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  1. It's live!! Off to an AMAZING start. We still have a ways to go but we are really liking the progress. This system is going to be soooo fun to build with.
  2. Hey all! Jack Rimer, Mike Graham, and Dan Linden here from CoasterDynamix. We wanted to let you all know we're going to be doing a KickStarter in September for a 100% LEGO compatible, working roller coaster kit! We've named it The Cyclone. This thing will have everything you need to build the working model. It has a train, 15 feet of track, and even the chain left all included in the kit. We also made custom wooden 'bents' that are Lego compatible so you can build and expand your coaster to unlimited sizes. The kit includes over 1100 pieces. How much will it cost??? We will have a VERY limited number of 'early bird' kits available on the Kickstarter for only $100! Prices will go up a little bit after those sell out, but the retail price for the final model will be $150. For updates on the Kickstarter's progress, sign up for our mailing list at our website: www.coasterdynamix.com Here is a cool video of The Cyclone in action. Remember, you get everything you see in this video in a kit. You don't have to supply any of your own Lego pieces!
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