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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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Wait, do relocations count? If so, mine is also Wild One.


Yes, they do. Technically, Wild One is almost 100 years old. Moving it from Paragon Park to Adventure World didn't make it younger. If you ride Wilde One then technically you rode Giant Coaster too, it's the same excact track, (with the exception of the helix, and turn-around.) The only thing that changed is the location, and in most cases the name.


If you rode Apocalypse at SFA, then you rode Iron Wolf, if you rode Goliath at SFNE , then you rode Deja Vu, just at a different location.


- Just because the park moved it doesn't change the coaster, and it's age.



- When people tell me they have rode Goliath, but not Deja Vu, that doesn't make sense to me. If they say they only rode it as Goliath, that makes more sense

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Pardon the slight deviation from topic (my oldest ridden coaster thus far has been Dahlonega Mine Train at SFOG, or possibly a kiddie coaster at a tiny little park in Gulf Shores that was said to be from the 60s according to RCDB) but I've taken a bit of an interest in very old coasters that survived into 'modern times' (post-1970 or so) past the general coaster decline of the 50s and 60s; examples including the Jack Rabbits at Idora Park (1914-2001) and Clementon Park (1919-2007) , Giant Coaster at Crystal Beach (1916-1989) , and, perhaps more so than the rest, the Scenic at Willow Grove Park (1896-1975).


Have any of you fine folk been on any of these lost treasures before they were swept away by the sands of time (with a lot of help from bulldozers) ? Also, I know that little list is very incomplete, so what other would-have-been-in-the-top-ten-oldest coasters were also out there until recently that RCDB doesn't have conveniently listed for me? And finally, I am intrigued by the Scenic, which appears to be the last 19th century coaster to exist; does anyone have information about that ride, or any information on any other 19th century coaster that existed into recent decades? Am I correct in assuming that was the last coaster from the 1800s to survive?


I for one am rather glad that Leap-The-Dips is still going strong, I wish I could ride it one day

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