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  1. Will the move of Legendary's Kong Skull Island film production affect Skull Island in the theme park in any way? Side note, would Godzilla vs. Kong be a good movie?
  2. I would honestly use both resources. I visit the forums at least every other day, and it wouldn't be a problem to visit reddit more often. I think it could bring in a new wave of visitors that would find their way here too.
  3. I was going to say that but I think people would think it would be weird to have an Intamin Mega and a Mega Lite in the same park, I personally don't, but a lot of people do. Then again, a Chance one would be great for them. The more the merrier if you ask me. I doubt people would really care.
  4. Wish I could be a part of Coaster Campout! Looks like so much fun.
  5. I'm not even big on theater productions, but this place is an architectural masterpiece. Couldn't complain seeing a show here. Never been to downtown Orlando but I would love to even more now!
  6. Same goes for my top choice. My runner-up would have to be Silver Dollar City and Disneyland.
  7. At the rate my life is moving, most likely none. But if by chance things pick up I'd love to get back down to Orlando/Tampa Bay again.
  8. Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion. I loved it when it had the Outer Limits theming.
  9. Really like Pleasure Park, reminds me of when I last played RCT2. Love the re-do on your buildings, and like I found out you don't need CS to make it beautiful. Just make it look as realistic as possible. Can't wait to see more! I'm also pretty bad with names, so I know how you feel when you design something really nice.
  10. Yeah I've thought about that too, and especially if they're similar styles of rides.
  11. Cedar Fair: Maverick Disney: Space Mountain (MK) Herschend: Mystery Mine Sea World Parks: Alpengiest Six Flags: Batman: The Ride (SFOG) Universal: Revenge of the Mummy (FL)
  12. I'm quite partial to the good ole' "Oh Crap". It's always had a nice zing to it.
  13. Wow, that's cool. If my history lesson serves me correctly Iraq was a like a big Oasis, Mesopotamia. If you showed those pictures to some average US citizens they would probably say it's somewhere here.
  14. To this day I still don't know why I rode GASM at Six Flags Georgia. I've been apologizing to my legs and back ever since.
  15. I believe it was the twelfth coaster at the Point (5 were built after, then Wildcat was removed-16 presently). Correct.
  16. I was just saying to myself, all they need is a good B&M. Right after that I saw they were getting a Manta clone for next year.
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