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  1. ^I have had some luck buying/selling that kind of stuff on eBay. Been collecting grandfathered Souvenir Mugs that way.
  2. This actually reminds me of Buzzsaw Falls/Powder Keg at SDC. Most of the GP don't pay attention to know, but there's an old Buzzsaw Falls car wedged in the roof of the queue building and parts of the old track is reused for theming, most notably the "broken" rollback hill and the pieces of track littering the area around the launch. I can definitely see them following suit here since they are both Hershend parks and they like to theme their rides pretty well.
  3. Wow it actually ran reliably with two trains? Its a miracle! lol
  4. Coaster Studios on YouTube had a brief segment on it on their video trip report.
  5. I saw that too regarding the trees. It's quite unfortunate. Man good thing miss Mary Herschend isn't around, she would be having fits over this. She was very adamant on enforcing their tree removal policy they had made for their properties.
  6. Oh boy, Same ol Same ol. Lightning Rod closed down. If they want to stop spending money on refurbing it and have true reliability, they should have admitted it was a failed experiment and just dump the launch system from the equation and have RMC make the main hill taller and add a chain lift while they were in there doing the other modifications and be done with it. They could get away with doing a 200ft drop with that terrain. Unfortunately if this is ongoing, this is not gonna help the ride or the parks image in any way. EDIT: In case I get flamed I was being somewhat faceti
  7. My reaction... WTF!? I agree with the others it was one of my favorite rides at the park, now it looks like its gonna have a neutered and shorter ride experience.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Herschend instead tries to snatch it up like they recently did with Kentucky Kingdom considering KK's history with Six Flags.
  9. Yeah noticed that too. Almost sounds B&M-ish if that's a term. lol At the same time the more I look into it, the more I feel the same as coasterbill regarding the interest in the Mystery Mine project a few posts back. It will be interesting to see if they rework the interior theming and even the finale segment too.
  10. I've heard of that clause but I had recalled it's for the same coaster type, not the manufacturer in general. That leaves us with a Floorless, Dive, or maybe even an Invert if they built it around 2023 at the soonest. I wouldn't expect an immediate investment on that scale until at least that year anyways.
  11. Yeah not to be that guy but I'd be curious to know where all the tree replacements are for the ones they cleared for Wildwood Grove and the Lightning Rod upgrade... Seems to be a bit of a stretch. They got a lot of planting to do.
  12. Yeah it makes me sad when any park loses a B&M. That's why I made my original statement above. Herschend has the money to give the park one once again if they wanted to even if it's a small compact invert or some other type.
  13. True, not right away but eventually. I think it will greatly help the park to retire all the remaining cloned/shuttle coasters it has. (which really T3 is the sole survivor)
  14. I could definitely see them putting in another Mack Launched Spinner in its place if so. The park could also use a small footprint B&M.
  15. Not going to Kings Island before Vortex was removed. I know many said Vortex became painful in its final years but I always had a soft spot for the old Arrow coasters.
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