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  1. I've heard so many people angry with SFGAm and i'm just sitin here like "count your blessings! You are a very spoiled park, and now you're getting mad when they try to touch the family aspect of the park and work on enhancing areas of the park? Come on, give me a break."
  2. I didn't realize how much work was being done with Howl o scream this early. The attention to detail is awesome, and it's not even done yet! Love the pirates theming in festa Italia. Pumpkins in Scotland Pirate stuff More pirate stuff Bats, man!
  3. In my opinion it's always sad to see a skyride go. They're fun relaxing rides that give you Great views.
  4. With one park open in the Carolina's of the USA and the other on the other side of the world, I don't think it'll be effecting attendance AT ALL!
  5. Both are awesome, by I have to say twisted colossus. Extremely innovative, and it's nothing we've ever seen Before. The elements rock, and interation with the other side is just incredible.
  6. to me wicked cyclone is a minature version of NTAG with a couple of inversions thrown in. Thats a compliment, by the way!
  7. I think a super loop works well here, not so much at SFGAdv. It is by no means a coaster, but its a fun flat! I'm surprised they didn't get a skyscreamer. Maybe that'll be 2016...But I bet this will look good in the marti gras section! Which, speaking of Marti Gras, I meant to ask this a while back, but how does that new section look? In terms of cleanliness and theming? Either way, I'm sure its better than Southwest Territory.
  8. I think its nice that they're taking a break from all that thrill ride action. It wouldn't surprise me if one of those justice league dark rides went in in 2016 or a skyscreamer, but Its nice that they're gonna have a nice relaxing off year, much in the style of Kings Dominion now. Although, sorry SFGAm, KD had the idea first!
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself. I 100% agree with this. It would've been nice to see an expansion to Hurricane Harbor, or like a frisbee style ride that we saw great escape get last year.
  10. I personally don't get the complaint that the layout doesn't look that good. I've heard it by a few, and I honestly do not agree with them at all. The layout looks great! Cool elements, and they included the element I wanted! And airtime hill with a zero g stall area flying over it! I wish that the high five element would've been a bit longer, but overall I am very pleased. Hopefully six flags will have it duel consistently.
  11. year round? should be fun. I was kinda hoping for a dark ride, but this is cool too. Something different than the usual.
  12. so that probably means the white will be painted the gray blue color. I think this ride looks great! they really did make airtime and inversions work. The inversions are great, and there's plenty of airtime! RMC is the best.
  13. I'm not a fan of the name Ziz either but I do think that that will be the name for it. And I'm gonna predict it to be an invert or a wing. Yes, I know they have an invert already, but its an SLC. If an RMC comes, it'd probably be an ibox. But I don't think an RMC will come. They'd put one in at cedar point before wonderland. If a new woodie were to come then it'd probably be a GCI.
  14. I'll be the first to predict no mid course break run. We saw it with texas giant, and haven't really seen it since and so I'll say there won't be one. Texas Giant seemed like the test of the ibox and working with the layout of the ride and so they included it, and I think if they go with the right maneuvers than it won't have one. Just my prediction though! Guess we'll find out if it comes true or not.
  15. Final Update! Our last stop was Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Pt. Pleasant, New Jersey. I arrived around 9:30 and hung out there till about 11. You don't need to spend a whole lot of time here, but it's a nice boardwalk park. Lots of rides and attractions. The 2 coasters here are Tornado, a kiddie coaster, and another Flitzer! Here's a few pictures from the final park of the day. Definitely one of those borderline "sketchy" coasters. The restraints were very much like a seat belt, with a strap that was suppose to go around your shoulder. It was weird. 2 rides in motion! Oh look, another Flitzer. Like most boardwalk parks, lots of lights. Very pretty to look at and it's fun just to hang out and watch all of the rides in motion. Another ride at the park. Sign for the park right off of the main road. The kiddie coaster 'Tornado.' And i'll end it here with the parks main midway area. Hope you enjoyed my report from the many parks in New Jersey!
  16. If Helix's slogan is "the next level" than they must be referring to a level above helix. That means its really good!
  17. I doubt 2015 will bring a coaster, but I don't have any objections if it does!
  18. I was aloud to ride alone. And to answer the question above, no I did not get a chance to ride their log flume. As it was a hot day, that probably had the longest line. But I will say, it did look like a fun log flume. Continuing, next up was Casino Pier! Located in Seaside Heights, this was the only boardwalk park I visited that partially jetted out into the water. The back portion of the pier was over water, who head kinda cool. This park was about a little over an hour away from Castaway Cove, and so by the time I arrived here darkness had fallen. And I gotta say, this park looks super cool at night! Here's a few pictures. And i'll end it here with this chicken sipping on a coke. The park had many random statues here and there around the park, and I found this one to be my favorite. The only other coaster here was a kiddie coaster called Hot Tamales. Next up is the last stop, at Jenkinson's Boardwalk! Welcome to Casino Pier! Individual ride tickets here are $0.90 each. Another shot of the swing ride. I spot a roller coaster! Unfortunately it sucked. This one is called the Pirates Hideaway, and it wasn't fun. The spiral lift hill was cool though. Classic shot of the pier. The swings ride looks really pretty at night. They got a small drop tower too. I didn't ride it though. I was here to ride their two coasters and then leave.
