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  1. They’re available as of today. There’s a booth setup near Sky Rocket where you can purchase them. Would recommend getting them early before they sell out.
  2. The forecast for today keeps changing so it looks like you might catch a break. Looks like there’s a window between 2-7p where things settle down.
  3. Sounds like a fun trip! Ravine Flyer could be a bit rough sometimes but in a good way. I generally go for the front but admittedly haven’t been on it in a couple years so they may have made adjustments. Kennywood does a good job maintaining their coasters. None are particularly rough though Thunderbolt can provide a good jostling with the laterals depending on who you are seated with and in which side you sit. Skyliner is always fun. I personally prefer the back. And LTD is just a classic, albeit slow but still enjoyable.
  4. I’m not well versed in all of the history but there’s been a decent amount of ride turnover over the years. Even when it was family operated they seemed to be willing to experiment. Some rides only lasted a season or two while others lasted a few years. I think what upset the locals is when Palace bought the park and removed some of the longer standing rides like Turnpike and Log Jammer. And removing 4 more flats last year just compounded that frustration. I think that caught everyone by surprise.
  5. They’ve always added something big every 10 years or so, sometimes with smaller investments in between. Unfortunately they’re a small park which means sometimes they have to subtract in order to add.
  6. Visitors can check the daily operations page for ride information. Hopefully that list will look a little better in the upcoming days & weeks. https://www.kennywood.com/dailyoperations
  7. Palace didn’t do the best job with the park from 08-18. But have since hired new Corp leadership and a new GM. Starting to see some positive improvements this year but it’ll take time.
  8. Widow is waiting for repair but is expected to be ready in the upcoming weeks. Steel Curtain will likely be single train ops all season.
  9. Steel Curtain is expected to open this Friday (possibly with single train operations) if anyone is planning a trip.
  10. It wasn’t closed because of issues. It was a combination of COVID and improvements/modifications that they decided to do to the trains. It would have been open to the public this past weekend had it not been for unexpected weather.
  11. The only big coaster that was down this past weekend was Steel Curtain but that may have been weather related since there was rain/hail and low 40 degree temps. The VIP tours stand wasn’t open so I’m not sure if they’re planning to open it anytime soon. Perhaps after they have the park fully open after Memorial Day. You should also know that they are having their food & drink event during select days in June. So that’s likely going to boost attendance on those days.
  12. I don’t think so. As far as I know it was the first in North America but the 5th or 6th overall.
  13. 2018 was the last time that it operated with riders. It tested several times in 2019 while maintenance worked with Zamperla to troubleshoot but ultimately it wouldn't reach full height. Took over 6 months to get the custom gearbox which eventually arrived and was installed but also failed. Sat idle all through the limited 2020 season and was reportedly fixed after the park closed in September. Staff still working in the park at the time confirmed that it completed tested. It's expected to be ready for opening day this year.
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