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  1. The only flyer in the Cedar Fair chain is at kings island and I don't even know if CF bought it. I don't know if they will buy one and if they do, will they send it to Valley Fair? I guess it is possible but unlikely. I would like to see it happen though.
  2. No, if they did I would know what that is. During the season I go there all the time and I know lots about the park.
  3. Is anyone going to go on the slides? I'm just so terrified of dropping straight down 100 feet. Who thinks dropping straight down with no seatbelt is fun? Sorry if you guys are excited for them and I am too, but they just look so intimidating.
  4. I've been seeing people on YouTube make 5 year park predictions for parks so here is a ten year one for ValleyFair. 2016 - B&M invert similar to talon. 2017 - Nothing major. 2018 - Windseeker in the WT turnaround. 2019 - New family ride for route 76, possibly a new restaurant, and Dino's last year. 2020 - Dino's removed, nothing done with land yet. 2021 - Soak City Expansion, new slides to replace panic falls body slides. 2022 - B&M floorless coaster in Dinoland similar to hydra. 2023 - Nothing major, amphitheater destroyed. 2024 - Frisbee ride where amphitheater used to be. Excalibur is destroyed. 2025 - Medeval Castle dark ride called Excalibur similar to Wonder Mountains Gaurdian where the Excalibur coaster used to be. What do you guys think? I want to see yours!
  5. I don't know why they would smear snow on the lens. We all know what they are building. Unless they don't want us to see what they are really building... No, that's stupid
  6. ^That would be awesome and actually there could just be a castle there and no rollercoaster but a dark ride similar to wonder mountains guardian called Excalibur and it would just go in a crumbling castle that replaces the old excalibur ride. I hope ValleyFair gets a dark ride down the road, and if they do, that's the way to do it.
  7. If they do remove Excalibur to build a new coaster they should name the new coaster Excalibur and keep the cool stone sculpture outside the ride entrance, it is a cool ride name and one of my favorite ride signs by the entrance.
  8. For our next coaster we need an awesome design like renegade! Keep the streak going!
  9. My point is, I just don't see why people are complaining over Wild Thing. I know there are better hypers out there, but Wild Thing is a great ride and Valleyfair is lucky to have it. Imagine Valleyfair without Wild Thing.
  10. I don't really care what parks are better than Valley Fair I know we are a small park but we have some great rides already and the thing I care about most is just making it better, not passing up other CF parks (that would be nice though, don't want to fall to the bottom). I've been thinking what valleyfair needs most right now is a rollercoaster, and next in line would be a nice thrill ride. I feel valleyfair has a great selection of thrill rides for its park size and in this category it ties up with some larger parks, but I think a frisbee or a windseeker would really kick things out of the park, and thats what I really want to see. Changing the subject I don't like how coaster enthusiasts don't see wild thing as anything special. I really think it's layout is awesome and it has lots of air time on that hill after the drop. I do think they should change something about it though, maybe add some themeing in the station or tunnel. Same story with steel venom. I know it is a clone, but coaster enthusiasts just see it as nothing special and I love these impulse coasters, way better than boomerangs. Actually with steel venom being here we might not see an invert as our next coaster, as we can see kings dominion has the same situation. Renegade gets pretty good recognision though, no complaints there... My last thing I thought I'd bring up is everyone talking about removing excalibur. I don't think it is too bad of a ride. Isn't it the third tallest coaster? It is not as rough a ride as corkscrew and some of my friends really like it. I do think something should be done with it though. Maybe add a photobooth and make the area by excalibur and thundercanyon nicer, add flowers or something. Well there you have my opinions. Comments?
  11. I would be happy with something like hydra. I really like the inversion that happens immediately. It's a shame that cedar Fair doesn't work with intamin anymore, we could use something like Maverick to really pack a punch in a small space. For our next coaster B&M is the only option. We need something smooth.
  12. My way to spend 50 million. Not to best fit the park but what I would want to see! 333 foot b&m giga ( to make possible remove Excalibur make the lift go off that way where height limit doesn't apply then when it is at its peak it will turn around and drop down the way it came. Then it will doge around soak city, the renegade, and thunder canyon) -33 million Funnel slides and colorful tube slides and racing slides to replace the old slides but keep the raging Rapids thing - 11 million Wind seeker by the entrance of Dino land - 5 million Make the park look nicer and general improvements - 1 million By the way when I made this it somehow seemed like 50 wasn't enough. Oh well
  13. You all keep saying a vekoma isn't going to happen and I agree. B and m is way more likely since cedar fair has been buying from them a lot lately.
  14. Actually something rather realistic would be a B&M floorless! Dorney Park has an awesome one bought for 13 million dollars. I feel like it is one of the most possible options after inverted. When we get a new coaster I like the idea of it taking up part of the parking lot over by dino land and then they just expand the parking lot. For colors I really feel either blue or red or white will be in it. Those are all hugely popular colors for coasters and high roller is the only one that uses it, (and steel venom if you count it's supports) but a likely color scheme I am hoping for is the one Banshee at Kings Island has. Again, I don't think anyone can just predict it, but I am taking in the facts and I can see a red and blue floorless coaster coming to valleyfair's parking lot in 2016 to celebrate the parks 40th birthday! Thanks guys for reading my thoughts!
  15. Can someone tell me what parts of the park the height limit does not cover?
  16. I know everyone thinks we will most likely get an invert as our next coaster but what do you guys want the color scheme to be and the name? Reply to me what you guys would pick. I would do black track with aqua supports and name it the angler
  17. Guys, is it a weird idea to move wheel of fortune to wild thing's turn around then build the station in that spot and the supports can go off into the flood zone. Just something i thought of. And the park seems dead on the path down to 76 and wheel of fortune would bring life to it and it belongs there too because it is a classic family ride like the others in 76.
  18. Sorry guys, I just don't see a slingshot happening when we have the Rip Cord.
  19. Hey guys, this is my first post. Everyone thinks we are going to get an invert in 2016 or 2017, and I think it is very likely that we will at least get a new roller coaster in those years. if we don't then for our next roller coaster I would expect something more expensive because of the long wait. I haven't heard anything suggesting this but I am hoping for something similar to Maverick.
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