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  1. Makes me wonder if this was a park decision or a CF decision. If it was indeed CF, then it makes me wonder how much longer Shockwave has to live. Of course, its very possible that they only removed it for the land that its on, and since Shockwave is on a thin sliver of land, Shockwave might not be doomed at all.
  2. They did spend $145 million this year. It's under investor relations on the cedar fair website. 2014 was 145 million! Oh gosh! wow, makes me wonder how much it'll be for 2015. It'd help of course if we knew what the other cedar fair parks were adding next year...
  3. Here's what I gotta say: I hope for a new coaster if it were to be added next year, however if Mantis were leaving, a new coaster probably wouldn't go in its spot till 2016 at the latest. So if thats the case, then I hope that they re-profile it and make it a lot better. The reason I say this is because I'm going next year and I don't want to lose a credit unless I'm getting a new one in its place But it'll probably be the re profile. Call me crazy, but I was thinking the same thing. Having new sit-down trains, a new theme/name, a new color scheme AND having the second half indoors with special effects would be very marketable. Definitely a heck of a lot better than some of the coasters parks are putting in nowadays... Totally could be done in my opinion, but I still don't think it will. Everything after the MCBR could easily be put indoors and is low to the ground so a high ugly building wouldn't be necessary. Plus, the second half is in an area of the park that is hardly visible, so the building wouldn't have to be beautiful. But we all know CP doesn't mind ugly buildings anyways *cough*Disaster Transport*cough*. I love this idea! I hope it happens! It probably won't though, but I can dream!
  4. Ok so this begs the question, whats gonng in its place? It better be a bug new ride cuz I don't want to go to the park only to miss out on a credit! Whats gonna replace it!
  5. wait so the Grimm reaper came over and went into the station. Is that mean the ride is gonna get shut down/relocated or sit down trains?
  6. I can answer a few of these. Yes, both areas are included on the wristband. However thunderbolt I don't believe is included in the wristband- correct me if i'm wrong. 4 hours should be enough, especially with the time you're going. And the volare isn't too bad at all. I thought it was a fun ride.
  7. Just to add on to those photos, I shot a construction update video at the park this Labor Day weekend. I know I normally don't post links to my own videos, but if anyone is interested in checking it out, here ya go.
  8. I wonder if bryan was trying to throw us off when he said 'dark.' That might've been a red herring, or it could be true! And I love Tony's list so much!!
  9. Man, lightning run really looks fantastic. I hope there are more of them in the future! looks like a real winner! Whenever I'm in that area, I'll make sure to stop by Kentucky Kingdom. And as for T3, I wish them the best of luck for making an SLC rideable! I hope they succeed, but I have my doubts!
  10. Hmm...Assuming he's more reliable than the dippin dots guy, then I guess we should be hearing an announcement from the park about that soon. As with BGW, they seem to like to take their time when it comes to announcing 2015.
  11. ^ And what about, instead, a launched flyer? Wishful thinking! If you mean a B&M Flyer, yes, they are far away. Batwing is a couple hours up the road. of course I mean B&M! Batwing was fun, but no where near as good. A ride along the lines of Starry Sky Ripper or Tatsu would be fabulous here.
  12. Wood: 1. El Toro (No surprise there!) 2. Lightning Racer 3. Thunderhead 4. Rebel Yell 5. Wild One 6. Coney Island Cyclone 7. Judge Roy Scream 8. Hurler(KD) 9. Roar(SFA) 10. Grizzly(KD) Steel: 1. Intimidator 305 2. Apollo's Chariot 3. New Texas Giant 4. Nitro 5. Kingda Ka 6. Skyrush 7. Superman: Ride of Steel(SFA) 8. Superman: Ultimate Flight(SFGAdv) 9. Fahrenheit 10. Griffon
  13. they should get a drop tower before a coaster! Even if it is only 150 feet. Plus drop towers don't use up that much space, especially when comparing it to the amount of space a coaster takes up.
  14. a flyer at KD would be a dream come true. I would love that almost more than a hyper, cuz we got a hyper at BGW. And there isn't a B&M flyer till you get to SFOG or SFGAdv. So a flyer would be epic, a hyper would be epic, and I would be fine with a wing, as long as it has a wing over drop and a near miss.
  15. ^ One goes backwards, one goes upside down, one has more intense launches, one is half indoors... An indoor dark ride a la the style of darkastle would be perfect. It doesn't have to be scary themed, but a really good dark ride would be awesome here. I'm surprised they don't have one!
  16. ignoring the height, they're both completely different ride experiences, and they'd both be amazing rides. They'd compliment eachother. It makes a lot of sense. Will it happen though? Probably not, but I wish it would!
  17. they do need a new front entrance.I'll say that. Whatever the coaster may be, I'm gonna say it'll come with a new front entrance, whether the coaster actually involves it or not.
  18. It won't be a coaster. BGW is getting one, and the two parks don't get coasters the same years. They'll do something family friendly this year then go and spit out a new awesome thrill ride in 2016.
  19. Fair enough. I guess they want to maximize their opportunity for people to come in and experience it. I still think its too early though. You know what this reminds me of? Christmas. The stores start advertising it wayyy in advance before anyone is even thinking about it yet.
  20. Now why would it start so early? People aren't thinking about Halloween that early! C'mon Busch!
  21. My Official Final Prediction: Mantis conversion and flat/dark ride. If dark ride, then it'd be the WMG version. Which I guess you could technically also call a coaster. Mantis will be renamed King James. Lets see how correct this ends up being!!
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