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  1. My list is gonna be pretty long too... Removed: -Super Manège -Disaster Transport -Wildcat (Cedar Point) -Mean Streak -original Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain) -Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags Great Adventure) -Roar (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) -Thunder Road -Hurler (Kings Dominion) -Firehawk -Vortex (Kings Island) -Raging Wolf Bobs -Villain -Double Loop (Geauga Lake) -Big Dipper (Geauga Lake) -Dragon Challenge Chinese Fireball -Dragon Challenge Hungarian Horntail -Gwazi Lion -Big Bad Wolf -Tower of Terror II Relocated -SkyRider (now at Cavallino Matto in Italy) -Iron Wolf (now at Six Flags America) -Ragin' Cajun (also now at Six Flags America) -Pandemonium then Tony Hawk's Big Spin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (now at Six Flags Mexico) -Head Spin (now at Carowinds; I've ridden it at both locations)
  2. This makes me wonder if Mindbender could be renamed after Dr. Mindbender of GI Joe. Hasbro does own the GI Joe property and maybe that could tie in the coaster with Havoc somehow.
  3. 1. Superman Escape From Krypton (was called Superman The Escape when I last rode it) 2. Steel Force 3. Alpengeist (have yet to go on that one though) If we're only counting rollercoasters that we have been on, my number 3 would be Tower of Terror II
  4. The back is best for that drop, speed hill, and first giant hill over the entrance.
  5. Looking at pictures of the KMG Tango online, it seems like most if not all of them are standing floorless. Makes me wonder how they would ride as I have never been one before.
  6. Cyborg retheme of Pandemonium anyone? Could be called Cyborg Cyber Spin in that case
  7. Hope they can restore the ride to how it originally is supposed to be run like its sister, Insane at Gröna Lund. On a side note, is it me or is Vipère a bit of a weird name for this ride? Literally meaning "Viper" in French, this is supposedly themed after a venomous snake. The name would have been more fitting for a coaster with a longer train to be honest. Perfect ride for La Ronde though.
  8. Which flats did you ride? Being that Wonderland is my home park, some are pretty cool.
  9. 40 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum temperature the ride can operate at
  10. Freeze was open last HITP, for the first time. It wasn’t running both trains but it was open, as long as the temps were good. They also purchased another train from another Premier coaster that is no longer running. The name and park both slip my mind. It’s a red train and has been sitting in the back 40 of the parking lot under the covered tent waiting to get rehabbed. I was told that’s its a 3rd train to keep both sides going. Red train eh? I could be wrong but that could very well be one of the trains of the Robin side of Batman and Robin: The Chiller that used to be at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  11. Harley Quinn Spinsanity eh? Imagine it being a S&S Free Spin with one rail white, one rail red, and black supports.
  12. Tantrum at Six Flags Darien Lake, the past weekend. That ride was more forceful than I expected it to be, especially with only lap bars on the ride.
  13. I've got two amusing experiences. One was at Canada's Wonderland on Sledge Hammer when a friend of mine was stapled and complained that his balls were hurting the rest of the day. Another was that while on Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Darien Lake, I saw what looked like a credit card fall out of someone's pocket while upside down. Secure your loose articles, people.
  14. Why do I have a feeling that the Mountain Bay Cliffs could be a lawsuit waiting to happen? A cool addition nonetheless.
  15. Anybody know about what the status on Ride of Steel is by any chance? I could've heard wrong, but apparently I heard that there are 6 rows blocked off so far on the one train they have. I hope the back row is not blocked off when I am there next weekend.
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