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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Flyer - Hunts Pier/Dinosaur Beach, Wildwood

Golden Nuggett - Hunts Pier/Dinosaur Beach, Wildwood

Jumbo Jet - Morey's, Wildwood


Shockwave - SFGAdv

Lightning Loops - SFGAdv

Rolling Thunder - SFGAdv

Screem Machine - Nickles Pier, Wildwood

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Viper, GASM, Rolling Thunder, B&R the Chiller all at Great Adventure.

Disaster Transport at Cedar Point

Also: Geauga Lake

I'd need to check my list but I'm pretty I rode every coaster there.

Oh and the Jet Star at Sandy Hook, NJ. My first ever coaster has long been gone

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Wacky Soapbox Racers (KBF)

Windjammer (KBF)

Spellbraker (Legoland CA)

Hercules (Dorney)

Viper (SFGrAd)

Greased Lightning (PGA/SFKK)

High Roller (Stratosphere)

Flashback (SFMM)

Tree Top Racers (Adventure City)

Geauga Lake

Disaster Transport

Roadrunner Express (SFKK)

Psyclone (SFMM)

High Speed Thrill Coaster

Speed (Nascar Cafe)

Wildcat (CP)

Two Face (SFA)

Galaxy (IB)

Rolling Thunder



Thunder Express (Dollywood)

Whirlwind (Knoebel's)

Stealth (PGA)


Chang (SFKK)

Dominator (Geauga)

Batman & Robin The Chiller

Hurricane (SCBB)

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Cedar Point - Disaster Transport, Wildcat


Mt. Olympus - Opa

Riverview Park and Waterworld - Galaxi

Six Flags Great Adventure - Great American Scream Machine, Rolling Thunder

Six Flags Great America - Deja Vu, Iron Wolf, Ragin Cajun, Rolling Thunder, Shockwave

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Colossus, Flashback, Psyclone

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Boardwalk and Baseball - Double-O (Zoomerang), Florida Hurricane

Boblo Island - Nightmare, Screamer, Sky Streak

Busch Gardens Tampa - Gwazi, Python

Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Big Bad Wolf, Drachen Fire, Wild Maus

Canada's Wonderland - Sky Rider

Carowinds - Thunder Road

Casino Pier - Star Jet

Cedar Point - Avalanche Run/Disaster Transport, Mantis, WIldcat

Geagua Lake - Beaver Land Mine Ride, Big Dipper, Dominator, Double Loop, Headpsin, Raging Wolf Bobs, Steel Venom, Thunderhawk, Villain, X-Flight

Indiana Beach - Galaxi

Kings Dominion - Shockwave

Kings Island - Son of Beast

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Rattler

Six Flags Great Adventure - Batman and Robin: The Chiller, Great American Scream Machine, Viper

Six Flags Great America - Iron Wolf, Ragin' Cajun, Shockwave

Six Flags Magic Mountain - Colossus, Deja Vu, Psyclone

Worlds of Fun - Orient Express


Obviously, some of these aren't truly "gone" now, just relocated. However, they are no longer where they were when I experienced them, regardless...

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Well, Drachen Fire, as a small child.


Apparently that ruined the appeal of coasters for me, for about 20 years.


So the only others:

Colossus - SFMM

Shockwave - KD

Cyclone - SFNE



There are SO many I wish were on this list!

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