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  1. Are they moving this to the station this year? The last few years it has merged at the bottom of the ramp, which can add a bit if you get to the merge point when the ramp is full. hmm. . I am going by Memory, and I recall the FL+ line was still divided up the ramp (FL+ on left, and general line on right), and basically the "merge" was when they put you in the rows for the train. I don't recall the Ramp being merged -- even tho, as noted, the line often went down the ramp. But I seem to recall we still were in the separate FL+ line. someone who has been to CP more than once (last year for CoasterMania!) will have to clarify Now you've got me second guessing myself lol... I thought that it merged at the bottom of the ramp and the two lines on the ramp are for each station, so you choose your station at the bottom of the ramp. But I only go to CP once a year so my memory could definitely be wrong! Either way, it's at the station or pretty close.
  2. Are they moving this to the station this year? The last few years it has merged at the bottom of the ramp, which can add a bit if you get to the merge point when the ramp is full.
  3. I've never stayed there myself, but I've heard several forum members recommend Econo Lodge North. It's right across the street from the park. I've stayed there twice and am staying there again in June.
  4. This picture of Steel Vengeance from this morning is amazing. Somehow the fog makes it look even bigger. Instagram Link
  5. Because you don't earn yourself a black belt by being lazy and doing the bare minimum. Being the black belt of coasters is hard work that requires constant focus, hard work, discipline, maximum efficiency and effort at all times. It is a cause, a cross to bear, a responsibility, and an obligation. The black belt of coasters title is a banner that advertises that the wearer is committed to serving the needs of others. One day you'll understand, grasshopper... This reminds me of an old VHS tape that we got from Magic Mountain around 1990 that I used to watch all the time as a kid.
  6. The only way I can imagine getting on everything 2-3 times on a Saturday in June is with FL+ (especially with SV, but we'll see about that). An exception would be what prozach said, if the weather is bad. But if the weather is bad, you're not getting on everything anyway because some rides will be closed. I would wait until a day or two before and if the weather looks decent, buy the FL+. If you haven't booked your hotel yet, I would recommend looking at staying at CP Express in order to take advantage of early entry. Unless you have a platinum pass, of course. I've had a couple great days where FL+ would have been useless due to where the merge points are on a few of the rides, but those were on weekdays in early June and late August with earlier closing times when lighter crowds are expected. And there also wasn't a brand new roller coaster with a ton of hype on those visits.
  7. There's one down by Beast/Diamondback splash and one in the Festhaus; not sure elsewhere. What was inedible about it? You probably got a stale slice? I rarely eat out at a LaRosas when in Cincy and prefer to get a slice at KI since they're usually so fresh. The pepperoni is consistently crispy on top of the cheese and goes well with the sweet pizza sauce. Honestly I don't really remember why it was so bad. I think it wasn't cooked all the way and the crust was stale, and I didn't really care for the sauce. I think it was on International Street but I could be remembering that wrong. I'll have to try one of the other locations this year, hopefully it was just a bad day because it seems that everyone likes it.
  8. ^ Is there more than one LaRosas inside the park? I had heard good things about it but the one time I tried it last year it was barely edible. I didn't end up finishing my slice because it was so bad, and I will usually eat bad pizza because bad pizza is still pizza. Just curious if I went to the wrong one or just got it on a bad day or something. I'm excited about the new BBQ place though! I'll definitely give that a try when I'm there this year.
  9. I've been to HWN twice and will echo what the others have said. Although I personally did two full days at HW (and did Thursday at KK the second time around, which was well worth it) but it could be done without the full day Friday. I just love riding The Voyage over and over and over again until I can't think straight anymore. I would highly recommend eating all the food and doing the walkbacks on Saturday. All around it's a great experience. Also, make sure you ride Raven second to last row when it gets really dark. That's a blast.
  10. I'm heading to KI and CP this June, and playing with the idea of switching out one day at KI to make a loooong day trip to Dollywood since I missed out on Lightning Rod last year (if it behaves this time). My question concerning KI is about FastLane. I'm already sold on the value of it at this park specifically, so no need to try to convince me. I know this park has one of the best setups when it comes to those lines, but are there any that don't basically dump you right into the station? Thinking back on my previous trips it seems like on any of them that matter to have FL, you get right into the station with it.
  11. I've been on Twisted Colossus and Storm Chaser and can confirm that both have loud lift hills.
  12. Assuming these are new trains for Roller Coaster, any idea how much testing they'll need to go through? I'm guessing we can rule it out for opening weekend if they're still sitting in a pavilion.
  13. I've stayed at the Microtel twice and was happy with it both times. I would be staying there again this summer but my brother has a couple free nights at a different hotel.
  14. Do people really wait that long in line for a coaster? I'm thinking an hour is going to be my max. If I miss some coasters, so be it. We are planning two weekdays at CP in late August and have platinum passes and prepared to FL+ if the need arises. I assume lighter crowds if we are there after Cleveland, Toledo, and Columbus are back in school, right? People in Ohio are crazy. Kings Island and Cedar Point always seem to get ridiculous lines for brand new coasters on opening day. Wasn't Mystic Timbers like 4 hours?
  15. I worked TTD in 2009 and I can tell you that hours where there was no mechanical downtime we could expect 1000-1100. Which is considerably less than most of the big coasters in the park aside from Maverick. That's about what I thought it was. Thanks for the info!
  16. ^ That's a great video, thanks for sharing! Such a different world of unloading/loading procedures back then. I like how they're still checking the bars as the train is leaving the station.
  17. I know this has been discussed before, but I've got a question for some of the ride ops that frequent this thread. Does anyone that has worked at Cedar Point know how many riders per hour Top Thrill Dragster actually does on a regular basis when it's up? Anybody know what the record is? My brothers and I were talking about this the other day and apparently the theoretical capacity for Dragster is actually higher than for Millennium Force, but I can't imagine that ever happening in real life when both are running consistently.
  18. It says this in the FAQs: So I think you'll continue to keep your early park entry, at least for this for year. I have a gold membership and I wonder if they'll eventually make me buy a season pass or upgrade to a gold plus membership.
  19. Wow. That does unfortunately look like it's probably a staffing issue since basically everything between Viper and DC Universe is closed (except a couple upcharge attractions and the bumper cars), including up on top of the hill. And pretty much everything on the other half that's not expected to be closed is open with the exception of Scream. It'll be interesting to see how the rest of the weekdays before spring break are. Edit: Looks like a few more staff members showed up. Riddler, Gold Rusher, and Justice League are now open. Ninja too.
  20. That Econo Lodge will be missed if/when they end up selling. I've stayed there a few times and will be staying there again in June. Hopefully it won't be the last time!
  21. Really hard to tell much from concept art but it looks like it could be a pretty cool park! I doubt I'll ever make it to Shanghai but I'm glad they're getting this park. Also, Gutterflower, I love your avatar.
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