have you ever made out with someone in a queue line? Gross, no. 13. What is the last coaster that changed your top 10? El Toro 14. Disney or Universal? Disney 15. When is the last time you witnessed someone puke at a park? I was riding Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis and someone in the front of the train sprayed all over. 16. How many new credits did you pick up in 2017? If you don't count, take your best guess... 40ish 17. You're at Magic Mountain. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... Twisted Colossus 18. Name a coaster or ride that you passionately dislike. T3 19. What is the most amount of money you've spent on a Fast Pass? Never bought one, but I wasted 2 hours in the beating sun waiting for Rage of the Gargoyles t-shirt day which never happened. Got 2 one time use flash passes for any ride and one for Rage another day. 20. Skyscreamers or Windseekers? Skyscreamers 21. What is your most recent B&M credit? Apocalypse - SFA 22. Best adult beverage at a theme park? (under 21: whats your favorite beverage you can only get at a park?) Boysenberry Punch 23. Most irritating coaster nickname/abbreviation? NTAG - Doesn't make sense. 24. Butterbeer or Dole Whip? Dole Whip 25. Favorite steel coaster *under* 100 feet? Great Bear 26. What's the best bathroom at your home park? The ones by Funnel Cake Foundry at Great America. Honorable mention to the Yukon Territory ones. 27. Nighttime ERT on Lightning Rod or all-you-can-eat Cinnamon Bread? You can only choose one. Cinnamon Bread 28. If it were in your power, what coaster would you relocate to Knoebels? I would have relocated Ozark Wildcat 29. What is the last thing you remember eating in a theme park? Pulled Pork Loaded Fries from Great America. 30. Your favorite coaster got equipped with on board audio x Spotify. What's your hype track? Yeah, don't care 31. Name the most disappointing ride you took in 2017. Fahrenheit - Not nearly as good as expected. 32. Airtime hill or Zero G Roll? Airtime hill 33. What is your favorite coaster/ride built before 1970? Jack Rabbit - Kennywood 34. What's worse - splashed by malaria lake flume water or dripped on by chain lift grease? Malaria lake flume water 35. Name an Intamin coaster on your bucketlist! T-Express 36. You just won a 3 day trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is you have to choose between Disneyworld or Cedar Point. Which do you choose and why? Cedar Point. Need to get on Steel Vengeance. 37. Floater or Ejector? Ejector 38. What was your worst park experience of 2017? Six Flags America in 98 degree weather. Absolutely miserable. 39. Name your favorite coaster under 41 feet tall. Jack Rabbit 40. End your post with an aerial shot of one of your top 5 coasters.
  6. Here is my Top 25... 1 El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure 2 Skyrush - Hersheypark 3 Maverick - Cedar Point 4 Lightning Racer - Hersheypark 5 Voyage - Holiday World 6 Storm Runner - Hersheypark 7 Millennium Force - Cedar Point 8 Kentucky Rumbler - Beech Bend 9 Phantom's Revenge - Kennywood 10 Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom 11 Thunderhead - Dollywood 12 Nitro - Six Flags Great Adventure 13 American Eagle - Six Flags Great America 14 Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America (Love the fact that it has a unique layout) 15 Diamondback - Kings Island 16 Cornball Express - Indiana Beach 17 Renegade - Valleyfair 18 Thunderbird - Holiday World 19 Tennessee Tornado - Dollywood 20 Goliath - Six Flags Great America 21 Lightning Rod - Dollywood 22 Screamin' Eagle - Six Flags St Louis 23 American Thunder - Six Flags St Louis 24 Hades 360 - Mount Olympus 25 Jack Rabbit - Kennywood Bottom 5... Mind Eraser - Six Flags America Batwing - Six Flags America Firehawk - Kings Island Wild One - Six Flags America T3 - Kentucky Kingdom
  7. if I remember correctly, they didn't release it until early March last year.
  8. Just read through this and didn't see anyone mention it, but Joker at Great adventure is listed twice and I'm pretty sure the second one is supposed to be the one at Great America.
