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  1. Also any opinions on Kingdom Tower for Jeddah?
  2. Anyone else seen new render for 2 WTC?
  3. Favorite under-construction, Ping An International Finance Centre in Shenzhen or Wuhan Greenland Center.
  4. I also love Sino-Steel Tower for Tianjin, but hasn't been built. I think it would look good in HK
  5. Taipei 101 is cool. Kinda reminds me of Wanda Vista proposal in Chicago.
  6. from pictures my fave is probably Pearl River Tower
  7. Well I know it isn't a critical darling, but thought HTTM2 had some moments, Bridesmaids kind of funny..
  8. 3 more 1.)Elliphant- Swedish reggae, but I think she is too edgy for my taste, sometimes. 2.)MGMT- psychedelic 3.)TV on the radio- I just love their song happy idiot. 90s-Bush & Garbage-I loved songs from Sixteen Stone and the album Version 2.0 with songs like Special. early '00s- Dido-I just loved her songs from Life for Rent.
  9. Used to love Friends as well... Loved Jessica Alba in Dark Angel. Stargate stuff.
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