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Oldest Coaster You've Ridden

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This is more of just to see if the members like the older coasters, but what are the oldest coassters you've ridden?


As for me:

Cyclone-Lakeside-built 1940-ridden 2006-66 years old

Blue Streak-CP-1964-ridden 2003-39 years old

Screamin Eagle-SFSTL-1976-ridden 2005/2006-29/30 years old

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Giant Dipper at San Diego's Belmont Park. 1925


This historical classic went through 3 names (Rollercoaster, Earthquake, Giant Dipper) and a devastating fire but it survived!!!


Technically it had 4 names. Its first name was Giant Dipper before it went through the identity crisis phase!!

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Dragon Coaster at Playland Park (Rye, NY). It was opened in 1929... and is still running. I rode it a couple weeks ago, and it's still amazingly smooth.


Heck, it's about 20 times smoother than GhostRider at KBF... and that opened in 1998!!

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