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  1. oh wait it's a Cedar Fair park now. they probably painted it red and renamed it "Spinning Jungle Chair Zone"
  2. yeah, i do love the Grizzly. it was even better back before they tore down half the trees in the area to build the Hurler. Back then it really felt like a roller coaster set deep inside a dense forest, and at night it was so dark. Hurler is so bad it even managed to make OTHER rides less good.
  3. it was never super obvious, but it used to at least make sense.
  4. golden ticket awards are super dumb? i think everyone knows i305 is one of the top 3 to 5 coasters in the world.
  5. well, take your pick - accurate-looking, or working. can't have both at that scale.
  6. any chance you could modify his profile so his signature and location don't mention masturbation and oral sex?
  7. i rode it the day it opened. it was a disappointment from day one. the video of Mike Myers telling you how the coaster restraints work was probably the best part, and that is really saying something. the layout is boring and not fun. and Paramount didn't take care of it, which only made things worse. part of the reason the layout is so weird is because originally they were going to have rock bands play concerts on a stage in the wide open area between the lift hill and the back turnaround. obviously that never came to pass, but the coaster's dumb layout was designed to accommodate that idea.
  8. no way. even before track started showing up, there were lots of rumors of a large coaster being added to KD. Also a lot of land clearing, and other signs. This is NOTHING like that.
  9. roller coasters are planned years in advance and i'm preeeeetty sure BGW and KD don't check with each other before installing new rides.
  10. well, here's hoping you avoid it in the future, since you hate it so much.
  11. Oh god lighten up and relax a little. I have no idea how old you are but if you're over 21 go have a drink or 12. eh, you were the one typing in all caps and extra large letters. i was merely saying i disagree. you got all "YOU PEOPLE" up in here. i'm currently sipping a Palo Santo Marron. more of a winter beer, really, but quite tasty any time of year. again, just my opinion.
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