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  1. False. It's alright but I don't love it. The person below has been sick recently.
  2. No but I do know someone related to Woody Harrelson.
  3. dilapidated Would you rather be too tall or too fat to ride a rollercoaster?
  4. Granted, but they have to remove Renegade to make it fit. I wish I didn't have to sleep.
  5. Both have coasters that opened in 1998. Nickelodeon Universe and Kings Dominion?
  6. Dubstep! It sounds very weird to other people but I love it!
  7. 9/10 Has a good joke and some detailed top coasters.
  8. Every other Would you rather live the rest of your life vegan, or without amusement parks?
  9. False The person below has ridden more than 2 hyper coasters.
  10. Probably April. When was the last time you were bit?
  11. I asked this before but didn't get a certain answer. Should I buy flash pass online or wait to judge the crowds? My fear of waiting is that it may get sold out. Is that a common thing to happen?
  12. Granted, SFOT gets a i305 clone but it is half decent because they only build half of it. I wish parks didn't have height limits.
  13. True The person below has been beaten up by an Arrow looper.
  14. Banshee, Shambhala, Maverick, Talon. Oh and lets not forget Skyscraper over in China.
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