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  1. Got one El Toro actually has a new boost mode that maintenance can use in the morning for the first few test runs. When the boost is activated, the lift hill doesn't slow down at the top. It flies over without slowing down how it used to in 2006 which helps the train clear the course a little easier.
  2. ^Seems possible, though parks send surveys just to test the waters sometimes. Also, I'm heading to Hershey for the first time since before Skyrush was built (unlucky me went the week before it was announced ). I'll be there on Memorial Day and I have some questions. How will the crowds be? I heard the Intamins got new restraints... is this true? (sorry if this was on another page, I haven't checked). Also, have any of the Intamins been closed lately? I don't want to go only to discover that they're closed! Finally, are there any tips or tricks that will make my visit any better? (like how to get on all the rides in one day). Thanks, and I can't wait to finally ride Skyrush!
  3. Hello! I know y'all are excited, but please help us out and credit the source of your photos, especially when the park is closed. It helps maintain the integrity of the sources of information. Thanks, and more photos to come! Proof that upper management really do read the forums
  4. I saw the other picture as well. KD is really going all out for The Haunt this year I guess. Jokes aside I feel bad for those on the train when it happened and especially the employee(s) who had to deal with this
  5. This waterpark looks awesome! The slides look really fun, and yeah that raft return is ridiculously steep
  6. As a 3D rendering guy I like speculating on this kind of stuff. They could have re-used the sounds from the original video in the new one, and you can definitely export a piece of geometry that follows the track spline to translate the layout into another program. I know that NoLimits 2 can produce some pretty fantastic visuals, but I'm pretty sure that they're not as good out of the box as what's presented in that new video, especially with the big body of water, the terrain and all of the trees. Either they did the rendering and animation using some other program, or they baked the textures into a NoLimits 2 simulation (again, I lean far toward the former). Either way, I do agree that whoever did it did an incredible job. I wonder, can Unreal Engine generate those kind of visuals? It's definitely possible that they could have gotten the sounds from NL2 instead of sampling them from real life. Now that I've looked at it more I see that there is no possible way that NL2 could produce those kinds of visuals, as powerful of a program it is. The textures are very different and it overall doesn't feel or look the same. I also do some 3D modeling/rendering so I also like to speculate about this stuff Anyway, the view on this coaster... how about that? Watch out MF, you have some serious competition under construction
  7. ^yeah but because rides like El Toro and Skyrush (coasters with ridiculous ejector airtime) exist, people think any coaster that doesn't rip you out of your seat doesn't have airtime. This would include the B&M hypers which have lots of floater air. But apparently ejector is what the people want.
  8. It doesn't look like it, honestly. The speed through the layout looks a little choppy, like it was keyframed in Maya, Cinema 4D, or another program as opposed to being simulated in NoLimits 2. But I'm probably wrong. The original renderings were done in NL2 and the sounds from the video were from NL2 so that leads me to believe that it had something to do with this video. It does look kinda keyframed though so it's definitely not a VIP animation, but still, whoever did this did a really solid job. As for the actual ride, this took my hype for Wildfire and multiplied this x1000. The layout looks incredible, follows the terrain, goes through it's supports, and keeps its speed until the very end. This and Lightning Rod look to replace Boulder Dash and The Beast as the best wooden terrain coasters around. It really shows how much RMC is changing the industry
  9. They're probably just hallucinating because of all airtime on the drop
  10. ^B:TR is also very intense. My legs feel wobbly after a ride on that and I can only do 1 or 2 rides in a short period. Basically the same scenario as on I305 for me. Again, worth it though. I personally like sustained positive g's
  11. Skull Mountain has taken over TPR. It's unbelievable and I love every freaking thing about it
  12. I'll put it like this; I was feeling extremely determined that day . I was not about to leave without riding it and I had been on everything else multiple times; plus the fights and the tension building between the regular line waiters and flash passers vs. the people faking disabilities was too entertaining to miss.
  13. +1. I was kind of let down for some reason. It was almost too much to ride over and over again. Great experience and coaster for the bucket list, though. I ran in to KD ready for a marathon on I305 but after 2 consecutive rides even I had to take a break. The strain those forces put on your body is noticeable. Worth it though, personally
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