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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear that! I'll be taking my first visit to the park on Sept. 13, and I heard it's a fun place to grab a few credits and ride some rides. My goal is definitely to get a ride on Kentucky Rumbler for sure.
  2. This is why I'm proud of being a theme park junkie . . . roller coasters are the best stress relievers! I believe Hersheypark did a wonderful job with the new area, and hopefully I can make the 13 hr drive in August to visit this wonderful place.
  3. Great news to hear! Maybe I can get a quick coaster fix in June. . . hopefully. I've never been here and would love to visit. This little park seems like so much fun!
  4. I never got a chance to visit . . . But I'm sure this park was amazing!
  5. Amazing pictures! I have yet to experience a "real cruise." Maybe one day in the future. LOL.
  6. ^ I'm thinking about flying into MDT airport as well . . . the Days Inn Hershey offer airport shuttle service and shuttle service to Hersheypark.
  7. This is great news! Texas Stingray is going to be a great addition to the park!
  8. That picture is just breath taking! And they still have more lift hill to go.
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