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  1. I never rode in the front and it looked like everyone who did got their legs soaked. Sit in a different row and put your feet up under the seat in front of you because sometimes water splashes over the side and can soak your feet a little. Other than that, it was perfect for me. Every time it got my face and upper body wet but not drenched at all. It was enough to cool me off but I dried pretty quickly. Plus it's a cool flume.
  2. ^ I rode it all over the train (10 times in all) and not once did I find myself thinking it was rough by the end. It pulls you through the turns quickly but I didn't find it rough or bumpy, but it was a lot of fun. I did hear people in rows around me sometimes saying it's rough and pointing to how much smoother Wild Eagle is. I'm not sure if I ended up preferring the front or back, it was great in both places. I also loved the misters on top of the lift hill! It was disappointing to not have Lightning Rod open while we were there for a few days. In fact, today when it was listed as closed for the day, I was really bummed for a little bit that I for sure wouldn't get to ride it this year. But after heading up the hill and riding Tennessee Tornado a couple times I was mostly over it and ended up having a fun day before I fly home tonight.
  3. Tennessee Tornado is awesome. And Thunderhead is not rough at all. Daredevil Falls is one of the best log flumes I've been on, and we went on it 3 times. Overall we really enjoyed our time at Dollywood. It's a great park and the cinnamon bread lives up to all the hype.
  4. ^ We were there for early entry and got 7 rides (all but one in the same train and never had to leave the station) between 9:30 and 10. Then all day it didn't have more than a 15 minute wait. We ended up riding it 23 times throughout the day.
  5. ^ The thing is it's a completely different ride. I love both Nitro and Fury, but for different reasons.
  6. At the park for my first time today and I have to say, Fury is amazing. I love everything about it and it might be my new favorite ride. We've been on it 16 times so far today. Afterburn is also awesome (aside from the fact that it just broke down so we're sitting outside the queue at the moment). One of the best inverts I've been on.
  7. Honestly, I really couldn't tell you. I'm not the driver on this trip and haven't really been paying attention to what roads we've been taking, other than I know we have been on I-40 a bit. We're staying in Black Mountain last night and tonight as a midway point between the two parks so however google maps tells us to get there is how we're going. Sorry! We have been on some windy roads but being from Utah I'm no stranger to winding mountain roads with steep grades so I haven't really noticed much on this drive. I was too busy looking at the amazing surroundings as we drive through the Smoky Mountains. I had no idea how beautiful it is here.
  8. ^ We were just there a couple days this week and found it to be similar. Held a steady line pretty much all day. The lowest seemed to be in the late afternoon and early evening (unless you have a gold or platinum pass). Since it's open for early entry, even right at park opening it's got a line that stays pretty steady all day. It seemed to grow later in the evening as well.
  9. Yeah google keeps telling me that Dollywood is on Central time, so I figured it might be pretty dark by then being on the far eastern side of the time zone. But after going for a couple hours tonight I see that they're on Eastern time so we won't really have any nights rides. The park is beautiful though, same with the Smoky Mountains. It was pretty empty, we made one lap around the park riding all the coasters plus Daredevil Falls and Drop Line before leaving because we're going to Carowinds tomorrow. We also watched Lightning Rod test for a few minutes. We'll be back Saturday all day and Sunday morning and I'm really excited to go back. I can see why people love this park so much.
  10. Thanks for the night ride suggestions! We'll be there for Saturday and it's open a little later. We're going back for the first half of Sunday before our flight home so that would be cool if LR miraculously opens this weekend.
  11. The only good part for me about the Angry Birds "ride" was that I got to sit inside an air conditioned building for a few minutes.
  12. Blue Streak was running fine yesterday in car 2 row 1. My brother, however, was in the row in front of me and I could even see how brutal it was for him. When you don't sit in the wrong rows that ride can be a lot of fun. Especially when there's no wait. As for Raptor, I love the jarring transitions. But I've been enjoying Vortex on my days at Kings Island this week so what do I know?
  13. TTD was down for power failure, one of the ride ops told me they were without power for 3-4 hours. But it also didn't open with the park this morning and has been spotty since (we got pulled back off the launch track two separate times since power was restored). Had a great morning at the park and we have another day and a half after today so I'm not worried and I'm still having a great time. Riding GateKeeper and Valravn through a cloud this morning was pretty awesome before the day cleared up. Also, Melt is everything I dreamed it would be.
  14. Great report and photos! It was entertaining and your description of T3 couldn't be any more accurate. I still think Lightning Run would be way more fun with better seats. I'm surprised I haven't read that anywhere from anyone besides myself.
  15. If you happen to have a gold or platinum pass, Tuesday nights in May and June they keep Mystic Timbers open an extra hour.
  16. Sorry for the double post, but right as I posted that earlier message, the ride opened lol. We got a ride on it and it's amazing. But just letting you know it has been up and down this evening.
  17. Just a note, if you do decide to pop in. I'm in the park right now sitting on the steps for the Mystic Timbers station. We've been in line for an hour and a half or so and this is the third breakdown we've experienced.
  18. Raven after about 10:00 in row 11 is all sorts of amazing. After that fourth drop you can't see anything. I had some pretty awesome night rides on The Voyage though. It was a great event.
  19. I mean, it's fun for what it is but I don't think anyone here meant to imply that it was on the same level as the top coasters in the park. I'm really not sure what you could have possibly been expecting to be let down by it. It's just a Roller Skater but if I ever spent a full day at this park I would probably give it another ride. It's fun for a little family coaster. I definitely wasn't expecting it to be even close to as fun as any other coaster in the park lol. Although I'd prefer Roller Skater to T3 any day.
  20. How were the lines today? I'll be there tomorrow and Saturday morning on my out of state ticket special. The lines today for the coasters were all very short - either in the station or just outside, but due to single trains on everything and slow moving ops some lines took up to 20 minutes. I walked right on to Storm Chaser almost every time though.
  21. Just spent about 3 hours at Kentucky Kingdom, and it was a lot of fun! Some quick thoughts as we head towards Santa Claus... - Storm Chaser is just insane, much more so than I expected. This was my second RMC and by far our favorite ride at the park, which we rode 7 times. It's great in the front, middle, and back. The barrel roll drop is better than I expected and the corkscrew/zero g is perfect, especially towards the middle of the train. Kentucky Kingdom has a winner on their hands with this. It's a shame the park is so empty. - Lightning Run is fun and the first couple drops feel longer than they are. But what the hell is up with those seats? They have that pad sticking out in the middle of the lower back, making it incredibly uncomfortable to ride. Because of that, we only rode once. We would've gone for re-rides had it not been for that. - T3 sucks. So bad. I honestly don't know why anyone likes this ride. - Thunder Run has a lot of boring, straight track. I don't mind straight track (it's great on Millennium Force, for example), but Thunder Run was disappointing and a little on the bumpy side. - Sorry guys, but we didn't find Roller Skater very fun. Tried it once because some people said it was actually alright, and now I just feel trolled. Lol Overall it was a great way to spend a few hours because of Storm Chaser. The out of town deal they have is great too. Like $28 for two days and free drinks is amazing. We used the drink stations three times in our three hours there.
  22. What are those rocks? Almost makes me want to try the rapids ride while I'm there tomorrow. Almost...
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