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  1. Pontchartrain Beach - Zephyr - damn I miss it Zephyr, jr Ragin Cajun - technically not defunct since it moved to the Great Escape Astroworld - all sorely missed Greezed Lightnin' - the BEST of Schwarzkopf shuttle Texas Cyclone - the BEST Cyclone clone Viper X-LR8- The BEST Arrow Suspended Excalibur Unltra-Twister Nascar Las Vegas - Speed the Ride Jazzland - MegaZeph SFGA - Tidal Wave
  2. Enjoy Circus Circus while it lasts, it was just sold yesterday to Phil Rufin, the same man that bought Treasure Island and got rid of the Pirate show. Not saying he will get rid of the Adventuredome, but he is known to tighten the belt of the proprieties he buys.
  3. Salt Lake City has an EXCELLENT zoo that you should check out. Park City is very close with some great hiking.
  4. The one and only I ever rode was the Huss Enterprise at the World's Fair in New Orleans, La back in 1984
  5. Goudurix has similar inversions! This seems much smoother though!
  6. They had just over 3 weeks for the build out of their entire booth(including the ride) for a show that lasted 4 days!
  7. I like what Screamscape is saying, in that its going to be a MACK racing coaster. That could be pretty KICK A$$!
  8. The trains have been completely over-hauled several years back. The coaster still rides pretty much the same way it did when I first rode it back in 1998.
  9. The waterparks here in Vegas have been open since mid April or earlier...and we are never warm or hot in April...usually the 70's. So, the parks in SoCal have no excuse not to be open.
  10. ^Not true. The Phantom and the Phantoms Revenge at Kennywood were created and modified by two completely different rollercoaster companies. Arrow designed the original coaster and Morgan came in an replaced most of the track with their own, creating new elements. It can and has been done.
  11. The Zephyr, Pontchartrain Beach Zephyr, Jr., Pontchartrain Beach Mega Zeph, SFNO Texas Cyclone, AstroWorld Collosus(both sides), SFMM Apocalypse, SFMM Psyclone, SFMM Giant Dipper, Belmont Park GhostRider, Knott's Berry Farm RollerCoaster, Lagoon Twister 2, Elitch Gardens Cyclone, Lakeside Zingo, Bell's Nightmare, Joyland Blue Streak, Conneaut Lake Park Zippin Pippin, Libertyland ....thats all my woodies, but I do have 214 steel coasters under my belt
  12. The lift hill from the former Rim Runner(boat ride) will be re-purposed into the lift hill for this new mine train coaster. It will be compact, and it will interact with the Canyon Blaster as well.
  13. Was the Fly-O-Plane actually relocated from Geauga Lake, or just another copy?
  14. When I first rode that coaster back in the 1970's, there were no seat belts(and still no lap bars), which made it somewhat frightening
  15. Say what you want about Cyclone, for being one of the oldest roller coasters, I think it has held up quite nicely and still offers a fun ride
  16. The transfer track platform looks phenomenal! It was always so run down looking in that part, dank and scary! It's bright, fresh and cheery now!
  17. The Fun House by Tobe Hooper. A portable ride-thru dark ride that would put Disney to shame...lol. Not a bad horror movie from the 80's
  18. Rocky Rapids holds a special place in my heart. Although I have never been to Indiana Beach, I have ridden Rocky Rapids 31 years ago when it was at Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans. It was known as the Log Ride: The Lost Mine. Most of the flume was elevated at that time. It had a "haunted cave" as part of the ride. Was a great ride! Need to ride it again before it disappears forever!
  19. I continue riding coasters in Vegas or SoCal during the off season....thank God the parks out here don't close down!
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