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  1. So does this mean we can expect it to open by August 18th? And man this thing looks insane glad people are liking it!
  2. Looking at the S&S free spin, it is very much laid out like the classic intamin zac spin. Built upwards and traveling under itself. Well what if each of these heights are heights of each level? It'd make sense...my only concern with that is that because the free spin is built upwards, that leaves a whole lot of that space unused. So it makes me think that this might not be where the freespin is going, because the free spin could easily go in a lot where there isn't a whole lot of room. Whatever's going here would probably use up that space. So if its not going here, then I'm betting on Great Adventure.
  3. ^ Yes, front on Verbolten. And whether you sit front or back on Apollo's, just make sure to sit on the left side, far left seat if possible!
  4. Love the theming and the detail in the animations! I think this will be a great expansion. And it definitely makes me think that Dollywood will be adding a drop tower in the coming years!
  5. pretty sure its just gonna be the S&S drop tower with kiddie expansion. I'm not really expecting anything else.
  6. Does anyone know why for the coaster tours you must have at least 2 people in your group? This is the one and only reason why I haven't done them! I can never find anyone else whos willing to also do the tours! Other wise I would've done them by now!
  7. I do really like the logo. Even if carowinds does get the Fury 325 name, it'd be awesome if another park got the centurion name and logo. But the way everyone's talking about how its been suspended, I doubt it'll happen.
  8. I agree I'm not a fan of the name. But the theme should be fun and the coaster should be enjoyable.
  9. I dunno I expect the layout will take the same similar shape, but have drastically different elements. I'd expect inversions, overbanks, and airtime hills.
  10. ^ Yes, the queue will be themed. Funny mirrors and such. Should be a queue you won't mind waiting in!
  11. ^ that's not my username. And you'll notice that I didn't post the vid.
  12. ^ I think that if its anything like the fan made pov animation that was posted, it'll be different enough. It still will have airtime, but it'll probably be geared more towards speed.
  13. David as a ride name? I dunno i'm not a fan of that. I get that it's clever and all, but I just don't think its a good name for a ride.
  14. I think the weather in the area plays a role. They're trying to get a jump start before the insane snow and cold comes. They didn't really have to deal with that with the other 3 RMC hybrids.
  15. I personally don't get why everyone is saying that it looks like it was quickly put together and clearly looks fake. Looks pretty good to me! And I actually like the logo and think it looks real. Although that being said, I too will jump on the "it's fake" bandwagon.
  16. I've heard that too. Can't confirm it but I've heard that rumor. Don't know much about it though.
  17. KI made a hidden trick site with the Bat logo and a winged coaster (edited Gatekeeper pic.) But they used that logo. Would Carowinds make a logo just to not use it at all? Keep in mind that in an interview, a park official talked about how they used the logo to go along with the bat transformation. And that transformation only happened because the fans did a bunch of talkin about how they should convert flight deck to the bat. So yes it got used, but it originally wasn't gonna be used.
  18. Well, here's what I make of it. Looks like a cool logo. However this looks exactly like what we saw happening with Kings Island and the Bat. They leaked the bat logo, but the ride was called Banshee. This could be the same thing. If thats the case, then we can count on the Fury 325 name. If it turns out that this is the name and logo, then I wonder how this will correspond with the rides color scheme.
  19. So the big reveal is tomorrow. Any last minute guesses? Screamscapes latest update suggests an indoor spinning coaster themed to a fun house. Sounds cool to me. I just wasn't expecting a coaster since they just got a kiddie last year and got skyrush in 2012. A spinning would work, but it just makes me wonder when that drop tower will come! Probably not next year, I don't see how they could fit it in with the hints they've been dropping.
  20. I'm hoping it won't be red or orange! They should mix it up a bit! Plus with the wood a different color, I'm hoping for blue! Although I still wish that medusa's tracks were green...
  21. hmmm I too am starting to doubt a skyscreamer. Mainly because of the teasing. The choose your path thing? Makes it sound like there will be some element of choice in their 2015 addition. Doesn't sound like a skyscreamer to me. And as previoulsy stated, they haven't filed any permits.
  22. I'm not hugely fond of either honestly. I say no to the new england cyclone because they already got the new england skyscreamer. Iron Cyclone has just been the nickname that we've been giving the conversion, but I hope they choose a different name. I dunno what they would pick, but if it does end up being one of those 2 names, I won't be upset, I just think they probably could choose better.
  23. the one that was suppose to go on top of the tropicana? Yeah I think so. Too bad too, I wanted to see that one happen.
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