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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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Thunderhawk - Dorney Park (1923)

Cyclone - Astroland (1927)

Wild Cat - Lake Compounce (1927)

Dragon Coaster - Playland Park (1929)

Yankee Cannonball - Canobie Lake Park (1936 - technically 1930)

Thunderbolt - Six Flags New England (1941)


I guess you could also count

Wild One - Six Flags America (technically 1917)

Comet - The Great Escape (technically 1948)


And in the steel coaster category, of course, the grandfather of modern steel coasters

Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland (1959)

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Wild One at Six Flags America (moved to Wild World (now SFA) in 1986), only if you factor in its original existance, The Giant Coaster (built in 1917). The oldest roller coaster that I've ridden still at its original location is The Comet at Hershey Park (built in 1946).

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Thunderhawk at Dorney (1923).


That's a frustrating coaster, now that Laser is gone it could be the best coaster in the park if they just turned the brakes off. The ejector air on the second hill used to be amazing in the front seat.

Off-topic, but I absolutely agree. I used to be deeply perplexed by the people who rate it highly and speak well of it, until I realized it used to run much differently. Personally, I found it easily very close to the worst coaster I've ridden in the back seat, with only a single redeeming (and pleasantly surprising) pop of airtime in the front seat.


I think at least a half-dozen of my lower-ranked woodies are significantly tamer (and, in some cases, also rougher) than they once were. From what I've read, High Roller at Valleyfair and Comet at Hersheypark are some of the more infamous offenders apart from Thunderhawk.

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The oldest coaster I rode is the Haunted House at Camden Park. Also I don't know if this is consider a coaster or not, although it is consider to be one on Coaster Counter. If it isn't then the oldest coaster I ridden is Big Dipper at Camden Park.

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Hullámvasút in Vidámpark in Budapest Hungary.


Its a wooden coaster that was built in 1922. My favourite bit of this ride is the fact that the ride cars dont actually have restraints!!! People were allowed stand up and everything.


Oh and an operate has to ride the train and operate the onboard brake in the middle of the two cars to make sure it didnt go too fast.


It was the scariest rollercoaster I have ever been on. I actually felt like I could die.

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Wild One at Six Flags America, originally built in 1917 at Paragon Park. 95 yrs old.

Jack Rabbit at Kennywood, built 1920. 92 yrs old.

Thunderbolt at Kennywood, built 1924 88 yrs old.

Big Dipper at Geauga Lake, built 1925 87 yrs old.

Racer at Kennywood, built 1927 85 yrs old.

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These are the 3 oldest I've ridden:


1. Dahlonega Mine Train @ SFOG; opened 1967 (45 years old). First rode in 1998.

2. (tie) Great American Scream Machine @ SFOG; opened 1973 (39 years old). First rode in 1998.

2. (tie) Carolina Goldrusher @ Carowinds; opened 1973 (39 years old). First rode in 1990.

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