  9. Time to update this because I'm bored... 1. What is the name of your home park? Six Flags Great America 2. Do you own a coaster related T-shirt? Yeah, probably too many. My favorite is a 1981 American Eagle shirt from Great America. 3. Do you enjoy Vekoma SLCs? No, does anyone enjoy them? lol 4. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. American Eagle, Ninja (no idea why, lol), and Skyrush 5. One park you would definitely never go back to is... Six Flags America - They would need to build a heck of am amazing new coaster to get me back. 6. Have you ever ridden a drop tower taller than 200 feet? Yes, a few including Zumanjaro. 7. What is your favorite roller coaster? El Toro - Great Adventure 8. When you go to a park three things you must have with you are... Phone, money, and sports bottle. 9. How many times did you visit your home park last season? 20 times in 2016, I'm at 18 this year. 10. The first Intamin coaster you rode is... Alpine Bobsled - Great Escape 11. Have you ever spent an entire day at a park alone? Yes, how else are you supposed to marathon Eagle? 12. The independent park you go to the most is... Little Amerricka 13. Does B&M or Intamin make better hyper coasters? Intamin 14. If it was free, what upcharge ride what you jump on right now? S&S Screamin' Swing - my favorite flat so why not in a smaller version? 15. What is the best food at your home park? Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap - Go Fresh Cafe (Orleans Place) 16. The name of the worst GCI you've ridden is... Wildcat - Hersheypark 17. When you're not riding something at your home park where are you? School 18. Favorite water ride in a dry park (flume, rapids, etc) Daredevil Falls - Dollywood 19. Do you get your photo taken with park mascots? No 20. Name one personal item you've lost at a park. Someone took my flip flops at Noah's Ark waterpark a few years back. 21. Name of the worst B&M invert you've ridden is... Batman: The Ride - Great Adventure 22. Name your favorite steel coaster under 125 feet tall. Maverick 23. Name your favorite coaster/ride manufacturer? Intamin 24. What waterpark have you visited most often? Wilderness Resort - WI Dells 25. The name of the fastest wooden coaster you have ridden is... Lightning Rod 26. What is the name of the flat ride you've ridden the most? Giant Drop - SFGAm 27. Name a ride-related injury you have suffered. None 28. Favorite Halloween event at a park? Don't like Halloween events. 29. Name the most recent Arrow ride or coaster you've been on... Demon - SFGAm 30. Name of your favorite ride that never leaves the ground (safari, train, bumper cars, etc) Antique Car rides 31. What ride makes you laugh the most? Nitro - Great Adventure 32. How many RMC's have you ridden? - Goliath, Lightning Rod, and Storm Chaser 33. Best flat that goes over 100 feet is... Screamin Swings 34. When you are on your way to your home park what is one worry that you might have? What will the crowds be like? 35. Favorite park that is NOT your home park is ___________. Dollywood 36. How many different parks did you go to this season? 9 - Six Flags Great America Six Flags St. Louis Six Flags Great Adventure Six Flags America Little Amerricka Hersheypark Kennywood Dollywood Nick Universe 37. The indoor coaster/dark ride you ride most often is... Coaster - Dark Knight Dark Ride - Justice League 38. When you spend the day at the park what do you drink all day? Powerade, Orange Soda, or Lemonade mixed with Sprite 39. The name of the best B&M you've ridden is? Nitro 40. Name three other forum members that will fill this out... __________, _______________, ______________.
