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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Updated after this past year



Spell Breaker - Legoland CA

Space Mountain (old if that counts) - DL

Tree Top Racers - Adventure City

Dare Devil - Boomers (Upland)

Wildcat - Cedar Point

Disaster Transport - Cedar Point

Psyclone - SFMM



Hurricane - SCBB

Pandemonium - SFDK

Deja Vu - SFMM

Speed - Vegas

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Okay, so I don't remember them all at the top of my head, but here's what i do remember:


Two-Face: The Flip Side: SFA

Rattler- SFFT

Son of Beast- Kings Island

Big Bad Wolf- BGW

Great American Machine- Six Flags Great America



I've been on many rides that have been relocated, but when it comes to coasters that are actually defunct, that's all I remember for now.

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Does not include relocations or SBNO.


Space Mountain '77 (Disneyland)

Windjammer (Knott's)

Psyclone (SFMM)

Rattler (SFFT)

Son of Beast (KI)

Disaster Transport (CP

Wildcat (CP)

Villain (GL)

Double Loop (GL)

Lightning Bolt (MGM Grand)

High Roller (Stratosphere)

Speed: The Ride (Sahara)

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Wildcat- Cedar Point

Disaster Transport- Cedar Point

Great American Scream Machine- Six Flags Great Adventure

Robin: The Chiller- Six Flags Great Adventure

Little Rickies Little Twister- (Riverside Park)- Six Flags New England

Psyclone- Six Flags Magic Mountain

Cyclone- Rocky Point Park

Looping Coaster- Funtown Pier

Mighty Mouse- Funtown Pier

Star Jet- Casino Pier


I'm sure theres a few more, I just can't remember right now.

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Most of them have just been moved to a new park, but I seem to have done quite a bit.


Space Mountain 1.0 - Disneyland

Hurricane - SCBB (Moved)

Tony Hawk - SFDK (Moved)

Zonga - SFDK (Moved)

Tidal Wave/Greased Lightning - CGA

Invertigo - CGA (Moved)

Stealth - CGA (Moved)

Son of Beast - KI

Wildcat - CP

Disaster Transport - CP

Psyclone - SFMM

Deja Vu - SFMM (Moved)

High Roller - Stratosphere

Speed: The Ride - Sahara


I think that's it.

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Not counting relocations


Flashback @ SFMM

Psyclone @ SFMM

Spellbreaker @ Legoland CA

Treetop Racers @ Adventure City

Hurricane @ SCBB

Speed the Ride @ Las Vegas

Villain @ Geauga Lake

Double Loop @ Geauga Lake

Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake

Disaster Transport @ Cedar Point

Son of Beast @ Kings Island


With Relocations, you can add


DejaVu @ SFMM (Now SFNE)

Invertigo @ CGA (Now Dorney Park)

Tony Hawks Big Spin @ SFDK (Now SFM)

Dominator @ Geauga Lake (Now KD)

Thunderhawk @ Geauga Lake (Now Michigans Adventure)

Head Spin @ Geauga Lake (Now Carowinds)

Laser @ Dorney Park (Now Traveling German Fairs)

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I'm going to count anything no longer operating at the park where I rode it.


Tree Top Racers, Adventure City

Invertigo, CGA

Hurricane, SCBB

Pandemonium, SFDK

Deja Vu, SFMM

Iron Wolf, SFGAm

Funtown Family Coaster, Funtown Pier

Looping Coaster, Funtown Pier

Mighty Mouse, Funtown Pier

Fiesta Express, Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Miner Mike, Gillian's Wonderland Pier

Disaster Transport, CP

Wildcat, CP

Roller Soaker, Hersheypark

iT'Z Express, iT'Z Family Food & Fun

Rattler, SFFT

Flashback, SFOT

Rainbow Chaser, Fun Forest

Windstorm, Fun Forest

Monster Mouse, Puyallup Fair


My list crept way up this year, to 20. Thankfully, a good number have been relocated or are for sale. Sadly, the Casino Pier coasters could be added as well (I'm still confused as to whether the surviving ones may return someday). I have already ridden Iron Wolf in two locations and I'm sure to track down a few of the others, starting with Flashback.

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Big Bad Wolf


I got two rides on this bad boy and found it a unique experience. The drop over the Rhine River was very thrilling and the swinging was good as well. I personally enjoyed Canada's Vortex more since it sustains its speed throughout, but Big Bad Wolf was still good nonetheless. Although I do think Verbolten is a better ride, it's a shame this ride had to be decommissioned.


Galaxi (Funtown USA)

Little Rickie's Little Twister (Riverside before it became Six Flags New England)

Monster Mouse (Quassy)

Rockin' Rider (Canobie)

Roller Soaker

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I seem to kill off a lot of coasters/parks.


Alabama Adventure

Mavel Mania





Super Saturator

White Lightning




Big Bad Wolf





Cedar Point


Disaster Transport


Freestyle Music Park

All 5


Geauga Lake

All 8


Jeepers Concord Mills

Phyton Pit (relocated)


Kings Dominion



Kings Island

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster

Son of Beast


Myrtle Beach Grand Prix

Crazy Mouse

Wacky Worm


Myrtle Beach Pavilion



Little Eagle

Mad Mouse




Wabash Cannonball

Little Rock N Roller Coaster


Kentucky Kingdom


Road Runner Express



Deja Vu

Z Force



Wet N Wild Emerald Point

Hyder Fighter 2

Edited by The Westate
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Mountain Express

Shockwave (also rode at Astroworld)



Greezed Lightning

Mayan Mindbender


Ultra Twister




Other random coasters:

Windjammer (Knott's)

Wacky Soap Box Racers (Knott's)

Whizzer (CGA)

Hurricane (SCBB)

Jet Star (SCBB)

Speed: The Ride (Sahara Las Vegas)

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