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  1. Well since we are here, FWIW when I visited SDC during Christmas and spoke to a FITH employee, the park is still apparently looking at doing either a demo or major overhaul of the ride in the next year or two like what we saw with Lost River becoming MRF. It will probably depend on how 2021 attendance is though since revenue has been down due to the pandemic. It may get pushed out to as far as 2024. Personally, I still hope the park will see value in preserving the classic ride the best they can and simply retrack it like how Blazing Fury was done. Not everything has to be tallest, bigges
  2. I'm betting (if the park doesn't suffer from another delayed opening to begin with) it wont be operating/reopening to the public until May.
  3. LOL yes totally. Or reopening the ride as you watch guests sail off the edge.
  4. I do know for a fact that Outlaw Run uses steel wheels on the topper track, however they have had the same wear issues and poor aging with the track as Lightning Rod with the infamous "potholes". There was some retracking already observed being done on Outlaw Run earlier this year with the coaster being down for a few days and I believe the same was done last year below the first drop. I suspect the trains might get switched to urethane wheels if not a complete track conversion in the coming years depending on how Lightning Rod fares afterward with its conversion.
  5. I am gonna assume it has to do with budgeting. Dollywood and RMC negotiated this for awhile. Likely they agreed to have RMC foot the bill for this overhaul and Dollywood would then have the option to pay for the rest out of pocket down the road if they wanted the conversion fully done.
  6. Obviously appropriate dress is helpful. Shoes that won't get/stay soggy, pants & shirts that dry quickly. Does SDC have a dryer nearby? DW has one near the rapids ride and (I think) the log flume. They had one near the water battle too. Here is a pic of the dryers right by the entrance I took earlier this year.
  7. LOL say I am not surprised. I'd laugh (as unlikely as it might be) if they did redo the main hill and add a chain lift as several have joked and speculated on here. More realistically I suspect it may be some track work along with a new launch system/trains.
  8. From what I understand it depends greatly on how full the boat is. I was alone so I only got my back and legs partially wet.
  9. I went to the soft opening for Mystic River Falls. Here are a few pictures below... Sorry for the quality on a few of these as I didn't have my DSLR with me for this trip. Overall the landscaping is very well thought out and beautiful. The combination of the real rocks and concrete work was very nicely done. The water features and shrubbery really top it off. Once it all grows in here in a few years this should recreate the "in the woods" experience the old Lost River ride had. (which I know people were fond of) There is a sort of half exposed mine shaft that leads to the tower drop and t
  10. The maintenance crew once told me its actually functional as a safety measure in the event of a rollback.
  11. Yeah that surprised me too, its too bad they didn't go all out to rebuild the cave structure like the old ride considering it's name and theme is in fact referenced to the cave. Its like the rumor that there was supposed to be a showroom building during the launches on Time Traveler. EDIT: Didnt see it posted anywhere so here's the official POV released by the park of the ride course. The rest of the landscaping work is fantastic though and I do like the "mine shaft" segment. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  12. Silver Dollar City has been pretty active on their social media pages lately. They are also teasing a possible soft opening for MRF later this week... perhaps in time for the 4th of July holiday? EDIT: It's been reported by a couple sources on site that the construction walls have indeed been taken down!
  13. Brad Thomas released another Teaser Photo of MRF over on Twitter, looks like the lift might be done or very close to being.
  14. Been monitoring the parks social media pages. Yeah the backlash has been beyond ridiculous. I've seen people literally post that they hope they go bankrupt and close over this! Sheesh it's one thing to disagree on something but really? Hoping for the park to shutter?
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