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  1. I can't speak for anyone else,but I became distracted by the coasters.
  2. I can't decide what to ride first-the new Vekoma or the restored original rides(it was horrendous seeing the ferris wheel with half of its lights missing).
  3. I surprised simply that SFA is finally getting a brand new flat ride and finally doing something about Mind Eraser.
  4. I guess we travel in different circles.Personally I say "a job is a job" but I've run into several people(including family members)who think minimum wage is beneath them-that's the kind of people I've had to deal with.
  5. I think more parks should do this: give bonuses or higher pay for pre & post season and for older workers(since there seems to be stigma about adults doing "kids work").
  6. Although I wish Blue Streak could've been saved, this turn of events doesn't surprise me.On my one and only trip there 10+ years ago, almost all the buildings looked abandoned-or that they should have been. Any word on the carousel and Devil's Den?
  7. The only place I could think of Disney building another American park is New Orleans.The main reasons for this is if they could get the SFNO property for free/cheap and they have plans for another DisneySea-type park,and they could use New Orleans as a regular destination for their cruise line.
  8. What if the Miami Zoo started adding rides-you know,like SeaWorld and BGT? And Nashville/Memphis HAD Libertyland and Opryland IIRC.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if that "What's In The Box" attraction was a rip-off of the old "Giant Man Eating Chicken" gimmick circuses used to have .
  10. I agree-usually I shy away from upcharge attractions,but the "control lab" looks like fun !!!
  11. Is SFA running Capital Railways during Fright Fest this year?Usually that's one of the better "haunts".....and I hope they keep Batwing .
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