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  1. Nah, I'd say Iron Rattler has orange track. Medusa has red orange though. But closer to ride than orange.
  2. The high resolution pics have been posted to sfneonline. Much easier to see whats going on over there!
  3. ^^ Nothing is coming up, just a small photo icon ^ Is there any way that someone can post the pictures here, but bigger? The pics are so small and it won't let me click on them to enlargen it unless I become a member.
  4. I'm predicting Namtab will be Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Over Georgia. Of course, at Fiesta Texas, the ride will have to be called Htailog!
  5. My surprised they didn't put "Iron" for "i" to trick us. But if that's out, then i'm betting California Colossus. Actually not a half bad name.
  6. I will say, I was at the park today and I probably had my best ride ever on Alpengeist. It was front row, and though the cobra roll still sucked, everything else was good! Any other row though, not good.
  7. ^ http://bgwfans.com/2014/busch-gardens-williamsburgs-project-2015-revealed-part-2/ Although I will say that its weird that the park hasn't done any teasing or at least announced a date for when it'll be announced!
  8. so what colors does that leave? The greenish one, which we think is for Carowinds, and then is that it? Any more track where we don't know where its goin?
  9. how exciting! Great fit for the area, and looks to be a beautiful coaster! Looks really fun too!
  10. I wonder if the 8/19 is the last day hustler would be open? They haven't announced its closure, but it could happen! It could close that day, or that could be the day that they announce its closure. They might've closed motorama early because they needed to clear the area so that they could get a jump on the construction.
  11. I know we talked about this last year, but isn't there technically no way they could link the water park to the main park? Too far apart? Too bad they aren't closer, that expansion space could totally link the two! And yeah, my bet is still on the chiller area for 2015 expansion.
  12. The demon probably isn't leaving, but why did they take us to the ampitheatre if nothing is going on there significant next year?? Kinda pointless.
  13. Well I think part of the reason they're making it 2 circuits, is so that they can have time to load the second train. If it went around just once, then the other train might not be ready.
  14. it was way funnier in person! Cuz you got to see what happened BEFORE I was filming. She was sayin I can't do this, he's sayin it'll be fine, and then the launch is coming and she starts freakin out, and then GOODBYE! I was kind of stunned and taken back but it was fun to go back and watch it over and over!
  15. The only reason they won is cuz the park tweeted it out over and over and over again, so they kept on getting so many votes. In my opinion the park is good, but shouldn't have won.
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