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  1. I'm very pleased with this addition. I also was hoping that the water park would be renamed, but those capsule floor drop slides are crazy! Glad to be getting them! Some mat racers also would've been nice too. Well this kills the rumors of shoot the curl leaving, right? Part of me wonders if they'll be announcing any more small stuff over the winter about next year. Hopefully they'll announce some cool fun, small things.
  2. Completely off topic from whats currently being discussed, but I think it's hilarious that CP did the ice bucket challenge on dragster! Love it! And then they instantly dried off!!
  3. I hope the music they play for the trailer is epic. I always love the trailers park make for their new coasters. They're always so cool!
  4. great photo! Man I wish KD did behind the scenes tours. I would LOVE to talk a walk back to i305 or Volcano and get some photos and videos of the trains whizzing by.
  5. I think we're looking at a brand new ride for sure, not a relocation. And I'm all in for that retheming to gotham. That wayne manor idea was good! That building could be rethemed next year on the outside, and in 2016 what if they put in a dark ride in that building? Or some sort of indoor attraction? Hustler could be rethemed and repainted to like one of the batman villains or something.
  6. Have you guys seen this? I think this is the real deal! Actual name and logo!
  7. Maybe there's a hint somewhere in that RCT3 animation. Like what if that's a hint at the color scheme of the new ride?
  8. Loved lightning racer! Best woodie I've ever ridden besides el toro. I liked it more than thunderhead! But thunderhead definitely would be #3 on the wooden coaster scale.
  9. Awesome pics! Dollywood is a Great park. And their cinnamon bread is heavenly. I personally am not a huge fan of the mystery mine, but I LOVE Tennessee tornado. That coaster packs a punch! I wish it was longer though. Did you ride an alpine coaster while you were there? That's one of my favorite things in that area. And the team to ober Gatlinburg is so cool!
  10. Because they don't have to deal with a harsh winter, they have a huge advantage over New England. And seeing that they're doing work on the coaster now, that probably means it will be a huge project and take a lot of time.
  11. Something tells me its a red herring, but is it possibility that that could be the actual coaster? It kind of would be a disappointment if that is the real coaster. Doesn't look like that strong of a layout and with the amount of space that they have, seems like a poor use of it.
  12. I saw it and laughed out loud, and so I put it as mine. I don't hate Six Flags or anything, but I love how it pokes fun at the names of Six Flags parks!
  13. ^ granted, but it's an SLC. I wish Carowinds would choose the Centurion name.
  14. In the choose your path video today, it was announced that the ropes course next to the demon will be removed.
  15. Superman themed. Has a loop. Maybe one of those looping water slides? Or a flat that flips you in a looping fashion?
  16. Nice trip report and pics! Does this place get crowded on weekdays? I'm heading to all 3 piers on thursday. Any tips by frequent park goers?
  17. They'll open up the second half of the station! Market it as a new ride!
  18. That was cuz we'd been waiting 2 months! And we didn't know anything about the name, layout, or type of coaster. With this, we know the layout, we practically know the name, and we think we know the track color.
  19. SFFT announced on twitter that another ride is closing next year. probs hustler.
  20. ^ I think we would've heard about Mean Streaks closure by now if it was closing. I have my doubts about it happening at all, but I certainly wouldn't get your hopes up for it happening next year. Don't get your hopes up because you'll probably be really disappointed when it doesn't happen. But at some point, I do expect Cedar Fair to go with RMC. Its only a matter of time...
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