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  1. Highly recommend this. I went in October 2019 and had one of the best days I've ever had at any park. Watch out for deals though, they had a great deal that included FL+ that was only valid Friday and Sunday, and Saturday was a much better day with FL+ despite a much more crowded park.
  2. For those that were there today, what were FL lines like if there were any? We all know how valuable FL is at this park and I'm curious what it's like on a day where it sells out. Looking at the webcams Diamondback's FL line is basically empty right now...
  3. My mistake. I lurk a lot of threads lol and I thought you already had some unfortunate timing with Kings Dominion, Kennywood, and Cedar Point. I guess I assumed they were all part of the same trip. I like your positive attitude though!
  4. You're really not having much luck with this trip. Sorry man I love the night rides at this park so the shortened hours would be a big blow if I was planning to visit these days. But as mentioned above, at least they're not removing days from the calendar!
  5. I've never heard of this. I always go to the booth just inside the gate or the store by Banshee. But are you saying you if you've already purchased it you can pick it up at the gate? Is this true for other CF parks?
  6. Thanks for correcting me on this. I thought it always merged at the bottom of the ramp on my visits but I'm probably wrong. Either way it's great for Top Thrill Dragster.
  7. I wasn't there last weekend but have read that FL+ lines were much longer than usual, reaching up to 90 minutes for Steel Vengeance and Maverick. Still shorter than the regular lines, which were 2-3 hours from what I've seen. So still worth the money, IMO. On a regular day, Steel Vengeance and Maverick can sometimes get longer FL+ lines (30-45 minutes) but I've never seen or heard from a reputable source of a time when the FL+ line was as long as the regular line. Other rides generally have shorter FL+ lines than Steel Vengeance and Maverick, but keep in mind that Millennium Force and Top
  8. Awesome. That's exactly how it was on my visit last year. Thanks!
  9. What was the FL+ line like for Orion? I know the park was very busy today but from the webcam it looks like Diamondback's FL+ line was pretty much empty as usual. I love FL+ at this park.
  10. Wow those are some great pictures! Glad to see this park open again and glad you had such a great visit.
  11. I haven't ridden it and I completely disagree with your second point here. I made my only trip to Dollywood a few years back and would have very happily ridden it running slower than normal, instead of not riding it at all. These changes are finally making me consider a trip back to the park as long as it helps the reliability. Coasterbill's side-by-side more accurately describes my 2+ days at the park than the other side-by-side. That said, sure the ride is running slower in the new video but this isn't even a remotely fair comparison. Look at any video of any roller coaster running an e
  12. No skip-the-line pass (other than for haunts, but you said April) and single rider lines will not be available when the park opens. I only went a few times last year so maybe someone else can speak to the lines in the current state. But crowds don't get crazy very often at Lagoon, especially in the spring. In April I'd be more concerned with operations and rides that haven't open yet. The spring prior to Memorial Day is usually hit and miss with rides that aren't ready yet or running at limited capacity (pre-COVID). You can have some fantastic days at the park in the spring though, especi
  13. In my opinion, their lineup would be improved if they replaced T3 with picnic tables. But people seem to enjoy it and it gets a lot of riders so I doubt it's going anywhere anytime soon.
  14. I think this is worth mentioning for a few reasons. It has a really solid lineup, and with FL+ at this park you can get on more coasters than any other park I've been to, excluding special events. Considering we're talking about going to a park specifically to ride roller coasters, I think that's relevant. Also, if you're planning a trip and going to Cedar Point, Kings Island is close enough that you don't necessarily need to lose a day to travel. My two cents, in the last 3 years some of my best days have been at Kings Island. Other favorite USA parks that I've been to (only looking at c
  15. I was supposed to have my first ever visit to Kennywood this year. This is really a bummer. We've got two of those flats here at Lagoon (although our Paratrooper arm never comes down) but I've never seen a Kangaroo in person. Ironically, as I read my own message I realized Lagoon has a few live kangaroos, but that's a story for another day.
  16. And without the magic number of 20 they don't have something to market? Not being taller, faster, loopier, more coasters, etc?
  17. While I do think that MM is removing Tidal Wave and maybe not a coaster, is being the first park to 20 coasters something anybody outside the marketing department is even remotely interested in? For whatever reason I seem to see this stated as fact from time to time, but it seems like nothing more than a tagline along with the other 15 "world records" parks feel they need to celebrate with each new addition. They're studying cost vs popularity of each ride here to reduce maintenance costs and free up money. I don't think that formula includes whether or not it gets them to some magic number of
  18. I think you'll enjoy the ride. Based on this post and your other posts here. Don't compare it to other rides like most people do, just go enjoy the damn thing. The new theming is cool, the ride looks nice, and yeah it also has a 300 foot drop and goes 91 miles per hour. I loved Orion and rode it over and over. Too short you say? That's fine, just gives me more time to hop back in the FL+ line to walk-on and get back on the 300 foot drop that much sooner. If I ever get to the point that I just want to complain about a ride like Orion, I'll probably stop going on roller coaster trips.
  19. Are they really? I've ridden Mystic Timbers probably 40 times over the past 3 1/2 years and I usually look at the signs while I'm waiting for the ops to check restraints. I swear they were a little different this year... Oh well, sorry about that. Didn't mean to mislead. Edit: Searching the internet a bit more, I think I was thinking of the "shoot a staple wherever you'd drive a nail" sign with the saw blade next to it. I was thinking there was the nailgun sign and a saw blade sign, but I'm sure you're right. Apparently I'm not as observant as I had thought.
  20. Apologies if this has been posted already somewhere else, but I didn't see it in this thread going back to January. In July I was at Kings Island and noticed some interesting stuff on this sign in the Mystic Timbers station. Specifically the paragraph which reads in the middle "New for this year, we are excited to extend our helping hand to our friends in the Carolinas!" Could just be Cedar Fair having a little fun, but if I remember correctly these signs have had clues in the past, specifically thinking about references to "Steel" and "Vengeance" leading up to the announcement in 2
  21. Yes, I love this as well. The new software is obviously a huge upgrade and it has a ton of features. The time spent upgrading was well worth it. Also want to commend the staff for being so responsive to questions and (reasonable) fixes being asked for here.
  22. Just wanted to add more positivity here because we could all use a little more positivity this year. The updated forum looks great! Of course it will require me to change a few habits here and there and that will take some getting used to, but this is a really nice change. And it looks so much better on mobile. Thanks for the update!
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