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  1. Lagoon used it for Cannibal in 2015 and Univeral Studios Orlando used it in 2012, just a couple of examples from other parts of the country. I've seen it a bunch of other times. That's good to hear about the drop on Drop Line. I very much prefer that kind of drop and I'll be making my first trip ever to Dollywood in just over a month! I was just confused about the -3.2 Gs reported on Dollywood's blog.
  2. When I went to Kings Island (July 2014 and June 2016) we stayed at the Microtel Inn just down the road. It was around $84 per night for the three of us. It was a great deal and just minutes away from the park, so close in fact you could see it from your room if you were lucky! Also, the rooms were clean and there were no bugs. I would consider staying at the Microtel Inn as I enjoyed staying there during both of my visits to Kings Island. I stayed here in June 2015 and it was a great stay. You can't beat the location relative to KI for the price and the room I got was clean and nicer than any other room I had on that trip (although there wasn't much competition from Motel 6 and Econolodge ).
  3. How's the drop? I thought it was a true free fall but Dollywood's blog says you experience -3.2 Gs. I don't think Dollywood "invented" the term technical ride rehearsal, unless it was a long time ago. I've seen this used by parks across the country for years.
  4. On the flip side, when we went to the park this year there was suppose to be a 15% of light showers early in the morning, and then clearing up by noon. . . Yeah. Well it ended up raining probably 45% of our visit causing a lot of things to close, and our tour guide was an absolute idiot who had no idea how to handle the situation. Made for a really bad visit. Yeah that would definitely suck. I've been pretty lucky with the weather on all my visits to CP but I could see this happening. The weather at CP is changing and unpredictable, for better or worse.
  5. When I visited for a day and a half last August, the forecast for CP said rain all day as late as the morning of the first day I went. We saw the storm approaching during the day but it missed the peninsula and just traveled across the lake. Never got a drop of rain (even though it was reporting something like 60-90% chance the night before) and the forecast must have scared the crowds away because everything, including Maverik and Valravn, was less than a 10 minute wait pretty much all day. Best single day I've ever had at CP.
  6. This is a joke and I'm the only one who got it, right?.... Right? Lol yes I was definitely not being serious.
  7. It has been more than 15 years since I've been to KD, but I remember Grizzly being pretty incredible at night. Not sure if that's still the case, but I imagine it is. Especially when the trees are full. Rode it like 5 times in a row at closing while waiting for the rest of the line to run out.
  8. I found Rougarou to be slightly less mediocre than Mantis without the pain. On the subject of coaster credits, I count credits based on time of day, day of week, and weather. Riding on a warm sunny day is a different experience than riding in the rain and so is riding at night, so I count all of those as separate credits. Really makes it impressive when I tell people how many coaster experiences I've had.
  9. When I was there yesterday, Samurai looked like it was put back together but not running or testing. It had the sign in front of the queue saying they were waiting for parts, so it could open soon or it could take a long while. I've seen a number of people who couldn't fit in Cannibal, and some of them look like people I've seen fit in RMCs. Also as a single rider you can't ride in the front or back rows of Colossus or Roller Coaster.
  10. You're going to get several different formulas, but my advice is to go at your own pace, have fun, take re-rides when you want as opposed to worrying about riding everything. Other than that, the food suggestions seem to be good. Stick to places like Famous Dave's, or if you're going outside of the park, I suggest Thirsty Pony. You're already getting a Fast Lane Plus, so you really can't screw it up too bad from there. This is good advice. I have a specific way that I like to go about the park, but that's because I don't get Fast Lane Plus. Since you are, just do what you feel like doing when you feel like doing it and have fun. You'll have a great time.
  11. ^^^ Yet another fantastic video. Your videos are seriously some of the best stuff on the internet. Guess I'll go watch CP's steel giants again now...
  12. You mean kinda like Maverick? Thanks for destroying my productivity for the afternoon.
  13. My only visit to BGW was somewhere around 2000. I remember Apollo's Chariot was new but I'm not sure it was the first season. I remember as a teenager being so impressed with Alpengeist, particularly by its size, location, and theming. We visited SFMM pretty regularly and I had ridden Batman a number of times before that, so Alpengeist was at least my second B&M invert. But for a long time after that Alpengeist was my favorite invert, probably up until I rode Banshee a couple years ago (I don't get caught up in favorites or top 10s or whatever anymore). I'm really hoping to get back to BGW in the next couple years.
  14. This is my favorite thing about Corkscrew. I definitely enjoy watching it more than riding it.
  15. It was running two trains on Sunday and it was a station wait while I was there.
  16. Poor logic is still logic, is it not? Regardless, I would just call the park and ask or go to guest relations when you get there and find out from the park what their policy is.
  17. Yeah not quite. I just rode TC and it looked like the third lot was maybe 1/3 full. The wait for FT was about 30 and TC was about 40 - probably the only time I've seen TC be longer than FT. Ops on TC seem a little bit slow today.
  18. I got to ride Ghostrider a couple times this morning (thank you for tip on early entry!). I'm glad to see how smooth it's running now with the new track. It was a ton of fun! The park was pretty empty at first but started filling up a little by the time we left at noon. I had never been on Silver Bullet before, and it was surprisingly quite a bit of fun. This is a great park, the only reason we left is we have one day here in California and wanted to get a few rides on Twisted Colossus.
  19. After a great morning at Knott's we decided to come to SFMM. The second lot was just about full, which is a little less crowded than I was expecting. Looks like 30-60 minute waits for most things.
  20. Anybody going to the park today? I'm curious how busy it is up there. At Knott's right now and considering driving up for a few rides.
  21. I did buy online and upload my picture so I'll just take the receipt straight to the gate. That's pretty awesome.
  22. Does this mean I can expect it to be really crowded tomorrow? Was considering heading down there for the day to get my platinum pass and finally ride Ghost Rider in all its new glory (haven't been on it in 15+ years).
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