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  1. Awesome! Glad to hear that! I'll be taking my first visit to the park on Sept. 13, and I heard it's a fun place to grab a few credits and ride some rides. My goal is definitely to get a ride on Kentucky Rumbler for sure.
  2. This is why I'm proud of being a theme park junkie . . . roller coasters are the best stress relievers! I believe Hersheypark did a wonderful job with the new area, and hopefully I can make the 13 hr drive in August to visit this wonderful place.
  3. Great news to hear! Maybe I can get a quick coaster fix in June. . . hopefully. I've never been here and would love to visit. This little park seems like so much fun!
  4. I never got a chance to visit . . . But I'm sure this park was amazing!
  5. Amazing pictures! I have yet to experience a "real cruise." Maybe one day in the future. LOL.
  6. ^ I'm thinking about flying into MDT airport as well . . . the Days Inn Hershey offer airport shuttle service and shuttle service to Hersheypark.
  7. This is great news! Texas Stingray is going to be a great addition to the park!
  8. That picture is just breath taking! And they still have more lift hill to go.
  9. Such a wonderful sight to see! I'm definitely making a first visit next year for sure!
  10. How was your trip? I finally made my first trip to MIA this past weekend. Timbers and Wildcat had lots of new wood. Timbers I thought ran the best it has since the early 2000's. It was butter smooth and was a buffet of airtime. Only thing was I noticed was a trim brake before the helix. I have never noticed a trim brake before so I may be new? Now time for my yearly wrong prediction. I still think the park is getting a camp snoopy. Weather it be a redo of the area by Zach's Zoomer or a whole new kids area behind Wildcat. I could see a snoopy 500 whip ride, camp bus and some more usual camp snoopy rides. A nice playground for kids would be nice as well. Everything was great! I really enjoyed myself and all the rides were walk-on during my visit. The staff were friendly, and the atmosphere of the park was fantastic!
  11. Amazing report! I'm still working on my trip report as well to Canada's Wonderland. It was my first theme park outside the USA, so I was thrilled that my visit turned out great. Hopefully, I'll get my report done soon.
  12. About to make this drive over to Michigan's Adventure today! First time visit . . . so . . . wish me a great time today!
  13. I had a wonderful time today at Canada's Wonderland! I'm proud to say my first theme park outside the US was Canada's Wonderland, and YUKON STRIKER . . . OH MY GOSH! . . . Such a thrilling dive coaster! I took many pictures and will truly work on trip report. My long drive from Alabama was well worth it!
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