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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Not including relocated coasters:


Deja Vu (SFOG)

Viper/Greezed Lightning (SFOG/SFKK)

Disaster Transport (Cedar Point)

Wildcat (Cedar Point)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (Kings Island)

Son of Beast (Kings Island)

Mini Rock'n'Roller Coaster (Opryland)

Old Texas Giant (SFOT)

Gwazi-both tracks (BGT)

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Relocations indicated by an asterisk.


Colossus, Deja Vu* and Psyclone at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Cyclone at Six Flags New England

Disaster Transport and Wildcat at Cedar Point

High Roller at Stratosphere Tower

Hurricane* at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Invertigo* and Stealth* at California's Great America

Lightning Bolt at MGM Grand Adventures

Pandemonium* at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Screaming Mummy* at Splash Kingdom Waterpark

SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland

Space Mountain at Disneyland (original version)

Speed-The Ride at Nascar Cafe

Spellbreaker at LEGOLAND California

Tornado at Castle Amusement Park

Tree Top Racers at Adventure City

Wacky Soap Box Racers and Windjammer Surf Racers at Knott's Berry Farm

Windstorm* at Fun Forest Amusement Park

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Here's my list...


Thankfully most of these coasters were crap and I'm glad they're gone. I'm not counting relocated coasters, just coasters that are completely gone. I didn't bother with kids coasters either.


Worse than Death

Son of Beast

Viper (Great Adventure)


Complete Crap

Double Loop (Geauga Lake)

Great American Scream Machine

Gwazi (well... in about a month)


High Roller

Hurricane (Rye Playland)

Hurricane (Adventureland)

Hypersonic XLC

Raging Wolf Bobs (Raging piece of crap)

Toboggan (Trimpers... maybe this was relocated but I like to think it's gone forever)

Villain (Geauga Lake)

Whirlwind (Knoebels)


Medicore at Best

Batman and Robin the Chiller

Big Dipper (Geauga Lake)


Cyclone (New England)

Disaster Transport

High Speed Thrill Coaster

Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon (Great Escape)

Mad Mouse (Quassy)

Rolling Thunder

Wild Mouse (Jolly Roger)

Wildcat (Cedar Point)


Great Coasters

Big Bad Wolf (Verbolten is nice and all but it's nothing compared to Big Bad Wolf).

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These are the coasters I've ridden that either no longer exist (I know B&R was sold, but I doubt that'll ever get built). There are a couple that have simply relocated, so they're not gone for good yet.


Rolling Thunder: SFGAdv

Batman & Robin: The Chiller: SFGAdv

Great American Scream Machine: SFGAdv

Viper: SFGAdv

Hercules: Dorney Park

Gwazi: BGT (soon to be, at least)


Star Jet: Casino Pier

Jet Star: Casino Pier

Looping Coaster: Funtown Pier

HyperSonic XLC: Kings Dominion

Wild Cat: Keansburg Amusement Park

Cyclone: SFNE

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SFMM-Deja Vu, Flashback, Psyclone, Colossus

SFGAdv-Chiller, Rolling Thunder, GASM

SFA-Two Face


SFGAm-Iron Wolf, Rolling Thunder,Shockwave


KD-Hypersonic XLC

GA-Whizzer, Invertigo, Stealth, Greased Lightnin'

KBF-Wacky Soap Box, Windjammer


Riverview Park Dells-Galaxi

VF-Mild Thing

BGW-Big Bad Wolf, Wilde Maus

Splash Kingdom- Screaming Mummy

DL-Space Mountain

NASCAR Cafe-Speed the Ride

Startosphere-High Roller

Legoland CA-Spellbreaker

CP-Disaster Transport, Wildcat


Adventure City-Tree Top Racers

Darien Lake-Nightmare

Indiana Beach-Galaxy

Celebration City-Jackrabbit, Thunderbolt, Zyklon, Ozark Wildcat


I'm sure there are others

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Corkscrew, Sea World AU

Dragon Flyer, Camelot Theme Park UK

Gauntlet, Camelot Theme Park UK

Beatie, Alton Towers UK

Corkscrew, Alton Towers UK

Nessi , Ocean Beach Amusement Park UK

Pepsi-Cola Loop, Ocean Beach Amusement Park UK

Jet Stream, Ocean Beach Amusement Park UK

Eureka Mountain Mine Ride, Dreamworld AU

Thunderbolt, Dreamworld AU

Space Invader 2, Blackpool Pleasure Beach UK

Cyclone, Pleasureland Southport UK

King Solomon's Mines, Pleasureland Southport UK

Disaster Transport, Cedar Point US

Double Loop, Geauga Lake US

Villain, Geauga Lake US

Hurricane, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk US

Tree Top Racers, Adventure City US

Speed - The Ride, Nascar Cafe US

Whirlwind, Camelot Theme Park UK

Knightmare, Camelot Theme Park UK

Corkscrew, Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo UK

Galaxi, Indiana Beach US

Dragon Roller Coaster, Atayal Resort TW

Galaxy Express 999, Aqua Stadium JP

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Viper, great American scream machine, rolling thunder, chiller , shockwave and lightening loops from six flags great adventure.


Big bad wolf and drachenfire from Busch gardens.


Steel Phantom and laser loop from kennywood.


Disaster transport, wildcat from cedar point.


geauga lake, keansburg and seaside heights coasters.

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Wildcat, Disaster Transport - Cedar Point

Speed the Ride, High Roller - Vegas

Python, Gwazi - BGT

Dania Beach Hurricane

Son of Beast, King Cobra - KI

Texas Giant, Flashback - SFOT

Florida Hurricane, Zoomerang - Boardwalk and Baseball

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