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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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My defunct list... RIP most of them


Python (BGT)

Big Bad Wolf

Flying Super Saturator

Thunder Road

Mean Streak

Disaster Transport


Fiesta Express


Double Loop


Raging Wolf Bobs

Big Dipper (GL)

Roller Soaker

Twisted Twins

Greezed Lightnin'


HyperSonic XLC

Shockwave (KD)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster

Son Of Beast


High Speed Thrill Coaster

Boomerang (Knotts)


Texas Cyclone



Great American Scream Machine (SFGadv)

Viper (SFGadv)

Rolling Thunder

The Chiller (not100% technically defunct)


Flashback (SFMM)


Cyclone (SFNE)

Georgia Cyclone

Texas Giant

Dragon Challenge

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Ozark Wildcat - Celebration City

Gwazi - Busch Gardens Tampa

Mean Streak - Cedar Point

Dragon Challenge - Islands of Adventure

Firehawk - Kings Island

Vortex - Kings Island

Dragon - Adventureland

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I'll try my best to write this list in the order in which they closed.


Deja Vu at SFMM (although I have ridden it as Goliath, so I guess this doesn't count?)

Disaster Transport

Perilous Plunge (I know, technically not a coaster, but still a large scale attraction)

Original Colossus at SFMM

Mean Streak

Boomerang at Knott's




A lot of these are Cedar Fair, but in the case of Mean Streak and Boomerang, their respective replacements are leaps and bounds better.


Add Vortex and Volcano to this list. Vortex I don't mind so much, good riddance. But Volcano

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Not counting relocations


Flashback @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Psyclone @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Colossus @ Six Flags Magic Mountain

Spellbreaker @ Legoland CA

Speed the Ride @ Nascar Cafe

Roar @ Six Flags Discovory Kingdom

Invertigo @ California's Great America

Villain @ Geauga Lake

Double Loop @ Geauga Lake

Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake

Mean Streak @ Cedar Point

Disaster Transport @ Cedar Point

Gwazi @ Busch Gardens Tampa

Dueling Dragons Fire @ Universal Orlando

Dueling Dragons Ice @ Universal Orlando

Super Manage @ La Ronde

Cobra @ La Ronde

Son of Beast @ Kings Island

Firehawk @ Kings Island

Vortex @ Kings Island

Dragon @ Adventureland (Good Riddance)

Galaxi @ Indiana Beach

Opa @ Mt. Olympus

Treetop Racers @ Adventure City

Scandia Screamer @ Scandia

Little Dipper @ Scandia

Cyclone @ Six Flags New England

Galaxi @ Palace Playland

Rolling Thunder @ Six Flags Great Adventure

Brontojet @ Movieland Studios

Super Wirbel @ Holiday Park

Half Pipe @ Sarkanemmi

Sideshow Spin @ Dollywood

Georgia Cyclone @ Six Flags Over Georgia

Regina @ Tobu Zoo

Mad Mouse @ Fuji-Q Highlands


Not gone yet, but will be gone soon


Cyclone @ Toshimaen

Corkscrew @ Toshimaen

Mini Cyclone @ Toshimaen


With Relocations, you can add


Hurricane @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (Now @ Western Playland)

Boomerang @ Knotts Berry Farm (Now @ Trans Studio Action Zone)

DejaVu @ Six Flags Magic Mountain (Now @ Six Flags New England)

Dominator @ Geauga Lake (Now @ Kings Dominion) (RIDDEN BOTH)

Thunderhawk @ Geauga Lake (Now @ Michigan's Adventure) (RIDDEN BOTH)

Head Spin @ Geauga Lake (Now @ Carowinds) (RIDDEN BOTH)

Iron Wolf @ Six Flags Great America (Now @ Six Flags America) (RIDDEN BOTH)

Ragin Cajun @ Six Flags Great America (Now @ Six Flags America) (RIDDEN BOTH)

Skyrider @ Canada's Wonderland (Now @ Cavallino Matto)

Laser @ Dorney Park (Now @ Traveling German Fairs)

Tony Hawks Big Spin @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Now @ Six Flags Mexico)

Green Lantern @ Six Flags Magic Mountain (Now @ La Ronde)

Holly's Wilde Autofahrt @ Holiday Park (Now @ Eifelpark)

Ronde de Rondins @ Parc Asterix (Now @ Fraispertuis City)

Karlos' Taxi @ Djurs Sommerland (Now @ Vauhtipuisto)

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Wow, this list is way too long...


