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  1. I was supposed to have my first ever visit to Kennywood this year. This is really a bummer. We've got two of those flats here at Lagoon (although our Paratrooper arm never comes down) but I've never seen a Kangaroo in person. Ironically, as I read my own message I realized Lagoon has a few live kangaroos, but that's a story for another day.
  2. And without the magic number of 20 they don't have something to market? Not being taller, faster, loopier, more coasters, etc?
  3. While I do think that MM is removing Tidal Wave and maybe not a coaster, is being the first park to 20 coasters something anybody outside the marketing department is even remotely interested in? For whatever reason I seem to see this stated as fact from time to time, but it seems like nothing more than a tagline along with the other 15 "world records" parks feel they need to celebrate with each new addition. They're studying cost vs popularity of each ride here to reduce maintenance costs and free up money. I don't think that formula includes whether or not it gets them to some magic number of coasters. Maybe I'm wrong but I think having 20 coasters is on the long list of things only enthusiasts care about but they insist everyone else does too.
  4. I think you'll enjoy the ride. Based on this post and your other posts here. Don't compare it to other rides like most people do, just go enjoy the damn thing. The new theming is cool, the ride looks nice, and yeah it also has a 300 foot drop and goes 91 miles per hour. I loved Orion and rode it over and over. Too short you say? That's fine, just gives me more time to hop back in the FL+ line to walk-on and get back on the 300 foot drop that much sooner. If I ever get to the point that I just want to complain about a ride like Orion, I'll probably stop going on roller coaster trips.
  5. Are they really? I've ridden Mystic Timbers probably 40 times over the past 3 1/2 years and I usually look at the signs while I'm waiting for the ops to check restraints. I swear they were a little different this year... Oh well, sorry about that. Didn't mean to mislead. Edit: Searching the internet a bit more, I think I was thinking of the "shoot a staple wherever you'd drive a nail" sign with the saw blade next to it. I was thinking there was the nailgun sign and a saw blade sign, but I'm sure you're right. Apparently I'm not as observant as I had thought.
  6. Apologies if this has been posted already somewhere else, but I didn't see it in this thread going back to January. In July I was at Kings Island and noticed some interesting stuff on this sign in the Mystic Timbers station. Specifically the paragraph which reads in the middle "New for this year, we are excited to extend our helping hand to our friends in the Carolinas!" Could just be Cedar Fair having a little fun, but if I remember correctly these signs have had clues in the past, specifically thinking about references to "Steel" and "Vengeance" leading up to the announcement in 2017. I know plans could have changed especially since Carowinds didn't open this year, but maybe this is hinting at a Hurler renovation, originally planned for 2021 but pushed back a year or two? Side note: Just wanted to point out that it's really nice how much easier it is to post a photo now!
  7. Yes, I love this as well. The new software is obviously a huge upgrade and it has a ton of features. The time spent upgrading was well worth it. Also want to commend the staff for being so responsive to questions and (reasonable) fixes being asked for here.
  8. Just wanted to add more positivity here because we could all use a little more positivity this year. The updated forum looks great! Of course it will require me to change a few habits here and there and that will take some getting used to, but this is a really nice change. And it looks so much better on mobile. Thanks for the update!
  9. A few years back they showed the wait times on their website without any location restrictions. Looking at this for a couple minutes I noticed that the frontend called an API, which is still open to the world today. I'm not doing anything fancy, literally just making a normal web request to their API every 15 minutes. I emailed the park back then to make sure they didn't care and they never responded. The code is all in a public github repository. Anyway, getting off topic here... Happy to share. In the interest of keeping this thread on-topic, PM me and I can get it to you.
  10. I haven't posted on this site in a while but if you're talking about dollywoodwaittimes.com, that's mine. I made it as a quick project to track LR's uptime leading up to a trip my brother and I took to DW in June 2017. Of course it closed a few weeks before we went and didn't reopen for a while so we didn't get to ride it and I haven't been back since. In the last 3 years after I created that site I've put almost no work into it because it had served its purpose, but I've left it running because people seem to enjoy it. In case you can't tell, all it does is pings the DW app every 15 minutes and puts the wait times in a database. Then displays those wait times in a graph.
  11. I did the coaster tour last year. I recall Phantom & Racer were walk-ons via heading up the exit ramp, and Thunderbolt was a merge in the station with the regular line. It did save a lot of time on a crowded Saturday. The only bummer was that a middle car was reserved on Phantom for the VIPs -- we weren't able to get the front or back. I don't know if it's changed this year or will change next year. Unless you go on a Saturday and/or a coaster's only running one train, most waits are usually 15-40 min. But who knows what kind of line Steel Curtain will have? You'll probably be fine going to the park and just seeing how busy it is early in the day before buying the VIP tour. A full lot and crowded entrance = busy. The passes are sold right in front of Garfield. One day should be enough for multiple re-rides, and I recommend the dark rides & rare flats, too. Thanks for the info! We were looking at weekdays, so I think we'll be good with just one day and waiting to buy the tour package.
  12. I'm planning a trip for next year and wanting to go to Kennywood as part of that trip. I was wondering about the VIP Coaster Tours (https://www.kennywood.com/VIPCoasterTours) and haven't seen any recent information in this thread on them, so I was hoping some of the locals could help me out here. How does the "Coasters and Thrills Plus Tour" work? From what I've read through this thread it sounds like you just go up the ADA/exit and they take care of you, is that right? Are they still assigning rows? And if we did that tour, is one day enough for plenty of re-rides on our favorites?
