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  1. Thanks for clarifying that it is indeed back to its "normal self" as I mentioned in a previous post. I know I might get some flak for this but even after all the hype, praise, and awards this thing has received over the years I feel its time to say this coaster is massively overrated and a complete joke. Yes I have ridden it but when you factor in all its persistent UN-reliability (yes I emphasized the "UN" for a reason) it is a laughing stock that will probably be added to Urban Dictionary as a new term for "broken rollercoaster" and yes it is a big black eye for both Dollywood and RMC that needs to be dealt with for good before more dollars, resources, and marketing hype are wasted on it. This is dare I say getting to be SOB levels bad with the amount of modifications/repairs and SNBO time its logging. Its taking up some prime real estate that could be put to much better use. It needs to be put out of its misery.
  2. Saw this today and I wouldn't mind seeing SDC getting another wooden coaster and built in this style. (the park really could use more wooden coasters to fit in with its theme IMO) A family dueling out and back coaster with lots of airtime hills using the terrain and flying thru the woods built by TGG or GCI would be wonderful. This and the GCI Titan Track show a lot of promise and would set it apart from Outlaw Run. It doesn't even have to be an extreme record breaker.
  3. The small town of Cave Springs near XNA Airport grew by 175% or some crazy number as it went from roughly 1500 to 5200 people in the past 10 years as well. It will be great to see that final 5-10 miles of I-49 that will bypass Bella Vista and connect up by Anderson, MO. What also really needs to happen is the 612 bypass being finished in Springdale as they have only built 3 miles of it then stopped near 112 by Elm Springs. It is supposed to connect to 412 just west of Tontitown, split off to XNA, pass thru Bethel Heights and then connect on the east side of Springdale just before Sonora.
  4. Not to Necropost but it was just recently announced on the latest census that Fayetteville is now the 2nd largest city in the state eclipsing the Fort Smith metro with just over 90k people. https://www.nwahomepage.com/news/local-news/new-census-data-shows-fayetteville-as-second-largest-city-in-arkansas/
  5. "When you order Cinnamon Bread on Wish.com." lol Yeah that definitely doesn't look like the trademark Hershend Cinnamon Bread. More like a cheap knockoff or something. Wonder whats up with that?
  6. Curious to know what the problem was? And yes it's loading a bit faster on my end too. EDIT: Seems to be working ok on edits.
  7. Been slow for me for months now. I got a top end gaming desktop with high speed internet, a laptop, and a fairly new Android smartphone and they are all slow loading for me on this site with the worst being on my smartphone regardless if it's data or wifi.
  8. Man its so jarring to see Cinnamon Bread at a park that isn't SDC or previously held the name of SDC. lol
  9. While I do not wish to cause this thread to get too political, its worth noting from seeing this map how the Branson, MO area is essentially the epicenter of new COVID cases. It's quite unfortunate. I will be very curious to see if SDC will be forced to go back into doing health and safety restrictions in the park if this continues towards the fall/winter months.
  10. And of those three the only one currently known that has a construction fence up in a "challenging" location is SDC by the Pumpkin Nights/Former Waterboggan area. While it was dismissed that they were just widening a pathway, they have done other pathways without needing a construction fence in the past. It would make sense from a logistics standpoint to get the pathways and infrastructure modified in this area first before installing the attraction.
  11. Off topic on a lighter note a Storm Chaser friend of mine unveiled his new license plate today which I pointed out to him that it fittingly matches a certain popular rollercoaster at Dollywood. He loved it and laughed.
  12. 100% agree on this. Should be a standard on all water rides IMHO.
  13. ^Yeah I don't buy it either. Hershend has always been good about variety and having unique attractions at their individual parks. I don't see them doing what would amount to merely being a bigger version of a Firechaser type coaster.
  14. Love seeing a park put love into their old wooden coasters. I need to make a trip out there too.
  15. I feel like they shortened them. Dunno why if they did. I could always do the lap bar and the belt ok up until the past couple years. My "form" hasn't changed much since 2016 so that can be ruled out. lol But seriously I am suspecting they really did change them over the off season around 2018-2019. I have taken the "walk of shame" ever since after a few attempts. I never had that problem on a coaster, not even another RMC.
  16. Unless they were to somehow bring back the Arrow Style Suspended Coaster. That sounds like a more accurate description. But unfortunately this isn't 2001.
  17. Glad someone else sees it. SDC is my home park and Outlaw Run has not aged well at all. I wasn't the biggest fan of the RMC train design as its not hip, shin, and shoulder friendly but how brutal the ride can be in some seats lately has me to the point of skipping it more and more when I go to the park. Its gonna need a retrack done to it soon I think. (it is almost 10 years old) Maybe it will be a candidate for the new RMC track design.
  18. Interesting on the first one. Looks like they are looking to build smaller less intense versions of NTAG. (A well known example of a non-inverting I-Box coaster) I really liked its airtime and bunny hills so if they can do more of those I'm for it. Simple yet effective.
  19. Funny thing is they didn't put up a fence when they made that new pathway for the debut of Pumpkin Nights. Why do so now? Though for all we know they could finally be demo-ing the tower which would necessitate the need for one, nothing more, nothing less.
  20. Heres a photo put out of the construction fence that was recently put up. It now extends all the way down and around Firemans Landing and extending behind part of the smoking area in front of the old Waterboggan Tower. Let the speculation begin. lol
  21. Speaking of this, as I mentioned in the SDC thread a construction fence was put up around the Waterboggan Tower area thru where the final turn of the railway is. It's a pretty small & wooded piece of land. I remember it being rumored for years SDC was supposed to get their version of Mystery Mine so who knows maybe it's finally happening. EDIT: That and we know SDC has been obsessed with making record breaking "world's first" attractions as of late.
  22. Yeah not surprised they came back. lol Their presence seemed very popular before.
  23. That might indeed be true (and if Lightning Rod was never built LOL) Though on a serious note I do feel Hershend did invest more into DW over SDC up until the past decade which also contributed to the bigger draw. Just look at how quickly DW expanded their real estate (and coaster count) vs SDC from 2000 to now. 2000-2010 SDC got Wildfire, a family flat ride area, and the kiddie coaster. (Powderkeg was a conversion of the short lived Buzzsaw Falls literally reusing most of its track for the mid course, so its debatable if it counts) In fact SDC lost some stuff (Waterboggan and kids play areas) during that time that never got fully replaced. Also SDC's classic Fire In The Hole ride is in disrepair and might actually be demo'd in the coming years while DW fixed their version up. DW added several family/kids play areas, flat rides, Thunderhead, and Mystery Mine. 2010-2020 DW continued its coaster investments with their own kiddie coaster, Wild Eagle, Firechaser, Lightning Rod, and the large family expansion area with Dragonflier. SDC got Outlaw Run, Time Traveler, Firemans Landing and Mystic River Falls. (again with the latter two being a retooling of the site of a former attraction)
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