Cedar Fair Parks

Mean Streak


Wildcat (CP)

Disaster Transport


Son of Beast

King Cobra (KI)




Shockwave (KD)

Hurler (KD)


Six Flags Parks

Rolling Thunder

Batman & Robin: The Chiller

Great American Scream Machine


Two-Face: The Flip Side


Jersey Beaches

Jet Star (Casino Pier)

Looping Coaster (Funtown Pier)

Flitzer (Morey's)

Wildcat (Keansburg)


Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Drachen Fire

Big Bad Wolf

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My list is gonna be pretty long too...



-Super Manège

-Disaster Transport

-Wildcat (Cedar Point)

-Mean Streak

-original Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

-Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags Great Adventure)

-Roar (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

-Thunder Road

-Hurler (Kings Dominion)


-Vortex (Kings Island)

-Raging Wolf Bobs


-Double Loop (Geauga Lake)

-Big Dipper (Geauga Lake)

-Dragon Challenge Chinese Fireball

-Dragon Challenge Hungarian Horntail

-Gwazi Lion

-Big Bad Wolf

-Tower of Terror II



-SkyRider (now at Cavallino Matto in Italy)

-Iron Wolf (now at Six Flags America)

-Ragin' Cajun (also now at Six Flags America)

-Pandemonium then Tony Hawk's Big Spin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (now at Six Flags Mexico)

-Head Spin (now at Carowinds; I've ridden it at both locations)

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Here's my list of roller coasters that I have been on that are now gone. Thankfully not too many.



-Toronto Island Monster at Centreville Amusement Park

-Stinger at Dorney Park

-Firehawk at Kings Island



-SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland


Here's an update to my list from December 2018:



-Toronto Island Monster at Centreville Amusement Park

-Stinger at Dorney Park

-Firehawk at Kings Island

-Super Manege at La Ronde

-Vortex at Kings Island

-Crazy Mouse at Fantasy Island (current location/status unknown)

-Silver Comet at Fantasy Island (Current status uncertain)



-SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland

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Here's a few off the top of my head.

Wild Mouse--Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk (a genuinely scary, old-school wooden mouse)

Wild Mouse--Blackpool Pleasure Beach (ditto)

Wacky Soap Box Racers/Motorcycle Chase--Knott's (probably the one I miss the most)

Corkscrew--Knott's (now at Silverwood)

Boomerang--Knott's (probably the one I miss the least)

Windjammer--Knott's (also not missed)

Volcano: The Blast Coaster--Kings Dominion

Drachen Fire--Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Big Bad Wolf--Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Son of Beast--Kings Island (hmm--come to think of it, I'd probably rather ride Knott's old Boomerang than this one again)

Python--Busch Gardens Tampa

Gwazi--Busch Gardens Tampa

Tidal Wave--Marriott's Great America

Willard's Whizzer--Marriott's Great America

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Off the top of my head:


Busch Gardens Williamsburg:

Drachen Fire

Big Bad Wolf


Busch Gardens Tampa:




Islands of Adventure:

Dueling Dragons


Six Flags Magic Mountain:






Cedar Point:

Disaster Transport

Wild Cat

Mean Streak


Kings Dominion:

Hypersonic XLC





Scandia Screamer


Desperado at Buffalo Bills Casino?

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Kings Island


King Cobra




Tidal Wave

Turn of the Century (not technically gone, but different than the Demon)







Dragon Challenge







Mean Streak

Disaster Transport











Sahara LV

Speed - the Ride


Stratosphere Tower LV

High Roller

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Without rehashing the same general, a couple thoughts on this:


The Ones Since Removed:

The Great Adventure of my Youth: Since I started riding there in ‘89, Lightnin’ Loops, Scream Machine, The Chiller, Viper and Rolling Thunder have left. (Ultra Twister was already SBNO but I finally got on the model at Nagashima last summer) I realize they’ve added substantial rides but the fact it has changed so much since my childhood has not made me not go back since 2011. I still have never ridden Ka. I was going to finally plan to go back this year for the single rail.


