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  1. I still wish that the anaconda was leaving...I like the Hurler...but i think you're right. the hurler will probably be leaving.
  2. I too really liked that video. The only thing that I would've done to add more is replace one of the airtime hills with that Outlaw Run wave airtime maneuver.
  3. Man, I REALLY want to go to Kings Island this year. And I couldn't agree more...they have a very good big 3. Do we have anything recent on the paint job of The Bat?
  4. Intamin Drop Tower. Thats what the park is lacking. A drop ride. And Hershey loves dealing with Intamin, so I'm willing to bet on that. Who knows? Maybe they'll put a Falcon's Fury spin on it. Which would, of course, be phenomenal. I'd book another trip there as soon as I could!
  5. Any high schooler I know would choose Magic Mountain over Disney for grad night. That is, unless they were a hard core disney fan. But other than that, thats actually a fairly smart move.
  6. I did find Alpengeist to be an intense ride. Although half the time while on it I wasn't thinking about what I was riding. I was instead sniffing the smell of Trappers Smoke House which was below. The smell is huge while on the ride. It smells good... Apollo's chariot is purly a fun coaster, and griffon has the factor of hanging over the drop, but other than that its another "fun" coaster.
  7. Huh. I was under the impression that that was coming this year. whoops... A new path to shivering timbers could definatly lead to expansion. I do think that CF has been thinking about putting in a snoopy themed area, but the biggere question is, do you think that they will go with Planet Snoopy or Camp Snoopy?
  8. I'm sorry, but if they name the coaster something even remotely football themed, I'm gonna be mad. I really like the name flight deck and I was pleased with its color scheme, and while it will certainly 'pop' now, I just hope that they don't rename it. Maybe a new logo, at most.
  9. I was given a free Q2Q pass while at Dollywood by a couple of park employees. It was pretty random and I didn't know what to think of it, but I was very happy and took it and ran! (To Mystery Mine, that is)

    TPR Website

    Hello Robb, I was interested in creating a website and was curious of which way you went about creating your site? Like for instance, were there any costs involved(monthly or yearly), which program did you use to start it, etc. The reason I ask is because there are a lot of website creating programs out there and some are good, some aren't, so I just want to make sure that whichever one I decide to go with will work for me, and that I won't regret it. I am in no means trying to copy your site or anything like that, I am just merely interested in which way you went to make it. I like the feel for it and the easiness it is to use, so I just want to make sure that my site doesn't end up with a lot of glitches and problems with it. Thanks!
  11. Given how Knoebels is compared to KD, I think they might have something special in-store. When did KD talk about revealing their 2015 plans? I mean, I expected it since the whole thing with the 40th anniversary is "Beginning 2014..." so that obviously hints that something is coming in 2015, but where did you hear them mention 2015? And as for Knoebels, as long as its a nice big steel coaster, I'm happy.
  12. I wonder what they're waiting for. And does anyone know if its gonna open in 2014 or 2015? Cuz I thought it said 2014, but at this rate, it will probably open in 2015...
  13. I honestly disagree and heres why: the park has gone a long time without something that makes the park stand out. Shivering Timbers is nice, but other than that coaster, why bother going to the park? to get credits? Ok, sure. But how about a legitimate reason, besides Shivering Timbers. Ok, maybe a few of us could think of reason, but the fact of the matter is, why not get a coaster next year to attract visitors, and add a show the same year? Then you get 2 in one year. Then the next year add a camp snoopy with a new path. Then a drop tower. Then a flat. And the reason I put the flat last is because they're getting Lakeside Gliders this year.
  14. I couldn't agree more. I originally was predicting that it would be a premier launched heading to SFGAm, but I was wrong! thats ok, they'll just have to put one at the park next time they get a coaster. In the mean time though, I say send a premier launched to Six Flags New England. Though an RMC woodie would work well there too...they can get that after the launched!
  15. I agree but that's probably because there's nothing to look at. They're reinforcing Kingda Ka's structure and they have parts being fabricated but it doesn't look like there's anything going on that's going to visually impressive (at least not yet). My biggest hope is that this new path and former Rolling Thunder area doesn't look like complete crap. I could so see the station and queue still in place with a bench and some garbage cans in front of it. I think that if Six Flags does it right, the new path could be really awesome. And I think we're underestimating them a bit. It wouldn't surprise me if they plan on expanding in the area where rolling thunder used to be. They could easily use the path to create a new area, then expand that, and then use that path to lead to a new coaster that they could build back there. Rolling Thunder took up so much space, and it would be a great use of the land.
  16. I'm loving that they brought Neville, Fred, and Luna into the video to help announce it. That was a nice touch. But I wish that Universal would just announce all of the things about the coaster. I don't like being left to guess... Ok. Brilliant idea time. When you're on the Hogwarts express, it breaks down and stops. And then the room gets cold and the glass freezes. And then a holographic dementor comes in. How cool would that be!?
  17. well while we're talking about Canada's Wonderland... Launched coaster anyone for the park? They need a good launch. Something to standout. I'm thinkin Mack or Premier. Of course if B&M decides to ever build their own launch system...
  18. While I would love a Mega-Lite in the US as much as the next guy, It simply just isn't going to happen. It would be a great fit, but Cedar Fair doesn't seem to do anything with Intamin anymore. But I do wish that CF would install a decent coaster at the park. Think about it. They have no B&M's or Intamins, and the last coaster they got was a used Vekoma SLC, and that was back in like 2007. This park needs some love!
  19. Thats nice that they're giving that a new color scheme. It will certaintly brighten things up back there along with the new attractions beside it.
  20. "Is the carowinds skyflyer going to be safe in between those coasters?" NO YOU WILL SWING AND HIT ONE AND DIE. What do you think?! Common sense, Sherlock.
  21. I hate that we're getting so much updates from other coasters and rides at parks, yet we've got like no construction photos of Zumanjaro! Ok, maybe like one, but seriously, wish there were more.
  22. I'll be there too. And you can all watch me dance. And depending on the soda, I might be insane with the games. I will say though. The one thing I'm not crazy about is that I get that its a birthday bash and its suppose to be like a party and all, but I wish that there was more time devoted to ERT and less on the dancing. Its like 2 hours of dance, with 45 min of coasters.
  23. Carowinds said in a response on their facebook page that they plan on keeping the water inside the lake, even though they have relocated their skyflyer. Thats good, I always liked the water. It looked good in contrast with Nighthawk.
  24. That birthday bash sounds like a lot of fun. Since KD is my home park, I plan on attending that! Hopefully it won't be too overpriced...
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