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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Big Bad Wolf

Drachen Fire

Wild Maus/Izzy







Six Flags New Orleans


BTR (does this count since it was relocated and is a clone?)


Mega Zeph (worst than Mean Streak)

Zydeco Scream

Muskrat Scrambler


Myrtyle Beach Pavilion


Mad Mouse





Steel Phantom




High Speed Thrill Coaster



Six Flags America





Six Flags Great Adventure


Batman and Robin

Great American Scream Machine

Rolling Thunder

Viper (actually really miss this unique ride)


King's Dominon


Hyper Sonic XLC



Canada's Wonderland




Dorney Park





Cedar Point




I think that's all of them. Longer list than I thought it would be.

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Adventure City: Tree Top Racers

Boomers: Dania Beach Hurricane

Busch Gardens Tampa: Python, Gwazi

Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Big Bad Wolf

Carowinds: Thunder Road

Cedar Point: Disaster Transport, Wildcat

Celebration City: Ozark Wildcat

Coney Beach Pleasure Park: Megablitz

Dorney Park: Laser, Hercules

Hersheypark: Roller Soaker

King Richards: Dragon Wagon

Kings Dominion: Hypersonic XLC, Shockwave

Kings Island: Son of Beast

Knoebel's: High Speed Thrill Coaster, Whirlwind

Miracle Strip Amusement Park: Starliner

Mt. Olympus: Opa

Myrtle Beach Pavilion: Little Eagle, Hurricane, Mad Mouse

Silver Dollar City: Runaway Ore Cart

Six Flags America: Two-Face: The Flip Side

Six Flags Astroworld: Batman: The Escape, Serpent, Texas Cyclone, Ultra Twister, XLR-8

Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Rattler

Six Flags Great Adventure: Batman and Robin: The Chiller

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Colossus, Psyclone

Six Flags New England: Cyclone

Six Flags Over Texas: Texas Giant

Six Flags Worlds of Adventure: Double Loop, Raging Wolf Bobs, Villian

Worlds of Fun: Orient Express

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I only know of 1: Windstorm at Fun Forest in Seattle, an S.D.C Hurricane model. It's now been converted into a portable and travelling with Texas showman Steve VanderVorste to the State Fair of Texas and other fairs, so I guess it's not really defunct. They repainted it a horrible purple and lime green color scheme, instead of its perfectly good blue with white supports. That little twisty drop shown in this pic was actually pretty neat:


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I feel like I need to start/make a list of my "coasters I have been on, but are now gone." So, here it goes:


Bell's Amusement Park

- Wildcat

- Zingo


Busch Gardens Tampa

- Gwazi

- Python


Cedar Point

- Disaster Transport

- Wildcat


Celebration City

- Flying Dragon Wagon

- Jack Rabbit

- Ozark Wildcat

- Thunderbolt

- Zyklon


Frontier City

-Nightmare Mine



- Roller Soaker


Magic Springs

- Zyklon

- Twist -n- Shot


Nascar Café

Speed: The Ride


Old Town

- Windstorm


Silver Dollar City

- Runaway Ore Cart

- Buzzsaw Falls


Six Flags Over Texas

- Texas Giant

- Flashback



There we go! That's it!! (I think)

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Incredible Hulk Coaster- Islands of Adventure

Roar- Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Rolling Thunder- Six Flags Great Adventure

Colossus- Six Flags Magic Mountain

Cyclone- Six Flags New England

Monster Mouse- Quassy

Mean Streak- Cedar Point

Galaxi- Funtown U.S.A.

Rockin' Rider- Canobie Lake Park

Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon- The Great Escape

Little Rickie's Little Twister- Riverside Park (now SFNE)

Roller Coaster- Enchanted Forest (Rhode Island)



SkyRider- Canada's Wonderland

Midnight Express- Krazy City

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You can add Mean Streak to my list now.


ACME Gravity Powered Roller Coaster - Six Flags St. Louis

Buzzsaw Falls - Silver Dollar City

Jack Rabbit - Celebration City

Mean Streak - Cedar Point

Orient Express - Worlds of Fun

Ozark Wildcat - Celebration City

Rattler - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Runaway Ore Cart - Silver Dollar City

Thunderbolt - Celebration City

Zambezi Zinger - Worlds of Fun

Zyklon - Celebration City

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SkyRider - CW

Big Bad Wolf - BGW

Wild Maus - BGW

Thunder Road - Carowinds

Disaster Transport - CP

Wildcat - CP

Mean Streak - CP

Mantis - CP

Steel Phantom - KW

Shockwave - KD

Hurricane - MBP

Mad Mouse - MBP

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Kings Dominion-Shockwave,Galaxie

BGW-Big Bad Wolf,Glissade


Fun-N-Wheels Orlando-Wild Mouse

SF Great Adventure-GASM,Chiller,Viper,Rolling Thunder

Funtown Pier-Looping Coaster(possibly Zyklon)

Casino Pier-the coaster that was wrecked by Hurricane Sandy and the one that was in the same corner back in 1999/2000(it was a Jet Star I think)

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Well, Drachen Fire, as a small child.


Apparently that ruined the appeal of coasters for me, for about 20 years.


So the only others:

Colossus - SFMM

Shockwave - KD

Cyclone - SFNE


There are SO many I wish were on this list!

Adding Roar & Vortex SFDK, Mantis and Mean Streak. Eight now, I feel so seasoned.

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Off the top of my head...


  • Wildcat - Fantasy Island
    Nightmare at Phantom Cave - Darien Lake
    Speed, The Ride - Sahara
    SkyRider - Canada's Wonderland
    Shockwave - Kings Dominion
    OG Hulk - Islands of Adventure
    Disaster Transport - Cedar Point
    Wildcat - Cedar Point

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  • 9 months later...

Thunder Road (Carowinds)

Flying Super Saturator (Carowinds)

Big Bad Wolf (BGW)

Drachen Fire (BGW)

Wild Maus (BGW) [Moved to BGT but gone from where I first rode it]

Hurler (KD) [being converted so basically no more]

Shockwave (KD)

Viper (SFOG)

Gwazi (BGT) [sBNO, but doubt it will be resurrected]

Sideshow Spin (Dollywood)

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