Interestingly in the same frame since I started going to Hershey (since ’96) they’ve developed at pace as Great Adventure. Wildcat, Great Bear, Lightnin’ Racer, Storm Runner, Fahrenheit, Skyrush and now Candymonium without losing a major coaster.


The same market, Dorney has been more in-line proportionally with their smaller scale redevelopment. Pulling out as they go: Lazer, Hercules and the inverted ‘rang I’m not sorry I missed.



Everything CP lost since the mid-aughts, but no great losses for the trades.

Even though it’s on the opposite coast Magic Mountain has pulled out four rides since my rare visit there (Lantern, Colossus, Déjà vu & Psyclone). Flashback never ran.


The Ones I am really happy I had the opportunity to ride:

Son of Beast, PKI’s Vortex and the wood of Geauga Lake. The Wild Mouse at Blackpool. The Dania Beach Hurricane. The Starliner while it was at Cypress. Dueling Dragons.


The Ones I kick myself for missing, dragging my feet on where I definitely had a realistic option to get there:

The Big Bad Wolf & Volcano (missing them each by a year).


I wasn’t in a position (or a mindset) to consider flying across the country on a month’s notice to visit AstroWorld at the announcement of its demise. If the same situation happened (Pre-COVID) today, I would have.


The One’s I want to get to that I fear are somewhat endangered:

Dragon Mountain (and the Arrow at Darien Lake). The quirky coasters of Frontier City. For one more ride on Lightnin’ Loops (although I guess it’s not imminently going anywhere since they just built it a roof)

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In order of when I first rode


-Ragin' Cajun at Six Flags Great America: It was fun those few rides I got when I was like 9-10, though Reverchons generally aren't good rides so I'm not really jonesing to get back to it.

-Dragon Challenge (both sides) at Islands of Adventure: God, reminding me of this ride is one hell of a way to bring down my mood. A front row ride I got on Chinese Fireball back in 2015 is still one of my fondest "early" coaster memories

-Georgia Cyclone at Six Flags Over Georgia: Only one ride on it, but what a horrible experience that was. Still one of the most painful and shitty, yet slow wooden coasters I've ridden to date.

-Mean Streak at Cedar Point: Don't know if I miss it per se, but it wasn't as bad as the entire enthusiast community made it out to be over the years. Rough, yes for sure, but nothing brutal, and I've ridden worse woodies.

-Firehawk at Kings Island: Not necessarily sad about it but another ride would've been fun. I enjoyed it more than Superman at my home park.

-Vortex at Kings Island: Lol good riddance.

-Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain: Fuck this ride. Hopefully it goes back to its prime form in Montreal.

-Dragon Wagon at Indiana Beach: It was a kiddie coaster.

-Dragon at Adventureland: I will miss this one. I enjoyed it more than most, but found it to be very intense and not all that rough aside from a consistent, but not bad shaking.

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Pontchartrain Beach -

Zephyr - damn I miss it

Zephyr, jr

Ragin Cajun - technically not defunct since it moved to the Great Escape


Astroworld - all sorely missed

Greezed Lightnin' - the BEST of Schwarzkopf shuttle

Texas Cyclone - the BEST Cyclone clone


X-LR8- The BEST Arrow Suspended




Nascar Las Vegas -

Speed the Ride


Jazzland -




Tidal Wave

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Dragon Mountain (and the Arrow at Darien Lake).


Viper isnt going anywhere as long as the park is around. Its still popular, is relatively smooth for an Arrow, and was the parks iconic coaster until ROS came around (and arguably still may be). Its sentimental to the area as many peoples first adult coaster. It also had the record for inversions for a while after it was built. I guess never say never applies but I think it would be extremely bad PR for them to remove it unless it was being immediately replaced.


Back to the topic:

Big Bad Wolf


Dueling Dragons

Nightmare at Phantom Cave

Primeval Whirl


Disaster Transport

Might be one or more from CW but I dont know what theyve taken out since 1999.

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