  10. Better update this... 1. What is the farthest distance you've traveled to specifically visit a theme park? 19 hours 34 minutes in an RV 2. Your favorite coaster in the state you live in? Hades 360 3. Would you rather wait in line for a boomerang (at any park) or a VR coaster @ a Six Flags? Do I have to wear the headset? At least not all the VR coasters are Vekomas. 4. Have u ever been the only person in a train during a coaster ride? Yep, Avalanche - Timber Falls, Blazing Fury - Dollywood, Lightning Racer - Hersheypark (I was the only one on either train and they still let me race!), Renegade - Valleyfair, Zeus - Mt. Olympus 5. What is your favorite thing to do at your home park that does not involve riding something? Digging through gift shops for old clearanced stuff. 6. Better time for ERT: Early morning or late night? Late night for sure. 7. Name some theme park food that *sounds* gross, yet is oh-so-delicious? The Fish and Chips from Great America sound like an awful idea, but are actually amazing! 8. Name your top three "bucketlist" coasters you have yet to ride. Twisted Colossus - SFMM, Fury 325 - Carowinds, Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 9. Have you ever been E-Vac'd? Did you receive anything if you did? Mystery Mine - Dollywood, Got a free water bottle and a "VIP" fireworks showing from the ride. 10. What is the longest length of time you've waited for a coaster? 2:32 for Lightning Rod, not worth it. 11. Worst flat ride ever. Name it. Top Spins or Intamin Looping Starships 12. Your favorite SWEET treat at a park that is NOT your home park. Dollywood Cinnamon Bread 13. Congratulations! After aggressively gambling on the Plinko game you finally won a front of the line pass. Which ride do you use it on? Any park - El Toro, Home Park - Goliath 14. If you could have a lifetime fast pass to ONE attraction what would it be? American Eagle - Six Flags Great America 15. Have you ever been next to someone that puked on a coaster? No, but I was on the same train as someone who did on Boomerang at Six Flags St. Louis. 16. Your home park is getting a new B&M and YOU get to pick what type. Do you want an invert/hyper/dive/floorless/flyer/wing/standup? All of the above is not an option. I kind of want to see a launched dive coaster. 17. Name your favorite Vekoma. Expedition Everest 18. What water ride delivers the most unacceptable amount of wetness? 19. If you were able to help design a coaster would you want it to focus on airtime or inversions/positive G's? Airtime, duh 20. Most comfortable trains/seats for a coaster are... B&M Clamshells 21. Choose one: Unlimited front-of-the-line access to your favorite coaster at your home park for one season OR $1,000 cash? $1000 cash 22. You just got drowned by a flume/rapids/chute-the-chutes. Do you pay the $$ for the dryer machine or do you continue on with your day trudging around like soggy dog? Soggy dog. 23. What is the worst food you've had at your home park? Cheeseburger Tacos - Kidzopolis Cafe @ Six Flags Great America 24. You're at Cedar Point. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... Maverick 25. Favorite (non-clone) dark ride? Gobbler Getaway - Holiday World 26. What was your favorite park you visited in 2017? Dollywood 27. What's your current credit count? Don't be shy. 164 28. Winner winner chicken dinner! You just won a trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is its only good for Six Flags America or Mt Olympus. Which do you choose? Mt. Olympus, Six Flags America is that bad. Roar is the best ride at SFA and 3 of the 4 woodies at Mt. O are better. 29. What is the best Intamin coaster you have ridden? El Toro 30. Your home park has to remove one coaster and one flat for an expansion. Which two rides would you be OK with losing? Well now that King Chaos is gone, V2 and Bucky Battle. 31. Song/music you've heard playing at a park that absolutely has not business being played in a theme park? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun at Six Flags Great America. I just think it is freaking hilarious when it comes on. Wish we wouldn't have lost the Marriott music. 32. There's 5 minutes before the park closes. You choose to: Reride your favorite coaster in the park, OR get the new kiddie/junior coaster credit? Reride my favorite ride. 33. Do you visit the waterpark if it's connected to the amusement park? Not unless it is Splashin' Safari 34. What 2018 addition are you most looking forward to? Steel Vengeance 35. What was the most disappointing addition to your home park in the past 10 years? Ignight 36. The most overrated coaster ever is... Lightning Rod or Raven 37. What ride makes you wanna vomit? Zippers 38. What is the best consolation prize you've won at a games booth? N/A 39. And the worst? N/A 40. End this questionnaire by posting a picture of your favorite light package (coaster/flat).
  11. I totally forgot to ask you if you ever got the Coaster Set. Looks awesome My keys. Great Adventure, Valleyfair, and Santa's Village Beer Steins My favorite 2 amusement park shirts. My Lego Scrambler Great America, Cedar Point, and Great Adventure steins. Post cards I might have more time to take other pictures later.
  12. My new wallpaper... X-Flight at Great America yesterday.
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