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  1. When someone who went on a water ride gets a coaster seat wet that you have to sit in. Maybe why excalibur at VF has shorter lines.
  2. Wing rider that goes through orange and blue circles as the near miss elements themed to the portal video game.
  3. A sad thing about SFGAm is that they have most if not all of the best genres of coasters, but like you said they are near or at the bottom of the totem pole when comparing them to others of that genre. RMC, yeah B&M Hyper, yeah B&M Invert, yeah Wing, yeah Intamin Launch, yeah B&M flyer, yeah but it is always better than vekoma! Sad, but also happy because those are all great rides that the park has, just not as great as others. I will make a trip there later this month and ride my first RMC Goliath. Can't really judge for certain this way but Medusa looks the best to me.
  4. Does the park not have a Blood Shed or CornStalkers like most of the parks in the chain? They have both of those.
  5. Generally False but it really depends on the coaster and flat you are comparing. The person below was/is popular in high school.
  6. Once my friend lost his phone on Steel Venom. It fell out of his pocket on the holding brake and smashed into three pieces on that roof over the queue. The parts were able to snap back together and the phone was able to function again with a large dent. If that roof weren't there it could have really hurt someone.
  7. Wow I can't believe that. Wait.. I did see some people trying to touch the wood on the High Roller turn around. That old crumbling wood is totally a splinter village just imagine rubbing up against it at high speed!
  8. I am jealous of you guys who get Renegade walk-ons. There have been at least 20 minute waits the last few times i have been to the park. WEEKDAYS! And when I get a walk on its on a Thursday in May. I did notice that the trick to High Roller is to ride it later in the day after maybe 6 or 7 and it will be a walk on unless its a busy weekend. High Roller pulls in a lot of people for some reason so now I only ride it at that time.
  9. No Do you like pumpkin pie better than apple pie?
  10. False The person below plays video games regularly.
  11. Action park is remaking their cannonball loop water slide. A commenter wants them to try a cobra roll followed by a corkscrew. (facepalm)
  12. 7/10 A nice pun for a username to have on this site.
  13. Granted, but lines are outrageous for their awesome new attraction. I wish Valleyfair would get a B&M invert on the scale of banshee in 2016
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