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  1. There's a concert on Saturday? I thought they only had Sunday concerts.
  2. Heading to Hershey this Saturday. Anyone have any tips to avoid the lines? I know to head to the back of the park first- but so do the GP thanks to this week's "Tuesday Tip". I'm looking for any extra pointers, anything at all; seeing as it's supposed to storm/rain every day from now until Saturday (Saturday is supposed to be sunny), I can't (or maybe I don't want to) imagine the crowds Saturday might bring. Thanks in advance!
  3. This is sort of a general Six Flags question, but I went to GADV a few years ago and if I recall correctly the Gold Flash Pass advertised that the wait time was reduced by 75% (although that was a little understated as 3 hour lines were reduced to 6 minutes), but now its advertised on their website at a reduction of 50%. Did they actually increase the wait time for Gold Flash Pass users, or is the advertised number just so that the Platinum Flash Pass looks better?
  4. ^ Is the drop noticeably better/longer, or is it just a small difference in the ride experience?
  5. ^ Yep, Kumba and Montu are considered part of the "Forceful B&M Family".
  6. I don't get all the hate on Silver Star. Sure it's my least favorite B&M hyper of the three I've ridden, and it's not the most forceful coaster in the world, but this whole spiel about it being "trimmed to death" and "there's zero airtime and zero force" is a complete exaggeration.
  7. Maybe if you ask them nicely, they'll litter your yard with BBW scraps.
  8. How is this desperation on the part of B&M? It's the park's choice, B&M just enables them.
  9. I wonder what an inclined loop is like when taken backwards.
  10. There's been plenty of context. Most of it based around the Ministry of Joy, used for Scarefest. Watch this... http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=OUFWBN9xSIQ&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DOUFWBN9xSIQ%26feature%3Dyoutu.be&gl=GB Makes a good storyline in my opinion. By context, I meant if you've never heard of the coaster before, and you've never heard of the storyline.
  11. That is an awful name for a coaster, especially if you're not given any context behind it.
  12. SFNE is pure concrete. Go to BGW or Europa, and you'll see how parks can have actual atmosphere AND roller coasters at the same time.
  13. Does anyone else find the lopsided-Cobra Roll funny? The first half is just so big, and then the second half is so tiny. Such a big contrast.
  14. Yeah, I question the people who love MF but hate on B&M because their coasters are "forceless". Except for the first overbank, MF is as forceful as a B&M hyper. (In my opinon, I think MF is slightly less forceful than Nitro and Apollo's Chariot, but that's probably just me.)
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