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  1. I personally think they should do #2! I would come all the way down to Carowinds just to watch the guys dispatching the ride in a bee suit! That would be awesome.
  2. WHHAAATTTT. Man, I gotta give them credit for that one. Very Clever. Well played Six Flags, well played.
  3. ^ rarely a line. But when there is one, it's no more than 10 or 15 minutes, depending on what seat you're going to.
  4. I'm ok with that color. I don't have any plans to go back to the park for the normal operating season, but I look forward to checkin out te construction when I go the there for Christmas town. By the way, did anyone see that Busch Gardens Tampa included Christmas town in with the fun card? The annouced it on twitter and it's now on their website. Is there any possibility that Williamsburg could do that? They should, it'd make my life a whole lot easier.
  5. It's not a coaster, but if they want to call it that, then fine. Cedar point did it. I personally am ok with this addition. It seems like something that would work well at a park like this, but not at SFGAdv. It's an ok ride. Fun the first time but it's not one of those thugs you reride over and over again. I would've rather seen a different ride added, preferably a skyscreamer.
  6. Figures six flags would go with Batman the ride. Not really surprising. This probably for sure means we're getting a retheming of Rockville.
  7. Wicked cyclone? Eh, not a fan. They should've gone with steel storm. But I guess they wanted to keep the 'Cyclone' part in the new ride.
  8. I'm one of the people who am looking forward to this. I'm interested in seeing how the theming will turn out, and I'm looking forward to riding it. I understand the complaint of the loss of trees, but the park has many trees, and so I'm not that upset about this new ride expansion. I won't miss the attractions leaving, and because we haven't even seen any animations from the park, I think people are jumping to conclusions about it. I do wish the would have gone with a double loading station, but at least the train will have an extra car. That is, assuming everything we know is correct.
  9. I got to ride a super loop this past year. I thought it was fine. Didn't love it, but I thought it was a fun ride. It's better than some other flat rides I've ridden. I'll gladly take it over a HUSS Top Spin.
  10. Marketing it as the longest RMC? I guess that means it probably won't be the tallest or fastest, right? Guess we'll find out Thursday. But a nice long ride will be nice. The New Texas Giant was really long, so this gives me hope for this ride. Hopefully they'll go with a different track color. Though I doubt they will.
  11. But we're forgetting that the park said that another ride in Rockville would closing. If it's not hustler, what will it be?
  12. Twisted colossus? Not a huge fan. But this name makes it sound like it will be dueling and not be just one track. And if it is dueling, I'm sure there will be a cool element or two where it interacts with the other side.
  13. I have a question. Is there a discount offered on Cedar Fair platinum passes?
  14. So far this year I've gotten around 22 new credits, and i'm suppose to get more later this year. Last year I got 29, which is the most I've ever gotten in one year. But if things go well, I very much might break that record this year! Only time will tell.
  15. I wonder why BGW hasn't teased it or anything. With a new coaster like this, you would think they would give a week or two of teasing and then announce it. Not even an announcement date! Looks like they'll probably just announce it randomly on some day. And just FYI, I still am ok with this project happening!
  16. The free spin is definitely going to SFFT. No doubt about it. However I'll jump on the flat ride bandwagon. Something like the demon at la ronde would make perfect sense. Either that or like a frisbee ride with a demonic theme.
  17. Does la ronde have a fright Fest? I know SFM just got one recently, wasn't sure if they have one currently or not. If they don't, ten that's whats gonna happen!
  18. I'll join in the agreement that I don't understand the complaining here. I don't get te complaint of not enough airtime. It's got like what, 3 hills? And if they want airtime they can ride intimidator. This coaster comes off as very different from intimidator, and I am very pleased with the addition they have decided to go with! Can't wait to ride it next year!
  19. Why would it say feel the burn if the attraction was a water attraction? And I was t expecting a coaster for a couple more years here, but I will say that does look like coaster track! They must want that 10th coaster fast! I too was expecting a SkyScreamer or a tsunami soaker. Hmmm. Six Flags with their teasers this year. 'Nuff said.
  20. I've never even had an I305 op let me re-ride with an empty station. I've gotten it once or twice, but even when it did happen, they wouldn't let me ride more than twice in a row without getting up and going back around. And Maverick needs the i305 restraints! I don't get why they haven't installed them! Its probably just cuz of CF's relationship with intamin. But even so, that ride with those restraints is not a good combo.
  21. The ride Ops won't let you reride i305 more than twice without getting out of your seat. If you want to continue riding after that then you have to walk around. I assume that's because of its intensity. ERT is better and very doable.
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