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  1. The correct answer is the Beast. Also see Magnum.
  2. A lot of conditional schematics. Such as, with Big Arrow loopers fading away, I feel some urgency to go get the Dragon Mountain credit... If our border reopens. I’ll say The Most Idealistic: Expo 2020 in Dubai The Most realistic: The American Dream is a mall in New Jersey
  3. Is the website accurate to which rides are running? I was in the mall a few weeks ago. A Saturday and the Intamin was down. It was listed as such for a few weeks but seems to have disappeared the last couple... I want to go at a time they’re all running. The park looked impressive from behind the rope. The waterpark looks even more impressive. To pull that hefty trigger once for all the rides: coordinating a slow/cheaper slot has been kind of complicated to figure out.
  4. I am tempted to make a late fall foliage Lightnin' Run down to Tennessee. This does not sound promising. That's a long drive... Longer then the 8-hour RT trip I took from a work layover in ATL to get into line only to see it go down for the day while I was in the station. This coaster right now is highest on to-ride (domestic) bucket list. Half because of the hype and reviews, half probably because of being previously thwarted.
  5. 1. Magnum 2. Dragster 3. Millennium Force 4. Raptor 5. Gemini 6. Blue Streak 7. Mean Streak 8. Wildcat 9. Mantis 10. Wicked Twister 11. Corkscrew 12. Mine Ride 13. Iron Dragon 14. Disaster Transport 15. Woodstock’s Express 16. Jr. Gemini
  6. I’m going to check out HP for the first time in about 5 years this weekend. I’m excited. Obviously, I haven’t been on the new one yet but sounds like Candymonium is to Skyrush as Lightning Racer is to Wildcat. I always thought of the three GCI rides as the designer’s tentpoles. Everything on those rides is perfection: Layouts offering two different levels of intensity, the elevated siting enclosing both sides of the Americana midway and the track chaser lighting. I hope Wildcat is kept in its traditional form for a long time. There’s enough twisted steel around that park. Then a
  7. Did they rip out the old Bat footers that were under the end of Vortex or do those still live on?
  8. Without rehashing the same general, a couple thoughts on this: The Ones Since Removed: The Great Adventure of my Youth: Since I started riding there in ‘89, Lightnin’ Loops, Scream Machine, The Chiller, Viper and Rolling Thunder have left. (Ultra Twister was already SBNO but I finally got on the model at Nagashima last summer) I realize they’ve added substantial rides but the fact it has changed so much since my childhood has not made me not go back since 2011. I still have never ridden Ka. I was going to finally plan to go back this year for the single rail. Interestingly in t
  9. Not sure if this will make the cut, I’m way under 100, but this is not in the interest of self-promotion as much as sharing with an audience that may appreciate… I wrote a book. SUMMER’S REACH came specifically from expanding the concept of a day-in-the-park trip reporting to the scope of a character driven novel, narrated from an enthusiast’s perspective. This is my love letter to roller coaster enthusiasm and the greatest amusement park ever built. It is a mix-tape. An architectural editorial. An ode to youth. The setting is as historically accurate as I could make it, ex
  10. Magnum xl 200 Steel Vengeance Top Thrill Dragster Millennium Force Raptor Rougarou Gatekeeper Gemini Valrayn Blue Streak Maverick Mine Ride Iron Dragon Corkscrew
  11. I am looking to go circa 6/24... I am staying overnight the day before near the park. Sounds like my best strategy is to head earlier to the central skip pass booth by the Carousel to get 2x for each of the big four in consecutive hours for the first few hours... How early before opening do I have to line up to achieve such? What is the easiest/most efficient path to catch a late day Kyoto bound Shinkansen from the park? Some routing options suggest doubling back toward the city... I'll have a JR pass. So is the haunted hospital, not available open at all anymore?
  12. Ok I booked it! Mid June til the holiday and have the schematic in place. Now into the deep logistics.... I figured out lodging for Tokyo, Nagoya where I'll be staying in western style hotels. My wife is joining me for the very tail (Nagoya and baseball in Tokyo). But the first portion is going to be more budget oriented and I am traveling solo (Tokyo, Fuji, Kyoto, Hiroshima). I haven't worked through Kyoto or the Fuji pieces. So any recommendations toward lodging in that specific would be helpful. Kyoto: I am looking for a more traditional experience (Ryokan) well located in the c
  13. Thanks for the intial feedback. Yes, I realize I was only searching directs and one stops do cut the airfare in half! Rob, what I mean is that I would budget and see myself spending only partial of that day at said park. 1) Assuming I could get easily get there from the city I was basing out of. 2) Assuming that would be enough time to pull at least a ride on the named coasters, not really caring if I got much more. I'm still on the fence on whether to do this. If anyone has any suggestions on professional baseball and wrestling.
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