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  1. Great pictures! I've never been to Holiday World but have been wanting to for some time. Considering a HW/KK/KI/CP or something trip for next year. It has been 12 years since my only trip to King's Island and 6 years since I was last at Cedar Point. And never been to Kentucky Kingdom either. Is one day plenty at Holiday World? It only has a few coasters but is there more at the park to justify a second day?
  2. As far as I know, not much at all has been said about the trains. Just that there will be 12 riders per train. I'm thinking they will be similar to Wicked and be 2 rows of 6 or 3 rows of 4.
  3. With the awesome jungle theming, I think they could have done better with the name and logo (and I think I'm probably in the minority on that), but considering that those don't affect the ride experience at all I really don't care. And yes, the track is red. They've had the red track on site for quite a while. I drove past Lagoon today to see the stacked towers and took this picture too. Red track in the field North of Lagoon Not to mention the red track already in place through the station and in the underground tunnel. I know this isn't really a debate since the yellow track is only in the rendering for the software, just providing the picture/info.
  4. ^^^Anybody^^^ I'm guessing you needed this info for today... But I'll post about it anyway. When I went, they were letting anybody into the parking lot but they had Honda employees outside the parking booths handing out vouchers for free parking to people in Hondas. As for early admission, you just show a key right outside the park gates so you don't need to have the vehicle there, just the key. However, when I went it was ERT for Scream and Colossus and they didn't have the rides ready in time so the gates didn't open until 9:50, if I remember correctly. Still enough time for 2 rides on each before heading to the back of the park before everyone else got in and walking on Batman and Riddler's Revenge.
  5. Makes sense. Thanks for the additional thoughts. My experience on it was based on never having ridden Terminator (or any other GCI besides Apocalypse a few weeks ago), so we're kind of on opposite ends of that. I've also ridden some of the rougher ones (Villain being the worst of my experiences), so compared to those I didn't think Apocalypse was too bad.
  6. How many other GCI woodies, or even woodies in general have you been on? Never been on any other GCI woodies, but have been on 20 or so others.
  7. My first ride on Apocalypse was only last week so I can't compare it to before that, but I didn't think it was that rough. Out of control and throws you around, yes. Bumpy, yes. But I like a woodie that's bumpy and throws me around like that, plus the seats are very well padded. I personally loved it and rode it 8 times in the day and a half I was there.
  8. I remember as a teenager I felt this way. But as I've grown a little older I realize how great Lagoon is. Six Flags would completely ruin it. I wouldn't mind having a closer option for bigger rides, though.
  9. Oh, and in case you're still curious, I'm pretty sure that weird extension thing was the top of the slide in the old fun house.
  10. Glad you liked Lagoon. I was there Sunday and Monday. They've done a great job the past decade or so. It's a fun place. Nice pictures! Cannibal is going to be pretty cool, I think. I'm excited for that one.
  11. White Roller Coaster - Lagoon Opened in 1921, part of it burned in a fire and that part was rebuilt along with a new station in 1953. Official name is just Roller Coaster but everyone calls it White Roller Coaster, even though most of it is no longer white.
  12. #1 Sooperdooperlooper, King's Dominion - This is according to my dad. I was 3 1/2 so I'm not sure if there was something before that. Don't know #2-69 #70 Top Thrill Dragster Most recent was #86 on Bombora at Lagoon yesterday. I'll be going to SFMM later this week so I expect to be adding Apocalypse and Full Throttle to that. Maybe Green Lantern too.
  13. Does Villain at the old Geauga Lake count? Steel supports with wooden tracks, but it was really bad.
  14. Exactly! People have unrealistic expectations for MM, I said this a while back on this very thread and was told I didn't know enough about parks and I was making excuses for MM I know, f^$# me, right? How dare I expect a clean park that knows how to operate their rides while treating their guests with some decency? More or less, this is what some parks (like SFMM) are saying. My point wasn't that they shouldn't care about that. It was more that people are constantly complaining about things that SFMM is probably never going to change. So as long as you realize what you're going to get, you'll have a more positive experience because they do have a number of above average roller coasters. I've only been to that park 10 times or so, but I've always had a lot of fun and I'm excited for my trip there next week.
  15. A few of you are hitting it right on the head. Your experience at SFMM is largely about expectations. If you go in expecting an experience in a clean park with great ride ops, guest relations, etc. then you're going to be disappointed. If you go there to ride some fun rides and don't sweat the rest of it, you'll have a good time.
  16. I'll be visiting SFMM in a week and a half for my last ride on Colossus.
  17. How was it? It has been about 10 years since I was there last but I remember taking a number of rides on Grizzly at closing and it was a great experience.
  18. What about the regular season pass bring a friend on one weekday that runs for about a month? Is that something they've done in the past? Just wondering if I can expect normal Friday crowds in two weeks or if it will be significantly busier.
  19. Thanks for posting that. Yeah, those two days will be way more crowded. The regular season pass has something similar, but you get to choose one weekday from July 28 to August 29 so the crowds will be much more spread out. At least that's what I'm hoping since I'm going during the first week of that.
  20. Where do you find this? I looked at their events and didn't see anything about it. I'm coming down there for a quick trip to ride Colossus one last time on Friday, August 1(might be able to get in a few hours the night before as well) and would like to be prepared for any events going on. I know about Helpful Honda Fridays, but it sounds like today wasn't too busy.
  21. Yep, a ticket is $25 cheaper online than at the park if you buy it 5+ days in advance.
  22. And for the bugs! Seriously, if you ride MF in the front row (which is spectacular), keep your mouth closed as much as possible when you're near the ground. My brother and I rode in the front row (in the evening, I think - it was at least 7 years ago) and our white shirts ended up with a lot of dark specks on them.
  23. Not sure if it's still this way, but Lagoon has/had the same policy on a few of their coasters for the first and last rows. I never understood it. Maybe it's because those lines are always longer and they wanted them to be full on every train?
  24. El Loco. Going to get much better in a couple weeks when I go to SFMM.
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