  13. If you don't want to wear them on the ride, you can put your sunglasses in the pouch on SV, and come to think of it I'm pretty sure they will let you put them down your shirt on most of the other coasters, including MF and TTD. My girlfriend has the Cedar Point strap because when we went last year she needed one and that's what they were selling. She loves coasters but I wouldn't ever say she's an enthusiast. As for TV's in Melt, you'd think I would remember because I ate there on Monday. I believe they had TVs but I'm not sure.
  14. If your glasses have a strap you can wear them (and yes they do check on SV, every time). I think finding a good place to watch the game is more important. It will be a historic day. Go Blues!
  15. Wondering about this with FL on SV... We were there Monday and Tuesday of this week and the regular line for SV was 2 to 2 1/2 hours the whole time, but we waited around an hour every time in the FL line (except getting in the line 10 minutes after closing on Monday it was more like 30 minutes). There were running 2 and 3 trains, but the third train never once made a difference. Anyway, just wondering about the FL line, how far back did it go? For us it was back to the last turn in the line and it took about an hour. They were filling 4 rows each train for the FL line, and 8 rows from the regular line. I'm wondering if things have since changed.
  16. I'll be at least a little sad no matter which coaster is leaving, unless it's Invertigo (which I don't think it is). I just think that KI's coaster lineup is so solid and they all have a place there. Invertigo is the only coaster I skip when I visit outside of the 3/4 that are in Planet Snoopy. Obviously there are many coasters that aren't leaving like Banshee, Diamondback, etc. but it would be a crime if they remove The Bat.
  17. Do you think they'll repaint Valravn when they change the park's colors? I wonder how long it will be until they repaint Dragster and other prominent coasters on the skyline to match the park's style guide.
  18. When I was there this summer there was a family at the gate for early entry that went straight to Corkscrew and waited for it to open.
  19. I could be remembering this wrong, but I'm pretty sure that one morning in 2016 I used the magic gate to get on trains 1, 4, and 6 of the day with 3 train operation. We got on the first train, went into the loading station to get back on the same train we had just gotten off, then when we came back the second time we managed to get into the train ahead of us that was still loading. It truly is a great thing when they open that gate.
  20. This is just simply untrue. I was at the park for 3 full days in a row in early June and I've been to park for multiple days each year the last 4 years, and the only time I've experienced a large number of breakdowns is during one of the power outages last year. MF has had a strange year but that's an anomaly. During my visit it opened late one day but was fine the rest of the time. Obviously SV has had some issues but it's a brand new ride so what do you expect? I think that during my visit this year there were a grand total of 4 breakdowns in 3 days that impacted my experience. MF opened a few hours late one day, SV opened like an hour or two late one day, Maxair broke as we got in line, and TTD broke while we were waiting for the front row. Some of these comments I'm seeing are making it sound like the park is just letting everything go but it's not the case. I know it sucks to make a special trip to a park and have some of your favorite rides be down (I visited Dollywood last summer, so I know), but from my experience things at CP in general are still running just as well as they always have. I'm sorry that some of you seem to have had worse luck.
  21. I went the same dates in 2016 and there were still 30+ minute waits for many of the coasters all day. Fast forward to 2018.. This is crazy because I went Wednesday and half of Thursday either the same week as you or the week before in 2016 and the place was dead. Maverick was a station wait all day. There was a threat of storms so that could have kept people away, but we never saw a drop of rain and it was sunny most of the day with darker clouds rolling across the lake. Hmmm the week I went was the last week of daily operations. The wait times for most of the coasters fluctuated throughout the day but Maverick and Valravn were consistently 30+ minutes. We had brilliant weather each day outside of one massive 2 hour weather explosion monsoon thing. Yep we went the same week except I was actually there all day Thursday and half of Friday, I just found this picture of what Maverick's line was like on August 25, 2016 at 1:00 PM. If I remember right the forecast was pretty iffy for a good chunk of the week. Wednesday night the forecast was rain all day for Thursday, but it just never happened. We did get a few clouds throughout the day like this, but no rain. Best day I've ever had at CP without FL, as far as getting on the best coasters a lot of times. Even with Valravn being new we were able to find it without a line a few times. I was actually curious though if it's always like that in late August or if we just got really lucky, so it's interesting to hear that your side of the week was much busier.
  22. Hmm I don't know then. That was just my best guess by looking at the calendar.
  23. They could also be announcing that day to get your last rides on Apocalypse (if it is indeed getting converted or removed), and then have another announcement later on. Lots of options, we'll just have to wait and see.
  24. I went the same dates in 2016 and there were still 30+ minute waits for many of the coasters all day. Fast forward to 2018.. This is crazy because I went Wednesday and half of Thursday either the same week as you or the week before in 2016 and the place was dead. Maverick was a station wait all day. There was a threat of storms so that could have kept people away, but we never saw a drop of rain and it was sunny most of the day with darker clouds rolling across the lake. Regardless, this is great advice that I would also give: If you budget for it and want to ride Steel Vengeance a bunch, it seems like you'll know whether before early entry ends if it's needed.
  25. One last thought about Melt, the walls are covered with really cool pictures of Cedar Point. Some are more recent, some are really old, there are a couple of really old maps too. Some old school logos are painted on the walls too, if I'm remembering it right. I had a good time just walking around the restaurant looking at all the pictures while waiting for our food.
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