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  1. Sure, let me sneeze and cough on your lap bar, on the train before you get in.
  2. If your only non members are entering on the bring a friend deal, you can use member entrance, as they have to enter the park with you.
  3. Tim Conway, age 85. Us older farts will know him very well, as someone who kept us in stitches for just trying to make Harvey Korman break character. The Dentist is still, to this day, one of the funniest sketches ever. RIP
  4. You are more likely to see a unicorn, than it is for it to rain in SoCal in June. I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  5. It really depends on what kind of ride a person is looking for. Some people actually like to be thrown around like a rag doll in the jaws of a pit bull. Not me, but just sayin.
  6. Yeah, us old (er) farts remember her well. I imagine my daughter (20) will say "who?". Loved Laverne and Shirley growing up, and can remember watching the Happy Days episode in which they were spun off of, real time.
  7. Country star Roy Clark, the guitar virtuoso and singer who headlined the cornpone TV show "Hee Haw" for nearly a quarter century and was known for such hits as "Yesterday When I was Young" and "Honeymoon Feeling," has died. He was 85. He was one hell of a guitar player, and an amazingly talented man. Check out his version of Malaguena on YouTube.
  8. I have really been enjoying this trip log. I followed your Coastermania last year too. You do a great job! I so wish I could have went on this trip.
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