  19. I think the theming will surprise us. Sure the theme may be iffy, but I bet the theming will be done well.
  20. I didn't stay for long, so I don't know if wonderland pier was up and running. I didn't really pay attention to check. As for the flat ride tropical storm, I didn't ride and I have no idea if it was operating.
  21. ^ yes, I got to ride all the coasters there. Doo Wopper wasn't that Great at all. Anyways, next up was Playland's Castaway Cove! This park is about 30 minutes away from Wildwood, and is located in Ocean City. It's home to 3 coasters. Python is a looping death machine. Flitzer is another Zierer bobsled. And then theres also the pirates gold rush, which is a kiddie coaster. I rode all 3 of course to collect the credits. None of them were that Great really. They also have an S&S double shot which actually launches you up twice! They cycle the ride twice, which rocks. Then there's also a Zamperla Air Race and the classic claw flat ride. But here's some pictures of the place! Ferris wheel! The entrance is right on the boardwalk that runs along the beach. You really only need to spend an hour here in order to do everything. These flat rides are always fun rides! This place probably has some of the most disgusting bathrooms I've ever seen at an amusement park. The bathrooms can be found under the station for the log flume, and look like they haven't been cleaned in years. Next stop, Casino Pier! Like all of these parks, entry is free. Entrance to air race. Pirates Gold Rush can be seen in the bottom right hand corner.
  22. Now I'm torn on whether it's sitdown/floorless Mantis or RMC Mean Streak. Either one would be great. My guess is that both of those will eventually happen, with one of them coming next year. I also predict that whatever comes next year will also get renamed King James (assuming they're really serious about that). I don't think there will be a RMC Mean Streak since we know the two RMCs this year are Wicked Cyclone and Twisted Colossus and the third is Wildfire which will open in 2016 (we know this since Alan Schilke mentioned that there will be 3 RMC coasters opening in 2015 and 2016). Wait...does that mean no new RMC's will be announced next year! If there's only 3, then there won't be any new RMC's at Six Flags parks for 2016.
  23. This past week I was able to hit up several of the boardwalk parks along the Jersey coast. I had been to Six Flags Great Adventure already, and so while I could've gone there instead, I chose a different route. I decided that I would go on a credit tour along the Jersey coast. If you plan everything right, you can travel to several different parks all in one day. So that's what I did! I was coming from Bethany Beach, Delaware, and so by taking the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, that would take me to the southern most tip of New Jersey. From there, I would hit up 4 different parks along the coast, which would put my in NYC at about midnight that night. I had plans to visit the US Open the next day, so I only had a day to knock it all out. The 4 parks I visited were Morey's Piers, Playland's Castaway Cove, Casino Pier, and finally Jenkinson's Boardwalk. Over the 12 hours I spent Amusement parking, I was able to ride a total of 13 new roller coasters and several fun flat rides. But i'll stop blabbing and show you some pictures already! -Taylor The first park that I was to visit was Morey's Piers! But first, I have to get there, which means taking a fun ferry ride from Delaware to New Jersey! Diggin the lines here. Though the operations are pretty slow, so it was still about a 10 minute wait for front row, even with no line. Sea Serpent, Ferris Wheel, and carnival games. One of the 3 Flitzer roller coasters I would be riding of the day. Classic shot of Morey's Piers I spot a woodie! The only woodie I would be riding all day. There's our ride!! JK, but that was right next to our boat and thought it was cool. And we have lift off! The journey here was fun, but now it's time to ride some coasters. The ferry drops you off about 15 minutes away from Wildwood. Uh oh! In order to collect all the credits, it means i'll have to endure a ride on an SLC! It's actually a really pretty coaster to look at. Unfortunately the looks are the best part about it. You park your car below deck, and then can hang out and check out the view from above! Inside you'll find a nice lounge, bar, gift shop, and snack station. The boat was a destination of itself! I spot Jersey! The full journey takes about 1 hour 20 minutes Great White had painfully slow operations with only 1 train. But it was still a fun ride! Great White endedy time at Morey's Piers. I was able to ride every coaster there, and still have time to hit up AtmosFear and some fun flats. Next stop, Playland's Castaway Cove! More to come! Last but not least, I hit up Adventure Pier. Home to the Great White! By far the best coaster of the 3 piers, and the best coaster on the trip. You can imagine my disappointment. It sucked. But at least no head banging. But the ride still sucked. I had hopes that the restraints would make it better. Luckily, there's stuff to see and do along the way in between piers! The boardwalk connects all 3 piers, and is loaded with fun shops and food stops. I found this shirt to be amusing. I know, I should've bought it. Skyline shot of Mariners Pier. It's a fair bit of walking distance in between each pier.
  24. I for one like the idea of this drop. Sounds really cool! A lot of drops are the same, so when one sounds new and innovative, I get excited! Something different!
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