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  1. No surprised at all. Really the media day probably would cost more than the carnival ride they built. All jokes aside it is a nice flat ride.
  2. Looks like Hershey Park has joined the movement http://www.pennlive.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2015/05/hersheypark_selfie_sticks.html "Use of photo arms, more commonly known as "Selfie-Sticks," is strictly prohibited on all rides and attractions at Hersheypark to ensure the safety of our guests. Selfie-Sticks should be left with a non-rider or stowed in a locker. Guests that do not comply with this policy may be subject to dismissal without refund." People are getting serious about how dangerous and obnoxious these things are at amusement parks, lol.
  3. I am going on Tuesday so I am hoping that all the people will be at work, or school or just too tired from Memorial Day to go to the park... lol
  4. Anyone on the board rode Laff Trakk today? how big are the cars?
  5. Your friend? What does he do that he can hear someone that high up the food chain just saying willy nilly anything about 2016? Most of the time don't parks use code names for new major attractions. The only fact he heard while they were planning is that it would be the third tallest in the park? No Location? Name? Nothing New?
  6. I am here at Carowinds for the weekend and we rode both sides of Thunder Road because A. I've never been to Carowinds (I am on of those people North Carolina was banking on that would come from far and wide to ride a new giga) B. I heard that rumor that they were getting a new water park expansion to cap off that 50 million dollars commitment that the Cedar Fairs made to Charlotte and tearing down TR which doesn't make sense to me because why couldn't they just build an entrance through the ride. C. I thought i would not add it to my coaster count with out riding both sides. This is sad now Carowinds goes back to 13 coasters.
  7. They can more than triple the water park with the land available over there. I doubt the grassy/tree area would be used but there is a lot of space to work with. I just wish they'd keep Thunder Road and build on the other side with a path underneath. [attachment=0]CW2016.bmp[/attachment] My money is on a expansion of the parking and a water park expansion. I wonder if they are going to turn it into a soak city with a separate admission trying to be in line with its sister of the North Cedar Point. That is the only way I can think of justifying making such a super big water park expansion.
  8. Thanks for the Soak City update. I have never really been to the water park part of Kings Dominion. I am not really a water park guy so unless the water park is in my way I never really see it but it looks nice. Great pictures... On a side note if we can't speculate about the future of Kings Dominion on Theme Park Review then where do we go! I know you were joking btw and so am I. Why is there so much B&M hate going on on the board recently. They make RELIABLE, high capacity, thrilling coasters. What all that being said I love a good twisty **In my Rob voice** Intamin coaster. I look at them as equals both with their strenghens and weaknesses. I think it is all but confirmed that KD is getting a Winged Coaster and B&M is the only one doing them well so.... deal with it people.
  9. I hope Laff Trakk is ready by Tuesday. I am taking a friend for his birthday. He wanted to got to an amusement park and he hasn't been to Hershey since he was a kid, probably before Great Bear was installed. He thought Hershey Park was a kiddie park. His mind will be blown
  10. Yes I agree a drop tower is what they need to add next. Maybe now that all the kinks are worked out they can get one of those cool drop towers like the Falcon Fury one. That would be intense!
  11. I agree they have a solid line up. As much as I'd like to see more coasters and see them challenge for the coaster record I think that were Hershey Park can improve is in the flat ride department like a Huss Frisbee, Super Swing or even a nice Intamin drop tower.... I know how much the Intamin fanboys love them! lol
  12. You intamin fanboys trip me out, lol. I agree with your comment. Skyrush gave me pause and it really amazing how they squeezed a hyper-coaster in that parcel of land. I am confident they can squeeze a hyper coaster into that existing space if they wanted to. I have read something about them acquiring some new land but I am sure it won't all be used for park space. I bet it will be partially for a hotel however I am not sure how much space it even. If they have the land they are certainly not using it to expand right now.
  13. They have been very Intamin friendly and both Storm Runner and Sky Rush Are basically build on top of other coaster but how can we forget about the Great Bear, one of the most unique B&M inverts that bobs and weaves through the middle of the park. Now imagine a B&M giga coaster starting Near the Kiss Tower and going out behind the Great Bear and Comment and coming back..... It was be typical of Hershey Park!
  14. The building actually looks great and fits in very well with the theme of the ride and it fits well into Midway America. Hershey Park never ceases to amaze me how they find space for new roller coasters. Now if only they could find space for a B&M giga coaster..... I can dream right? lol
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