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  1. All of the Volcano remnants have been removed. As far as unique flats, the general consensus in the rumor mill is possibly a Gerstlauer Sky Roller which is something CW has that is not in the US.
  2. Fridays are usually light to moderate crowds. There’s still local high school football games going on so that keeps some guests away. Phantom and Curtain will probably be single train ops due to staffing challenges but lines should only be 30-45min (or less). But since this is the last weekend of Phantom Fall Fest it’s possible that the crowd may be larger than usual. As far as Speedy pass, it kinda depends. If you’re going to just get on the coasters then it’s probably not necessary. But if you want to do coasters+haunts then it might be worth it depending on how much you want to cover in the 5 hours.
  3. Unfortunately Steel Curtain isn’t nearly as smooth as Maxx Force. There’s noticeable vibration throughout the circuit but it’s stronger in certain sections. I’m unsure if S&S used the same fabricator for both projects but it’s my opinion that the vibrations are due to the track.
  4. I am not intimately familiar with all of what had been going on with Curtain. I had heard that there may have been issues with the locking seatbelts that plagued the ride for some time. But after the park worked with S&S this season, the ride has had far fewer issues. Single train ops tend to be more of a maintenance/management call based on attendance figures and wait times. But on most days the Curtain crew has been regularly cycling both trains.
  5. Knotts Berry Farm implemented similar policy with bag size limits and chaperones. Will not be surprised if more parks adopt them as well.
  6. Kennywood has their own security staff but they also contract armed officers from both the local boro as well as the county. There is a seasonal police station onsite and there is backup provided by 2 police departments within a 2-5 mile radius. They implemented the Evolv security system recently in addition to the traditional baggage checks. I suspect that they will crack down harder on the chaperone policy and perhaps even consider implementing a no-bags policy.
  7. I went through mAlice during the passholder event on Friday. It was decent. They mix some storytelling with the scenes, actors and scares. I would consider going back through a 2nd time to choose the other path. But I’m not sure I’d spend the $30 if I had to pay the standard upcharge fee.
  8. Curtain resumed operation on the 14th. The park has been running 1 or 2 train ops depending on the crowd & wait times. I would expect it to be open open for the remainder of the regular season. But given the rides track record, it’s reasonable to skeptical.
  9. For anyone that might be interested, Kennywood recently revamped their VIP coaster tours into Speedy Pass. The new website not only has pricing information but also now includes estimated wait times. https://kw.speedy-pass.com/#
  10. The park is looking fantastic this year. Looking forward to seeing feedback from TPR members who make it to the park this season! Things are looking UP for 2023 as well…
  11. I don’t support the new owner’s strategy but at the end of the day it’s his mess to deal with. Seems like decisions have been made based on the perceived return on investment without consideration for the thought of any sentimental, nostalgic or historical significance. I’m assuming that this owner lacks experience in the amusement business as these actions to remove the coaster, water park, etc. strike to the core of CLPs guest base. And so now he’ll have to build his planned vision and hope that it’s a hit, otherwise I suspect he just follows his exit strategy.
  12. Revenge is not expected to close for painting. And yeah, the new management team is not happy about some of the prolonged downtime or repetitive issues with certain rides. Obviously not everything can be addressed at once but expect to see more work being done to improve.
  13. It’s photoshopped. There’s only one report of someone claiming to have received the survey. If it was legitimate, there would have been many more.
  14. Curtain and Thunderbolt were expected to be single train all season. But there have been days where Curtain has been running two trains. Hopefully the planned work for this off season will resolve the issues.
  15. I’m not certain if anything has changed so definitely best to get an answer from the park directly. But I know that FunDay tickets bought through local school districts are redeemable for any day during the summer operating season. So I would think that also applies to any FunDay ticket. https://www.kennywood.com/avsd
  16. Not aware of any issues with the 2nd train on Curtain. So not sure why it was only running 1 unless it was a slow day and lines were short.
  17. There’s a booth for the VIP tours as soon as you enter the park through the tunnel. I would expect it to be open at that time but it might be worthwhile reaching out to the park directly via FB or Twitter directly to confirm. Lines for most rides are usually 20 - 45min on average days. Steel Curtain is usually the longest wait, sometimes exceeding 90 minutes depending on crowd size and number of trains.
  18. Black Widow has officially reopened as of yesterday. Another step closer to having everything operational.
  19. They’re available as of today. There’s a booth setup near Sky Rocket where you can purchase them. Would recommend getting them early before they sell out.
  20. The forecast for today keeps changing so it looks like you might catch a break. Looks like there’s a window between 2-7p where things settle down.
  21. Sounds like a fun trip! Ravine Flyer could be a bit rough sometimes but in a good way. I generally go for the front but admittedly haven’t been on it in a couple years so they may have made adjustments. Kennywood does a good job maintaining their coasters. None are particularly rough though Thunderbolt can provide a good jostling with the laterals depending on who you are seated with and in which side you sit. Skyliner is always fun. I personally prefer the back. And LTD is just a classic, albeit slow but still enjoyable.
  22. I’m not well versed in all of the history but there’s been a decent amount of ride turnover over the years. Even when it was family operated they seemed to be willing to experiment. Some rides only lasted a season or two while others lasted a few years. I think what upset the locals is when Palace bought the park and removed some of the longer standing rides like Turnpike and Log Jammer. And removing 4 more flats last year just compounded that frustration. I think that caught everyone by surprise.
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