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  1. A friend and I really excited to ride our first eurofighter, last summer at Canobie Lake Park. Those smiles were not on our faces when we got off.
  2. A 160 person sample size really isn't representative of an entire community.
  3. Only old Rattler at SFFT, old Colossus at SFMM and a miller Kiddie Coaster. I've been on several coasters that I would not mind going, however.
  4. Hey guys, I'm headed out to Over Georgia for the first time in a couple weeks and I'd like to know a few things from the locals or frequent visitors. Just things like Rides that someone focused on coasters may overlook or good places to eat, the hidden gems of the park so to speak. It's worth noting that I am getting a Platinum Flash Pass. Thanks, Kite.
  5. Had a dream the other night that I had gotten in line for Goliath at SFNE. and in order to get from the line to the station you had to take a flying carpet.
  6. Why doesn't Six Flags call their water park Flash Pass the "Flash Splash"?
  7. Panic! at the Disco has a new single coming out Monday all but confirming a new album that's been suspected. That's going to be my most anticipated album of the year followed closely Twenty One Pilots new album, Blurryface. That is of course unless Gotye releases his album this year but I think that's going to be next year. Edit: It's here and it's fantastic.
  8. Gotye just finished performing concerts with his band, The Basics, and has started to focus on finishing his new album that should come out next year. This excites me, hopefully he'll have at least one mainstream hit so he can stopped being pegged as the "Somebody That I Used to Know guy".
  9. This ride is going to take some time to get used to, it feels so out of place but I love it's location at the same time.
  10. Gonna try to be more active over here again... Got a little more time on my hands.
  11. I must say that is some very, very creative thinking. Good looking ride.
  12. Superman: Escape from Krypton. Rode it back when I thought that the Height was all that mattered on rides. Bet I would appreciate it a bit more now.
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